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Frontier region between Mogreth and Taymor

by Geoff Gander

Here are some thoughts on the frontier region between Mogreth and Taymor:

This is a land of forested hills, swift-flowing rivers, and frightful storms coming in from the Sea of Dawn. But the land is rich, and highly coveted. Both Mogreth and Taymor have tried to settle it over the centuries, but doing so brought the two nations too close to each other, prompting a swift reaction from the other. Too equally matched for the time being, the territory is now a bitterly contested no man’s land, where secret bases and colonies are established to watch the enemy, and proxy wars are fought amongst the locals. Every few years, one side musters enough strength to launch an offensive, and the cycle continues.

The inhabitants of this region come from almost all the major races – humans, giants, humanoids, pockets of elves, troglodytes, and frogfolk. Life is at the community level, with few locals venturing too far from the safety of their villages or strongholds. Most of them would prefer to be left alone, but when an army marches through many flee their homes, only to rebuild afterwards. They hate Mogreth because they know all too well the fate that would await them if the sorcerer kings gained control, but they have little love for the Taymorans, who would use them just as quickly.

The land bears many signs of past battles – ruined fortresses and colonies (some half-completed), partly completed (or deteriorating) roads, vast swaths of burnt countryside and churned earth, abandoned quarries and lumber camps, and of course the dead. Small mountains of skeletons in rusting armour. But there are other signs – which continue to claim lives. The woods are inhabited by roving bands of undead – minions let loose after their masters fell in battle – and nightmarish creatures summoned by the sorcerers of Mogreth, and left behind to roam.