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Finding Spillworld

by Robin

1000 AC. Toth-Amun/Spillworld

Alech-Titepot awoke from his studies. Again he had fallen asleep. Again those strange visions. His mind blurred from all history he had learned;…

Millenia ago

A dimensional rift opened up for a brief time. What caused this unnatural feature to happen is still unknown (more on this in an upcoming article). The Elemental rift led to a rupture of the Elemental Plane of Earth and the Elemental Plane of Air. A vast cloud of air filled with tumbling planet-sized boulders was released into the Prime Plane, followed by a vast explosion. It was as if something caused this fire, which existed within an even larger planet to explode. The force was tremendous that most of the debris converged into asteroid fields in the air-filled expanse, or even beyond. 11 smaller planetary spherical bodies became visible amongst this debris and within this huge cloud of air around the huge central planet, surrounded by the ring of fire born from within. A seeming anomaly in itself.

3118 BC. Mystara Blackmoor

The first race to discover the anomalistic region of space was the Mystara Humans of Blackmoor, but it took them almost a century to develop the means to explore the region in person.

3012 AC. Mertar/Damocles

The second race were the Mindflayers, invaders of the 5th planet (Mertar called by them, Damocles by others). The Mindflayers had also discovered the line of light around the huge main planet in the far away corner of Mystara space. A ring-shaped sun created by unknown elemental gates and influences, was slowly diminishing. They had different means to act on hand, they had some control over time. Within globs of solid time violently propelled by massive explosions on their home planet Mertar (aka Damocles, and unknowingly damage their homeplanet thus hard, it would explode centuries later) towards this new celestial destination the were they arrived first. They slammed into one of the eleven "moons" and from here they investigated. Here they saw the dust and matter combining together, compacting. Within a few years it all became stable under the force of Elemental gravity from the massive central planet.

3004 AC. Mertar & Meghklym

In their continuous drive to destroy the Mystara sun they were awed by what they saw here, a huge cloud of air held together by the strange far stretching gravity of this gargantuan celestial body, but without a normal sun. This was their chance, to create a world how they desired it. They saw new gates of Fire, Water, Air and Earth spawn spontaneously on several of the moons, and opened (or actually reopened) gates of water on the main world to enable their sources of life they brought with them to grow.

At first they thought this was enough, but soon they released they needed Energy too. The gravity was so strange they had difficulty researching them, and driving energy from it. The Mindflayers duality to the sun became clear; they still disliked a single bright glowing central sun, yet also needed its energy. Maybe this was somehow different, and interesting to them. They did use their solid-time bubbles (see AD&D2 The Illithiad) , and these they controlled from the moon Meghklym they now lived upon. They then used the energy from the ring-shaped sun to their own devices. At first it seemed to go all right but then...

3003 BC. USS Pendragon;

Captain Allbright held the controls of "the Pendragon" one of the first seven celestial starships to go beyond the borders of the planetary system. Some went faraway, and created colonies on the worlds named Alpha Centauri, and similar. Allbright his destination went further away. The satellites sent in the last decades gave them an awesome amount of knowledge of the world and Mystaraverse.

Planet names as created by the Blackmoorians remaining up to today as canon CM7 Tree of Life Starmap
none as of yet, later Sol's Sister (RL; Mercurius)
Mym (RL; Venus)
Mystara (RL; Earth)
Telax (RL; Mars)
Mertar (local name)/Damocles (Mystara name) (RL; Planetary ring of debris ..still a planet at this time).
Loth (RL; Jupiter)
Zoar (RL; Saturn)
Alith (RL; Uranus)
Verdun (RL; Neptune)
Outer debris ring  

The Blackmoorians had investigated all the main planets and even some of its moons in Mystara space in decades past. They warred with the titans on the Moons of Loth and Zoar, with the tentacled brain and hated mindfeeders of Mertar, and even with a vessel of Beholders passing through this part of the galaxy. Allbright his destination was much, much further away.

On the rim of common telescopes, towards the strange cloud they discovered so many years ago. This year they saw strange things happening, a wavy line of light was discovered around the gigantic planetary body within a cloud in space. Within this ring of fire stable locations appeared (The view on the ring had become clearer of dust with each of the last years). This was something new and had to be researched, in case of a threat.

