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Fort Doom

by Niels Just Rasmussen

["Konzentrationslager Festung Verhängnis" in Hattian]

I haven't been able to find any map of Fort Doom, so I have loosely designed how the town is organized.

Town Layout:
The town has a center originally a marketplace square that has been transformed into army barracks, bureaucratic offices and food storage. Everything brought in from the surrounding farmlands or caught by the fishermen are registered, labelled, confiscated, stored and then provided according to rank and prestige of the Thyatian (mostly Hattian) rulers.

There are 4 gates in and out the town:
The Northeastern gate is the biggest and contains a real paved road leading to Luln and can support wagons.
The Southwestern gate is the second largest leading to the harbour around 5 miles away. It is also paved, but smaller in size.
The Northern and Southern gates have gravel roads leading out to the surrounding farms. These two gates are a lot narrower and not well suited for wagons, but more for carts.

The entire town is walled (5 meters high) and guards patrol the parapets (4 meters up) leading all around the walls. Strengthened guard housing exists above the 4 gates, where they can control (lift and lower) the double iron gates. All gates are down during the night. Guards also control every movement in and out of the town asking for papers and searching all belongings and goods thoroughly.

The town is bureaucratically split into 5 different districts:
1) Center district is the smallest district and is for the soldiers and bureaucrats and their families and other dignitaries either local or visiting. This district is exclusively inhabited by Thyatians (or foreigners supporting the regime).
2) Western District is the home of the Traladaran fishermen. It actually is the largest district going from the northwest all to the southwest of the town.
3) Northern District is the second smallest district and is for the farmers tending the farms lying north of the town.
4) NorthEast District is the medium-sized district and is home to some Thyatians, merchants and some jailed Traladarans working on the gigantic Black Eagle Castle being build to the North East of the Town.
5) Southern district is the second largest and are for the farming families working at the east and south of the town.

The town is mostly comprising of closely standing single-storyed cottages for the fisher- and farming families. Building around the center square have several storeys. Also some of the houses in the NorthEast district along the road leading from the town center to Luln are multi-storeyed.

Army of the Black Eagle Barony:
Freiherr (Baron) Ludvig von Hendricks is overall commander of the army if he takes to the field.

Ritter (Knight) - Vanya Highpriest - Konrad von Messerfeld is the Gruppenführer (General) of the Black Eagle Division comprising of 200 Hattian Heavy Cavalry with Field Plates, Lance, Longsword and Kite Shields - the horses have plate armour. They patrol the north and northeastern part of the Barony, especially along the Luln road. [The flat farmlands surrounding Fort Doom is ideal for horseback fighting].

2 Hauptführer (Captains) are regarded as "Edler" (Landed Lords). They each control 100 hundred men of the Black Eagle Division. These are Adelbert von Lindenhof and Gerhardt von Schmeissen, both Vanya followers, but ordinary fighters.

6 Sturmführer (Lieutenants) are regarded as "Junker" (Court Lords), which allows them to include a "von" in their names. This rank doesn't exist in the Black Eagle Division, but commands the Barony's auxillary Ethnic Staffel (platoon) called Sturm Abteilungs (shortened to SA).
Five of the Sturmführers are being appointed from the Black Eagle Division to lead, except SA-Staffel 1 that appoints from each own ranks. There are 6 staffels numbered SA-Staffel 1-6. The Stürmführer in Staffel-6 is called Kommandant instead.

Severel Scharführer (sergeants) leads 10 men in the Black Eagle Division or 5 men in the SA-staffel's. A Hattian/Thyatian private is called a Sturmmann (rank as Korporal) and the Traladaran/humanoid privates are called Schlägerkopf(e) - meaning "clubhead(s)" - being of the lowest ranking.

SA-staffel 1: 50 Kerendian-Thyatian Mercenaries. "Equitum Honoris" (Honour calvalry) - the most prestigious of the Staffel. This is the only Staffel were non-Hattian's are allowed officer rank, so they have a Kerendian Sturmfuhrer (lieutenant). They guard the gates and patrol the walls. 10 is on duty at each gate with 10 as reserve at the center square. They are also called to be a horseback fighting force if needed. The are regarded as medium cavalry and is more mobile and fast than the Black Eagle Division [non-armoured horses, chainmail, longswords and spears].

