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Fang of Fyrgus

by Alex Benson

Damage: 1d4 +4 (dagger +4); theft deterrent.

For all intensive purposes, the Fang of Fyrgus is a Dagger +4. The addition is the theft deterrent mechanism that is incorporated into its hilt. The mechanism is a set of four blades that spring out of the hand grip, doing 1d4 points of damage and giving them a -2 to Str and Dex until the wounds are tended to. Originally the blades did 1d8 damage and had a -4 to Str and Dex. The blades automatically reset after being sprung. Only the attuned wielder may handle the weapon. He or she must attune themselves to the dagger by apply a drop of their own blood to the dagger's small pommel. If need be, the blades can be manually reset by twisting the pommel.

Description: The Fang of Fyrgus is a dagger with a 10 inch curved blade. The blade is made of a dull featureless dark grey metal. The dagger has a guardless hilt composed of an ebony handle. The ivory is engraves with meaningless swirl designs. The grip has four 1 inch grooves cut into the ebony. Though the blades cannot be seen, this is where they protrude from. Capping the ebony handle is a small pommel, made from a smooth round piece of obsidian.

Historical Lore: The Fang of Fyrgus was originally crafted for the Alphatian assassin Jherel. To craft this weapon, Jherel hired the services of the Alphatian mage, Fyrgus. The mage hired dwarvish craftsmen to make the dagger and defensive mechanism. Jherel added the enchantments. When the assassin came for his blade, Fyrgus changed his mind and refused to close the deal. He cited that the assassin was not worthy of the blade.

Fyrgus was outraged, but backed down for the moment. He was certain that the mage had taken magical precautions before refusing the deal. The assassin bided his time and later tried to infiltrate mage's stronghold. He did fairly well, disarming or bypassing the magical wards. He met the assorted guardians that the mage had set up.

Invigorated by the challenges, Jherel arrogantly decided to let the mage live. He decided to just steal the blade and a few trinkets for the trouble. He found the blade laying in chest in the mages study. After disarming or bypassing numerous wards and traps, he grabbed the blade. To his horror, the dagger's defensive mechanism sprang sending the blades into his hand.

Jherel dropped the blade and fought to subdue a cry of pain. As he tried to tend to his shredded hand, he heard someone behind him. Turning he saw the mage standing there, grinning and pointing a wand at his head. Jherel saw a wisp of glowing energy and found that he could not move. His last images of life were of Fyrgus picking up the dagger and calmly slitting his throat.

Fyrgus carried the dagger proudly for years. He carried the dagger with him when Alphatia conquered the Thyatians. The dagger saved his life as his Thyatian mistress tried to use his blade to slay him in his sleep during the Thyatian Revolt. Using this respite, he was able to mount a defence and eventually Teleport out.

Upon Fyrgus' death, the dagger passed down to his son, Herston, who rarely carried the thing out of his own fear that the blades would be triggered in spite of his being attuned to it. This wariness of the dagger was heightened after his daughter accidentally sprung the blades. The harm was limited thanks to regeneration magics, yet the incident forever turned Herston from keeping the blade.

The dagger was sold to the dwarf that had crafted the basic weapon. He had heard of its use and had decided to disarm the blade mechanism. Unfortunately, he put it on his "things to do list" and never got around to doing it. Rediscovering the weapon years later, the dwarf decided to instead sell the dagger.

It was purchased by a Stonewall mage. It was lost during the Alphatian invasion of Thyatis in AC 960. From there it went through a series of owners, mostly thieves. Its current owner is Dante Vicarrius, a lieutenant within the Shadow Hand criminal organisation in Thyatis City. The Fang has begun to show its age. The blade mechanism is wearing out, doing far less damage than it originally did.

DM Notes: The Fang of Fyrgus is a powerful dagger. It is made for slashing hand to hand combat, either by a thief or mage. Stealing the blade is difficult.