3000 BC. USS Pendragon

When the “Pendragon” finally arrived at their chosen destination, the crew had suddenly lost all contact with Blackmoor central command. No sound, no crackle, no haze, nothing. Too far away to respond (the voyage had taken 3 years on half light speed), Allbright decided to investigate first and return later. He stationed the self-sustaining vessel next to several moons, and with the use of technology and magic he discovered the source of the temporal fluxes within the ring-shaped sun. A single moon nearby…

3000 BC. Meghklym

Then a huge metal object came from the abyss of darkness within the perimeter of the expanse of air in which the Mindflayers now resided. The main planet and the eleven moons was discovered by their enemies; Humans from the 4th Planet..., they soon discovered the Mindflayers immediately ignited a war, to defend "their" new world.

3000 BC. USS Pendragon

Allbright immediately reacted and released radiance charged missiles. When they hit the moon, their magic and anti magic and radiance blasted over the moons surface. The Mindflayers could only survive by entering again into solid time, being released later.

But by doing this the Mindflayers lost control of the Solid Time bubbles within the ring-shaped sun. It began to wobble within the waves of disturbed gravity by the Radiance blasts, and one by one they collapsed. The fire from the gate, no longer constrained by Temporal Magic spread out, and and mixed with remnants of temporal energy stabilized the original ring of solar fire around the main planet.

This in effect however caused a blast of mixed energy to nullify most of the controls of "The Pendragon". Allbright had to take all measures to prevent a disaster, but could no longer hold the vessel flying. A safe but also violent crash-landing on the Main planet's surface was all they had, … to survive. So all they had to do was pray for a landing as soft as possible. With all the seeds and specimens from the self-sustaining vessel they should be able to establish themselves in this new world, all other conditions needed were available.

Captain Allbright on the Main Planet viewing the moons.

1001 BC (1 BY) Old Alphatia

Aluuytyvul flew with his ragtag fleet of airvessels, upon the precise direction the faraway alien race called Nithians had given to the various Alphatian rulers. Passing through the borders of the Planes they entered the Prime Plane. There he discovered he was more unaware of the Prime Plane than he had suggested. There was no planet in sight, and only the gravity field of the vessels together with Create Air spells kept air within to survive the infinite darkness. Using all magic available they turned their sails to a faraway star, to collect at least some warmth and energy in hope to propel them further.

His first mate then detected something familiar; a magical globe of air in space, a few days travelling at full speed away. Ashamed Aluuytyvul discovered he had held the unfamiliar map upside down. He crumbled it away, and said, "There it is, that must be Mystra. Those Nithians could have enabled us to come closer, but there it is" He knew he took a great gamble, but in fact, in an unknown section of unknown space in an unknown plane, all he could do is steer towards that what resembled something familiar.

When the entered they sphere of air, the first they noticed it had no distinctive border, meaning the air would eventually evaporate leaving a dead world. This they could not allow, and Alluuytyvul and three other 36th level mages did cast a spell they had done so often before, a penetrable forcefield to keep air within (this spell was used to repair the natural forcefield on Old-Alphatia which became often damaged by the war with the Flaems). While doing this they discovered the eleven moons and a ring of fire functioning as a sun. "That must be Mystra" he immediately called, again wrongly pronouncing the name of the Planet they actually sought.

1000 BC (0 AY Landfall) to 965 BC (45 AY). Main Planet (Mystra)

When finishing their magic they landed on the huge planet. There was some life, but not much. It took them several years to cultivate the strange non-indigenous (actually a mix of Mystaran and Mertarian) plants on the planet to grow food they required. All magic was used, fertilizer magic, weather-pattern magic, and within a few decades a more-or-less natural weather pattern was made to sustain indefinitely on this slightly tilted spinning gargantuan planet. The planet revolved every 38 hours underneath the ring-shaped sun.

What they were unaware of that also Flaemish spies were on board of the vessel of Alluuytyvul, they escaped on the planet. These Flaems later succeeded to (re-)open up a series of gates of fire within the planets cooling centre and thus created magma currents within the planet's core, similar to a regular planet. With this they accidentally created or reactivated volcanism, and enriched the soil and atmosphere making the planet viable to sustain life for millennia or more. Unable to return they retreated into the dark and violent volcanic world of Flaem, their new nation on this new world, a world around a spill.

500 BC. Mystara-Nithia

Timitotep ran to his Pharaoh. After running through the necessary means of protection and safety, in this case of internal Nithian war, he was allowed to diverge his finding. Timitotep explained his predecessors had discovered an Outer Plane named Old Alphatia, where a copper-skinned human race was in dire circumstances due an all-out destructive war, and it was them who had invited these Alphatians asylum on Mystara, where they eventually proved themselves to become very bothersome in Nithian conquest, and a hindrance in magical research, instead a help or boon.

