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Future Timeline Inspired By New Editions

by Håvard

AC1012-1019 the 2e Era.
This period has mostly been detailed already in the Official and Net Almanacs

AC1020-1029 The 3e Era
1020 AC: Joint Darokinian and Thyatian operations to protect their interests. All-out war pits humans vs. orcs. (Fixed Timeline event)
Moulder dwarf mages rise and wage war on the dwarves of Rockhome.
Shackled City Adventure Path (with a possible location for Caldron on Davania)
As a response to the Moulder Dwarf threat, the Dwarves of Kagyar raise an army of Blackmoor Era Golem reawakened and recently discovered in underground vaults. (These may be replaced by Warforged if allowed IYC)
Age of Worms Adventure Path (with Kyuss replaced by an awakened Burrower and Diamond Lake placed in Karameikos)
New Monastic Orders set up their temples all over the Known World.
Savage Tide Adventure Path (With a possible location for Sasserine on Davania)
There are Half-Orc uprisings in the cities of Darokin. The Half-Orcs demand to be admitted into the guilds. (Half-Orcs use stats as Humans or Orcs in BECMI)
Red Hand of Doom (set in Karameikos)
Freeport rises to glory and avoids destruction (Freeport 3e version, set in the Sea of Dread)

AC1030-1039 The 4e Era
One powerful Sidhe clan whose members have long been living among the Alfheim clans. Now they unite in order to bring vengeance upon the Shadowelves for their ravaging of Alfheim. The forest may be restored, but the wounds are still remembered. (These may be replaced by Eladrin if allowed IYC)
Lizardmen have long served the Dragons of Wyrmsteeth. Now one race of lizardmen, inspired by Immortals of Matter revolt against their masters and scatter across the world. Many embark on holy missions. (These may be replaced by Dragonborn if allowed IYC)
Descendants of the Flaems left were behind on the planes. In order to survive they made pacts with Entropic beings they encountered there, mixing their blood. During WotI, the Flaems of Glantri called upon their planar cousins for aid. Some appeared back then, but since then, legions of more of these Flaems have appeared. Some settle in Glantri. Others try to set up a kingdom in Norwold, near the Arch of Fire. (These may be replaced by Tieflings if allowed IYC)
Freeport rebuilds after war and intrigue (Freeport Systemless edition, Set in the Sea of Dread)
Rise of the Runelords (Paizo) Adventure Path (Set in Norwold?)
Crimson Throne (Paizo) Adventure Path (Set in Alphatia)
Second Darkness (Paizo) Adventure Path (Set in Ierendi?)
Scales of War Adventure Path (Set in Karameikos)
Legacy of Fire (Paizo) Adventure Path (Set in Ylaruam? or the Sind Desert?)

AC1040-1050 the 5e Era
1050 AC: Ylaruam falls under the rule of Kin faction sultans. Its culture and economy flourishes, but its values decline, and there is a resurgence of traditional tribal enmities. (Fixed timeline event)