SA-staffel 2: 50 Hattian/Thyatian or Mixed young Skirmishers and Scouts "Die Jungen Wölfe". Also held in honour, but not regarded as elite as this is the training ground for the sons of the veteran soldiers. Here they can learn before they are upgraded to the elite Black Eagle Division or SA-Staffel 1. They are in charge of the hostages brought into the city center and also takes part in the hunt for escaped traladarans beyond the town walls. [on foot, leather armour, longswords]

SA-staffel 3: 50 Traladaran Criminal Refugees. "Pumnale Sãngeroase" (Bloody daggers). This is the really dirty work platoon, used to keep the population in utter fear. It's regarded with utter contempt by the Thyatians, but the members are secured a much better life in it than out of it. The members have no alternatives, so they are very loyal. They are only patrolling inside Fort Doom. [clubs and serrated daggers]

SA-staffel 4: 50 Orc warriors. "Die Schweine-Hunde" (The Pig-Dogs). Unusually loyal raiding group. Can avoid being noisy and overly smelling. They are mostly send on mission towards Luln. [mixed equipment]

SA-staffel 5: 50 Elite Goblinoids (bugbear, hobgoblin) from the woods south of Fort Doom. "Die Nachtschatten-Jäger" (Nightshade Hunters). The best of the tribe from the southern woods join this force. They are to harass food transports to Radlebb Keep and keep the garrison here spread out patrolling and keep other humanoids from entering Black Eagle territory. [mixed equipment].

SA-staffel 6: 92 Naval personnel of many mercenary origins. "Die Eisen Flotte" (The Iron Fleet). It's a Troop Transport armed with 2 light catapults comprising of the Kommandant (equivalent to a Sturmführer), 20 sailors, 12 light catapult operators and 30 marines. It is used to catch people along the coast and hold them in the cargo deck until sold as slaves. It is also used in trade being strong enough to avoid most pirate attacks from bases in Ierendi.
Furthermore 30 marines guard to harbour, register catches and escort fishermen back and from Fort Doom. The crew on the boat are called 6a and the crew on land are called 6b, though the marines rotate their duties. [Leather armour, Light Crossbows, Short Swords].

Laws of Fort Doom:
It's based on the Thyatian attitude of "Vae Victis" = woe to the conquered [very roman]. If you are weak enough to let yourself be conquered, then you cannot expect any rights. Only "Might makes Right" and Vanya blesses the strong warriors.
The Traladarans were easily vanquished and so beneath contempt. They are rightly slaves and have no rights. Even more their pathetic immortals and their superstitions makes them hardly more sophisticated than humanoids.

To keep the Traladaran where they belong a strict system of patrolling and registration are used. These are the 10 guidelines/laws that the soldiers learn [actual street patrolling is done by SA-staffel 3-4-5 + 6 at the harbour region, since it's beneath a Thyatian to do it]:
The 10 guidelines/laws for guards patrolling:
1) All Traladarans must carry their personal papers on them at all time, even when at home. Forgetting to have papers on the person when inspected will cause 1 disobedience. Guards will follow the person home to where ever he say he has forgotten the papers. Loss of paper will cost a further 1 disobedience. Copies of the personal papers are kept by the bureaucracy at the center square. Traladarans are only allowed to move within their own district and center square. Catching a person in an illegal district gives 1 disobedience.

2) Traladarans can be inspected and searched anywhere by any Black Eagle soldier or SA soldier, even within their own homes and at any hour. Traladarans don't own anything so any item can be taken. Beware not to take material essential to their profession (fishermen and farmers need their tools). The troops are allowed to harass and injure Traladarans depending on their worth to the regime. Traladarans with 0 disobedience are only to be asked for papers and inspected - not humiliated or injured. Traladarans with 1 disobedience can be physically injured, raped and otherwise humiliated, but not killed. Traladaran with 2 disobedience are removed from their homes and families and settled in the special prisons in the NorthEast District to work on the Black Eagle Castle. They can be killed if showing any problems or not working fast enough. Traladaran with 3 disobedience are executed at the town square. (Torture is only for those that try to escape).

3) Traladarans not showing proper respect (for instance looking a soldier in the eyes) will get 1 disobedience. Showing open contempt by gestures or words gives 2 disobedience. Physically attacking a soldier gives 3 disobedience. Capture the person in question and bring them to bureaucracy for rapport.

4) Every family that had members that works outside of the walls (fishermen, farmers, workers at the castle) must each morning before work escort a family member to the center square where he/she will be a hostage until the worker returns to Fort Doom. They have to be back within 24 hours or they will be regarded as trying to escape. Certain people with several special remarks can leave up until 48 or even 72 hours before regarded as escaping. The hostages will be provided food and water to survive at the guardhouses, but are to be treated according to the number of disobedience.

5) Traladarans trying to flee Fort Doom: If the person(s) are caught, he and the hostage will be tortured and executed at the town square. If the person is not caught, his entire core family will be tortured and executed at the town square.

6) It is illegal to even mention the names of Halav, Petra and Zirchev. It will cost 1 in disobedience. Being a priest of these immortals will bring death by execution on the town square and 2 disobedience for all the family members for not having reported it (that also includes infants). If the family reports the person, they will get a special remark instead.

7) A Traladaran can receive a special remark that will subtract disobedience (though they are never deleted from the papers). Informing on a person talking about Halav, Petra and Zirchev, informing on people trying to escape, informing about people taking negatively about the regime etc. All will give a special remark (if true), that can negate 1 disobedience. If it accusations turns out to be false, nothing will happen at first, but after 3 false accusations [for instance reporting that a family has escaped at night, when they clearly are still present the next day] it will give 1 disobedience for wasting the bureaucracy's time.