The pharaoh was uninterested and almost threw the mage-scientist to the arena Gnolls. But Timitotep succeeded to explain, he now had found another interesting location, other than the planets nearby, this world was like Old-Alphatia, fully enveloped in Air, but stable, surrounded by a ring-shaped sun and several moons around a monstrously large planet centered within.

The Pharaoh, understanding the benefit of such a new world, immediately convened his most powerful mages together. With Timitotep's help they devised precise locations, needed for a new spell; "Teleport without Error". The mages soon employed the spell and several soldiers and heroes went into the spells effect and arrived on a new world. They explored and relayed all information through scrolls of communication. Nature was abundant, and there were many animals, looking eerily similar to Mystara's plants and animals, yet also often totally different. There were no humans or other sentient creatures or trace thereof within sight.

The internal wars of Nithia now ran very high, the Gnolls were on a rampage, Humanoids from the Empire of Oenkmar ignited rebellion wherever they could, the Vampiric forces of Taymora were hitting on one side, giants and dragons on another. Dwarves refused help after centuries of enforced trade. This Pharaoh took one decision; he now had one opportunity to save himself and family, and maybe his nation's people. The sorcerers were ordered to memorize as much of the new teleports spells they had, affect as much people at the same time together. With the help of giant magical effect enhancing crystals stolen from the dwarves they succeeded. First a contingent of warriors, then the Pharaoh and staff, then the other Nithians in order of social standing. When the spell ended, and the last citizens and farmers passed through, the mages found out they were beswindled; by memorizing only teleport spells, and using them to the last drop they were in fact trapped on Mystara, in the onslaught of invading plundering force of Gnolls. The dying thought of Timitotep while being killed then was that the Nithians could never return, gave him eternal rest.


900-1000 AC. Toth-Amun/Mystra/New Haven/ Karkarum (Flingworld)

Alech-Titepot now knew all these parts of Toth-Amun's history, or Mystra as the Alluuytyvul call them. The Blackmoorians in their metal part of the realm, called it New Haven.

The Mindflayers called it Karkarum (translated; Flingworld). Luckily these monsters lived on the far away moon of Meghklym, and were not often in contact with the main Toth-Amun.

Air Elementals lived in the void, while some air elemental kin lived on some of the other moons. Earth Elementals lived on the southern part of Toth-Amun, while the Blackmoorians lived on a large continent on the north within their world of steel, and technology. The Nithians lived on the warm equator, with jungles, woods and deserts. The Dwarven and Elven slaves which escaped these humans in the last centuries, had settled in the mountains or the deep woods respectively. And the Alphatians had their parts on Mystra as they called it (or Flaem as a smaller group named it).

Alech-Titepot had discovered an ancient magical scroll. As he penned down something on this blanc scroll, he discovered it disappeared later being replaced with unknown symbols. Two years of study were needed to be able to understand this foreign yet somehow similar written language. It was Alphatian, from the race the Nithians so long ago made contact with, and stranded here where they became the Alluuytyvul. Information was exchanged by use of this ancient scroll and plans were made on both sides. These new Alphatians lived on Mystara, and knew nothing of the Nithians, so it was as if they were a new race

Alech-Titepot knew the secret past, that the Nithians fled from their ancient homeworld Mystara, but he was one of the rare individuals who did. These new Alphatians were indeed new, and instead of warlike, like the other nations on Toth-Amun they seemed friendly.

1000AC. Mystara-Alphatia

The Alphatians on Mystara created a Vortex a mile or so above the Floating Continents of Ar. It was large enough to accommodate the large Thyatian/Alphatian allied carrier ship and several other flying vessels. With a celestial Ring they guided themselves with the vortex to their new and unknown destination. This new way of travel over immeasurable distances was safer than a teleport spell, but needed the Celestial ring to guide the vortex while travelling within it. (For more on this see; Dawn of the emperors Boxed set, Alphatian guide page 106-107; Journey to Spillworld)

Source: Locations adjusted to Mystara

The Vortex eventually exited inside the faraway stellar cloud; the conditions on both ends were almost equal because the cloud of air is still charged with the energies of earth and air, enabling the vortex to find an exiting point. The Alphatians and Thyatians arrived in this huge bubble of air where many worlds were spilled, they called it Spill world.

1000 AC. Toth-Amun/Mystra/New Haven/ Karkarum (Flingworld)

Alech-Titepot picked up his strenuous memories and returned to reality. He awaited the new arrivals coming from his arduous work and research. The Pharaoh would be pleased. Then he saw a large whirling vortex opening in the skies, between the eleven moons. A large vessel passed through and some other flying objects and flying creatures. Toth-Amun's surface suddenly became little more crowded. Another new and mixed race, what would this bring to the world. A world with flora and fauna of Mindflayers, Blackmoorians, Alluuytyvul, Flaems, Elementals, and now these new Alphatian and Thyatian Mystarans,...totally different from any of the races individually….and seemingly friends to us Nithians.

