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by Marco Dalmonte

Patroness of Love and Beauty, Patroness of Fertility, Mistress of Seidh, Keeper of Souls

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13 (Celestial), NG, Thought
Symbol: a white winged horse
Portfolio: female warriors, fertility, abundance, beauty, love, family, Seidh, valiant souls
Worshipped in: Known World (Northern Reaches, Heldann), Norwold, Isle of Dawn, Wendar, Qeodhar, Savage Coast (Eusdria), Hollow World (Antalia, Icevale, Kogolor lands, Merry Pirates Seas)
Appearance: Freyja is a tall blonde Antalian girl of unsurpassed beauty, with a slender but curvaceous body, clad in typical Norse clothes (chain mail, short sword and sickle at her belt, lamb cloak on her shoulders). Freyja is never seen without her beloved magical necklace, Brisingamen, an artifact crafted for her by the finest dwarven artifacts, and she loves to comb her hair in two long braids with jewels all around.
History: Fredar and Fredara were siblings who belonged to an Antalian tribe that dwelt in modern day Heldann. They were both expert warriors and keen tacticians, persuaded that the real warrior should fight not for conquest or vengeance, but to bring justice in the world. They embarked together on the path of the Epic hero following Odin's omens during the era that was later to be remembered as the Time of Heroes (from BC 1900 to BC 1600) among the people of Antalian blood, when heroes like Thor, the Korrigans and Loki left their footprints on Mystara's history. Fredar and Fredara became immortals around BC 1660 after undertaking epic quests like protecting the Antalian inhabitants of the Northern Reaches from the invasion of King Loark's humanoids, destroying a powerful artifact of Hel that made life impossible in the marshes of Soderfjord, finding the lost Ygg Tree of Odin in Ostland, leading the Icevale elves in their trek underground to their new home in the Hollow World and subsequently helping the Kogolor dwarves to fight back against their enemies and hold their lands in the Hollow World. During their quests they also met the Korrigans and Wayland and struck an eternal friendship with them, carrying it on in the higher spheres. Freyja is also remembered for her liaison with the mysterious stranger named Od (likely a mortal identity of Odin) and for begetting from him two daughters, Hnossa (Treasure) and Gersimi (Jewel), whose beauty is legendary among the northmen, and that now live in Freyja's own palace, Sessrumnir.
Personality: After her ascension Fredara became known among the northmen as Freyja and she also took the Icevale elves and the Kogolor dwarves (whom she had helped during her mortal life) under her protection. Freyja likes to be surrounded by beautiful things and to show her own beauty without hidden goals. She is not a manipulator, but rather she enjoys her sensuality and has a very open and passionate character. Freyja has deep feelings for her brother Frey and her patron Odin, whom she considers as her father. She's got a strong following among the northmen as patroness of warrior women, fertility, beauty, love and sexuality, and Seidh (prophecy).
Patron: Odin
Allies: Frey, Odin, Wayland, Korrigans
Enemies: Loki, Hel
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any; clerics must be Neutral or Lawful
Favoured weapons: short sword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons, sickle and dagger)
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 bonus to Charisma, free Persuasion general skill. Freyja's clerics can cast druidic spells of 1st and 2nd level in addition to normal clerical spells.
Paladins' skills & powers: one further slot of weapon mastery for each positive modifier in Intelligence and Wisdom.
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Thought, Good, Family, Fertility
Preferred weapon: Short sword
Sources: GAZ7, HW, WotI, SCS