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by Andrew Theisen

Temporal, Sphere of Matter. 7th level Immortal; AC -1/-8; Hp 110; HD 21; MV 150'(50'); #AT 3; D 2d6+3 (punch) or 2d4+9 (Mace +3); AM 50%; Save IM7; AL Lawful; STR 18; INT 16; WIS 20; DEX 12; CON 16; CHA 20. Powers: Call Other, Extra Attacks Per Round, Fighter Options, Weapon Mastery (Grand Master of War Hammer, Mace, and Battle Axe). Weapon: Mace +3. Armour: Plate mail armour providing a -4 to AC, shield providing a -3 to AC.

Followers alignment: Lawful, (rarely) Neutral. Clerics must be Lawful.

Special Clerical Powers: Forsetta's clerics can cast a Know Alignment spell once per day (cannot be reversed, this is not a spell but an innate power). They also automatically gain the skill Law and Justice (of their particular home territory).

History: The immortal known as Forsetta was once a king of Vestland known as Ottar the Just. A lawful person and great leader of men, Ottar despised the exploitation of his people by the Ostland jarls, and rallied the men and women of Vestland together in a revolt against Ostland. Along the way, he learned the value of authority and the power of a unified government. Under his leadership, the land known as Vestland was able to become an independent monarchy.

After his victory over the Ostlanders, Ottar began his quest for immortality, following the path of the Polymath. In each of his reincarnated lives, in addition to finding an artifact for his patron, he aided the people of Vestland in becoming a more feudal government, helping them keep pace with the more modern nations around them. When he finally achieved immortality, he adopted the name of Forsetta, his most recent incarnation on his quest to attain the sphere of matter. He is revered among the Vestland people as the 'Law bringer.'

Personality: Forsetta is a peaceful, loyal immortal. He believes in the ideals of Law and Order, and works to aid the people of Vestland further in becoming a modern nation.

Allies: Forsetta has no real allies, his goals are too focused in one area (the Northern Reaches) for many to bother with him. He is on friendly terms with Frey and Freyja (he was even a follower of theirs in mortal life) and Odin; Thor is much too impulsive for Forsetta's taste. He has not been asked to join their group, though if there were a common threat to the Northern Reaches, he would not hesitate to aid them, nor would they refuse his help.

Enemies: Forsetta has no real enemies, either. The evil Northern immortals (Loki and Hel) consider him beneath their notice, though he will not hesitate to thwart their plots if they threaten his people. He is leery of the immortal Vanya and her Heldannic followers (see below) and he has had run ins with the Ethengarian immortal, Cretia, in the past; the two believe in contrasting ideals, but feel no real enmity towards one another.

Appearance: Forsetta appears as a tall, blond headed and beardless Heldannic man clad in shining white plate mail. He carries a polished shield and a golden sceptre with four large rubies adorning its head. His sceptre, the symbol of Law, also functions as a mace +3 which he uses in combat.

Symbol: A golden sceptre with four rubies on its head, symbolising Law and rulership.

Interests: Forsetta is primarily concerned with aiding his people of Vestland on their path towards a lawful state. They are coming along quite well in this manner, and so he has begun to turn his attentions to the Soderfjord Jarldoms of late (he would like to work on the Ostlanders, too, but they fervently reject his ideas). He is subtly pushing the Jarldoms to come together and unite, but it is slow going, as they are a stubborn people. In the years prior to AC 1012, when Ragnar the Stout is elected the King of the Jarldoms, he will be pushing for this very thing to happen (in fact, this event will be quite a victory for him- perhaps he will attain higher levels when this happens?) As he grows in power, he will turn his attention to a wider scale, bringing law to other nations. He is currently concerned about the Heldannic Knights, poised on the border of Vestland, and Vanya, their warlike patron. Also, he has had run ins with the immortal Cretia in the city of Rhoona recently, a sore spot, as Rhoona is one of the more modernised cities in Vestland currently.