Basic information.

As canon (Dawn of the Emperors boxed set ) there were multiple planets...there are 11 planet moons and a super earthlike planet.

The Main Planet bears various names; The recent Alphatians/Thyatians called it Spill World as with their entry here, it seemed life an planets were spilled everywhere. Their ancestors named it Mystra (actually a mispelling of Mystara). The old Flaems simply called their region Flaem, and used Mystra also). The mindflayers named it Karkarum (Flingworld, translated from their obscure tongue). The Nithians call it Toth-Amun. The Blackmoorians called it New Haven after their crashlanding so long ago.

Strange mixtures of Old-Alphatian and Flaem, Mystaran (Blackmoorian/Thyatian/ Alphatian) and Mindflayer creatures and ecosystems wander about the various planetary bodies, lighted by the ring-shaped sun. Some of these spawned naturally by intermingling, some were created as tools, food or crafts of war. Some of these are very dangerous.

As the whole planetary system is enveloped by an enclosed bubble of air, the warmth and light comes from the ring-shaped sun, all moons and everything in between has air. Gravity is as normal, except beyond the planet. The air bubble is roughly 20.000.000 miles diameter.

The main planet is a super earth, of 195% greater diameter than Mystara (6190 miles diameter), coming to a total of 12.075 miles diameter. It has a minute yearly orbit of 22 miles from the centre of the planet. It has a day of 38 hours, and a year (tilt) of 2.1 years. The planet rotates opposite as Mystara on its axis, and has a seasonal tilt of 14.8%. Its gravity is however only 5% higher than that of Mystara (reducing natural life expectancy and movement rates by a negative 5% only).

The ring-shaped sun lies stable over the planet underneath which still has a gravitational direction. This gives a darker and lighter period as it wanders over the equatorial line of the planet of 38 hours. The light and darkness rise from the west in this rotation. The more north and south, the shorter the light period will be and the longer and darker the darker period. Keep in mind, it never gets fully dark on this world limiting to a darkness of 75% of that of Mystara/Real world Earth nights at best.

The Eleven Moons and sun are as seen from the main planet;

# Object Diameter; Distance from surface main planet average orbit (+/- 10%) Orbit time in planet days Orbit Rotation Base Axis Rotation Surface Info
1 Harpy Rock 310mls 78.000 miles orbit of 28 days over equator 5 Hour axis rotation as Main Planet populated by flyers
(normal Planetoid)
0 Ringshaped sun 210.340 miles from the surface of planet at 65 degrees angle to Equator Main Planet NA NA NA NA
2  2 1114mls 978.900 miles orbit of 302 days Over equator 43 Hours axis rotation as Main Planet Volcanic very Active (unknown; Fused Matter Fire Gate)
3  3 1548mls 112.000 miles orbit of 782 days Over equator no rotation Desolate (unknown; dead young Megalith)
4  4 1857mls 523.000 miles orbit of 1228 days Over poles 15.723 hour rotation as Main Planet Desolate Barren(unknown; dead young Megalith)
5  Lequida 2662mls 1.685.000 miles orbit of 512 days Over poles 66 hour rotation perpendicular to distance lots of water, vegetation (normal Planet)
6 6, (unknown; Darabisoz)  2786mls 5.867.600 miles orbit of 2452 days Over Equator tilted 15% 43 hour rotation opposite as Main Planet Dry and sandy (unknown; young Megalith)
7  Urwart 3590mls 2.133.666 miles distance standstill Over Equator tilted 22% 12 hour rotation opposite as Main Planet lots of water (unknown; young weak Megalith)
8 Crystal 4333mls 886.554 miles distance to 328.900 miles of 512 days Over Equator tilted 45% 86 hour rotation opposite as Main Planet red vegetation (unknown; young Megalith)
9  Bethian 4519mls 238.950 miles orbit of 344 days Over poles tilted 5% 24 Hours as Main Planet lots of vegetation and weather
(normal Planet)
10  10 4643mls 710.677 miles distance Standing distance from Planet opposite of 11 no rotation Desolate (unknown; dead young Megalith)
11 Meghklym 4828mls 722.655 miles distance Standing distance from Planet opposite of 10 34 hour rotation as Main Planet Vegetation on one size , devastation on the other (inhabited by Mindflayers)
(normal Planet)