8) A Traladaran town is shitty and un-kept, not so under Thyatian leadership. Any family that has members not working outside or being hostages have to work keeping the streets perfectly clean. Families with 0 disobedience are not to be harassed, but it's perfectly fine for guards to soil the streets to make the Traladaran clean all over again if they have disobediences in their papers. Failure to clean streets on demand will cost 1 disobedience.

9) The Baron want's to keep his men on their toes so each morning a special law is put on the town square. It is the duty of everyone (soldier and Traladaran to know this law). These laws gives entertainment and learns flexibility to soldiers and bureaucracy all.

10) Keep a look out for Traladaran with fire in their eyes. Especially kids haven't yet learned to hide their feelings so target them. Also target young women and girls for abuse, since it will show if any of their male family members hide some fighting spirit. Observe closely family members and bystanders when abusing.
But also look out for assets. Traladarans that can be of use for the regime, like the members of SA-staffel 3. Cooperation brings rewards. Test Traladarans eager to help. If they are true to their intentions, rewards will await them the more and more they prove themselves.

Wise Traladaran rules of survival:

The town is walled with guards from SA-Staffel 1. On the streets patrols are mostly Traladaran criminals of the SA-3 and when not on campaigns orcs from SA-4 and goblinoid troops of SA-5. They often march in groups of 5 led by a Scharführer.
Traladarans are constantly harrassed, humiliated and beaten for the slightest imagined insult. You have to have eyes and ears open constantly to avoid them. Learn their routines, so you can avoid having them around. If you run into them, you have to learn to stand passively with eyes on the ground accepting any insult, pushing and home searching.
Many are forced to spy on relatives, though some does it voluntarily. The bureaucracy will often encourage such behavior from hostages or when a Traladaran gets their first disobedience point.
So keep your thoughts to yourself. Trust no one, not even your own family.

Sons of the Hattian upperclass (often from the SA-2) will often try to beat up Traladaran boys hostages when they are in the barracks, so they quickly learn who is superior. Learn to fight so you don't show yourself as a coward, but also never show you have battle fire.
Traladaran girls and women have to live with constant fear of rape and any Traladaran male coming in to protect them are harshly beaten. They want to have the Traladaran people totally broken, so the guards especially look for people that have "fire" in their eyes. Learn to ignore the horrors around you.

Each day the Baron will make special laws, often to entertain his troops and cause misery to the Traladaran. They are put up on the main square, when people arrive to deliver their hostages. Not knowing today's law, because you haven't seen it is no excuse. Be up early to learn it yourself, some could lie about it to you. You must always carry your personal papers on you; that state your name, physical stats, family members, address and occupation. Any kind of disobedience will be stamped on the papers.

Many desperate families try to escape but they are almost always hunted down and tortured and executed in public. Often only single young men or the occasional brave woman are able to escape, though it means torture and death for the rest of the family.

The city is extraordinarily clean and a great showcase when foreign dignitaries are allowed to visit. Then everyone has to stand outside our homes and smile and be happy. Guards will severily punish anyone not putting up a good show. Guests are only allowed into town by invitation from the Freiherr von Hendricks.
Traladaran has to keep the streets around their home perfectly clean, so it amuses the guards to mess it up right after cleaning and laughing at them when they have to start over. Don't get upset over this.

The harbour lies a few miles from the walled city and is patrolled by guards. All Traladarans have to unload their catch to these guards that register everything. They are alone allowed to bring home what they can survive on. All Traladarans are forced to live in the town. They same goes for the farmers. They are given enough food to survive, but all production is registered.
Producing too little or catching too few fish can be seen as disobedience after awhile if it is recurrent, and you can risk being transferred to working on the castle.

A few people receive the really outlying farms as a reward. That is reserved for special families that have been working for the Black Eagle government and has received this way more free and peaceful existence.[especially families of the SA-staffel 3 - or seamen from the SA-6]. The families are still forced to have all their grain and animals registered, but are allowed to keep more for a better lifestyle. They can live on their farm and don't have to rapport back in town or send hostages.
The SA-staffel 3 members are the worst of all - in fact maybe even worse than the humanoids. They show themselves as "eager" by doing truly horrendous acts. While the Hattians mostly are cold combat machines, these traitors love what they are doing, but they are rewarded for their sadism. The humanoids have orders to hold back and are chosen for having disciplin. SA-3 members are chosen for their cruelty capabilities.

Some Traladarans that are forced to work on the huge castle that Freiherr von Hendricks builds. It's only partly finished and it will simply be a monster fortress when done. This is for the place to end if your papers get to many disobediences (2), but many doesn't last long since the hard work kills them. If you end here all hope is lost.