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Eastern Czaikow Hills, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

AC 1000

AC 1014

AC 1000 - 2,072 sq. miles
AC 1014 - 1,904 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 8,316
AC 1014 - 7,106

Ethnic Groups:
Boldavian 85%, Heldann 6%, Ethengar 5%, Flaem 3%, Other 1%

Selected Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Soligalich: (398/350) is located in the forested hills approximately 90 miles east of Vladimirov. The village is the administrative seat of the Province and is the largest settlement in the province.
Lyskovo: (120/100) is found in the western half of the Province, 16 miles south of the Tower at Mariksen, and is a staging location for Glantrian Army units patrolling the western areas of the province.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Soligalich.

AC 1000 - Propraetor Heinrich Lüttwitz (born AC 956, F4, AL-N) Appointed AC 997
AC 1014 - Jeltsje Cjisters (born AC 963, M6, AL-L) Appointed AC 1011


The Eastern Czaikow Hills Free Province (ECFP) is under the always watchful eye of the Prince of Boldavia, Prince Morphail. Though some distance from Boldavia the ECFP falls into the region of Glantri that Morphail thinks of his own private domain; so his representative at the Council, Sir Boris, keeps close watch on, and directly inputs ECFP policy.

The ECFP consists of the hills roughly south of Mariksen running east to the border with the Heldannic Territories. The province is bordered on the north by the mountains of the Free Province of the Three Fires and the various dominions; and on the south by Ethengar.

Surplus. Surpluses generally sold to the nearby mountainous dominions.

The lightly traveled caravan route from Boldavia to Heldann travels right through the heart of the Free Province. Other poor quality trails run throughout the ECFP connecting various settlements to each and to the adjoining mountain Baronies.

The Free Territories are agriculturally driven. Potatoes, cabbage, rye, barley, and wheat are the primary staple foods that the Czaikow Hills provide. Hogs are also raised here. Surplus is usually taken to market in the nearby mountain dominions as well as to Cinigiano in the Three Fires Territory.

Notable People:
Propraetor Heinrich Lüttwitz was the Propraetor of the ECFP in AC 1000. Heinrich held the traditional fear and hatred of the Ethengarians that Hattians/Aalbanese people stereotypically have. He instituted a policy of regular militia call ups to patrol the border with Ethengar to catch raiders and drive off any potential settlers into the Czaikow Hills. While the policy itself was not unpopular in the largely Boldavian province, the disruption of people’s lives being forced to serve regularly in militia units was very unpopular. When citizens of the province formally complained to the Council of Princes it was determined that Heinrichs talents would be best served elsewhere, a place that has less contact with Ethengarians. He was transferred to the Hiboux Free Province in AC 1011 to serve as Quaestor Provinciae Thules under Pavel Bilaonov.

Jeltsje Cjisters is the new Propraetor of the ECFP. Formerly the head magistrate in the Nordling Free Province this is her first assignment as Propraetor of a province. While she has no more love of Ethengarians than her predecessor she understands fully that she must not allow them to interfere with her official duties. Jeltsje is newly married and expecting her first child sometime next year. She is highly motivated to impress the Council and get out of this backwater province and move back to civilized lands.

The people of the ECFP live in fear of the presence known for the last 150 years as valkoinen kuolema (white death). Ever since AC 865 there had been regular unexplained disappearences in the area. People of all ages have disappeared but the majority of them were children. The disappearences went unexplained until AC 923 when a women, Aleksandra Grigoryevna Samusenko, reported seeing her child taken away (flying away) by a tall pale figure dressed all in white. Ever since then the locals have nicknamed the assailant the white death and sought answers and commissioned hunters to find and this menace to the region. Valkoinen Kuolema does have a name and a story. Simo Häyhä was born in the Heldann Freeholds in AC 713 and became a vampire 20 years later. Simo is well aware of the presense of the Prince of Boldavia and his nature and takes great care to not infect his victims, they are nothing more than food to him and he kills when he feeds. His nightly fast food journeys take him all over the region. He especially has a preference for those of Heldann but has been known to feed regularly in Ethengar. Prince Morphail in turn is aware of Simo and has not acted against him as he does not create ‘uncontrolled’ vampires.

Notable Sites:
The village of Soligalich is the largest settlement in the Eastern Cziakow Hills. The town is notable for the stout wooden palisade surrounding the town. Over the last two years no fewer than three major raids have targeted Soligalich from Ethengar. In times of need the town can raise a defense force of 200 archers and swordsmen, plus a couple of mages to help protect the town. The Propraetor has also been authorized by the Council of Princes to follow the example of the Western Czaikow Hills FP and raise a banner of troops, to be paid out of the taxes that the Free Territory raises to be a full time rapid response force within the Territory. The force is still being trained (at Fort Nordling) so it will not be available for several months while it completes training and tactical indoctrination with regular Glantrian army units.

Nestled up against the mountains at the border with Heldann is Varykino, a border checkpoint and caravansary serving the few, but slowly growing, trade route between Glantri and Heldann. Varykino is a majestic manor home that has been the residence of the Komarovsky family for 4 generations. The current owner, Victor Ipolitovich Komarovsky, is in charge of documenting entrants into Glantri and collecting entry fees from inbound caravans.

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