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Errata questions and proposed solutions about Foresters

by Andrew Theisen

Dawn of the Emperors (player's guide to Thyatis, p. 18) introduced the option of a human character class that functions like an elf- ie, combat and spellcasting, using the elf demihuman character progression. Okay, all well and good, but it leaves a big question for me that isn't clearly defined, notably as indicated in the "Experience Point Advancement" section which says:

"They are limited to 10th level in experience, just as elves are."

Presumably, this means that they would then continue to advance along the Attack Rank progression (C to M) like elves, but it isn't explicitly clear. As human classes typically can reach up to 36th level, this should probably be spelled out more definitively.

It is also unclear if they gain the elves' half damage vs. dragon breath, or any of the fighter combat options. I would think the latter, but not the former (which seems like it is probably connected to the elves' race rather than martial ability).

Proposed Solution: Make it explicitly clear that their spellcasting stops at 10th level, but their combat progression continues along the Attack Rank chart of elves. They gain fighter combat options and two attacks/round at attack rank D, and three attacks per round at attack rank K.

by Giampaolo Agosta

I think all Elf rules should apply to the Forester, except for the innate abilities (infravision, resistance to ghoul paralysis, etc). I'm not particularly sure that half damage vs dragon breath derives from an innate resistance, or rather from agility, martial training or Ilsundal's protection. Since it is quite a powerful ability, I'd be tempted to keep it to prevent the Forester from becoming a much less attractive ability.

by Craig Antoun

In regards to the Forester class, I actually did a revision of that character class in Threshold issue #11 Thyatis and Alphatia. My approach was to make the class more human-like in order to keep the mechanics of the elf class solely for elves. So I extended the level limit to 36 and dropped the reduced damage from dragon breath ability. Spellcasting stopped advancing at 10th level, just as the elf class. I also had the class use the Fighter attack rolls and modified the experience chart accordingly. As I recall, a 27th level forester (which needs 3,100,000 XP) has the same chances to hit as a 10th level elf of Attack Rank M (which also requires 3,100,000 XP). My version had the same weapon mastery slots of the fighter class, and unlike the elf class, could attain better chances to hit after exceeding 27th level and even achieve four attacks at 36th level.