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Future Timeline

by Stone Marshall

This is an adventurer's journal (real one written by a PC) from my Mystara campaign... Enjoy or not, if not it's only a delete key away from non-existence...
I force my players to keep their own notes, preserve clues, translate stuff, etc. ... do the rest of the DMs on the list?

Keep in mind that I played Mystara since 1985 and made some changes, for instance the Heldannic territories were liberated in AC 1001 and Denagoth is known as Mengul (named for the mountains in the south) other changes include no Shadow Elves in Alfheim (they had advanced warning) and Norwold joined The Mengul Imperium as soon as Alphatia sank (they saw which way the wind was blowing) as TSR and WotC came out with new stuff for Mystara it became clear that my world was vastly different. I have had three PC's reach Immortality and one of them travelled in time to various points in the past so when AC 1005 came around he was already a 36th level wizard! WotI was pretty much the same, but when Alphatia sank The Mengul Imperium filled the void as they came out of the war almost unscathed.

AC 1050 Mengul and Thyatis go to war over interest in the Sea of Dread.

AC 1055 Ochalea and The Pearl Islands join Mengul against Thyatis.

AC 1059 Thyatis is beaten back to its mainland territories due to an insurrection by the Hattians.

AC 1075 Hule launches attacks into Darokin from occupied Sind.

AC 1077 Darokin is pushed back from Lake Amsorak to its capital city. The Hulean forces lay siege.

AC 1079 Attacks from elves and political pressures force Hule to retreat from Darokin city. The Master sends an elite troop into Darokin City and sets the place on fire...the citizens flee the city and are slaughtered to a man.

AC 1080 Darokin City is renamed Dead City because the undead have taken over.
Mengul and Alfheim declare war on Hule.

AC 1085 Hule is pushed from Sind and retreats across the Great Waste.

AC 1100 Humans in Thyatis push the elves from the west into Karameikos.

AC 1101 The elves band together and push the humans deep into Thyatian territory. Kerendas is now held by the elves.

AC 1103 The Thyatian Empire is no more and is replaced by the Elven Order.

AC 1105 Hule takes over the Savage Baronies and Slagovich.

AC 1106-1188 a time of peace settles over the Known World.(mostly for rebuilding armies and navies)

AC 1189 Hule launches attacks into Sind.

AC 1191 Hule cements its position in Sind and prepares for the invasion of the known world.

AC 1200 Hule attacks the nations of the known world (see Red Arrow, Black Shield) and is defeated once again.