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[OSE Solitary Adventure] Defending Fyrwood Town

by Shesheyan

Started a new solo adventure yesterday. I'm using OSE and OSE advanced.

Four adventurers are hired to rid the country side of a band of gnolls that attacks caravans and farmers living in the area near Fyrwood Forest. Tomark the human (m) magic-user (L4), Vodinn the dwarven (m) cleric (L4), Servyna elven (f) thief (L6) and Aminda the human (f) fighter (L4) have followed leads to the ruins of a burned down farm house located three hours from Fyrwood Town.

• Race and class are separated.
• The characters have maximum HPs.
• The magic-user is allowed to use a staff, a dagger and a sling.
• I'm using side initiative but the characters do a full activation on their turn (move+attack).
• Spells caster have extra spells for each "plus" on their attributes.
• The thief has +5% per "plus" on his attributes.
• The fighter is a specialist of the sword so he deals 1d10 with it instead of 1d8.

The gnolls were hiding at the edge of Fyrwood. The characters activated first. The combat lasted 4 rounds. The gnoll on the far left survived and ran into the forest. Vodinn lost 12 HPs on a total of 28. Servyna lost 7 on 36. Voddin casts two Cure Light Wounds on himself and heals 2x [1d6+1 (+ Wis bonus 3)] 27 HPs on 28.

Do they run after the gnoll or do they return to town? To be continued.

A look at side A, round #1. I won't be doing a blog this time. It takes too much time. I prefer playing instead.

In short: DAY 1
• Servyna (thief) moved to intercept the gnoll on the far right. She managed to kill him alone. But was injured.

• Vodinn (cleric) got into trouble because he venerates a god of war and his impetuous. He moved to get closer to the gnolls before using his sling.

• The two gnolls charged Vodinn and both hit.

• Tomark (magic-user) threw his magic missile at the gnoll on the far left. The creature wasted three arrows unable to hit AC2 (shield).

• Aminda (fighter) charged to the rescue of Vodinn. Together they killed the two gnolls.

• The immobilized gnolls (hold person) were killed with a coup de grace.

Round #1 Side B Gnolls

DAY 1 continued:
- The band of gnolls had 100gp among them.
- It is mid-day. The PCs (roll) decide to continue.
- They camp at the ruins to heal.
- No night encounter.
- Servyna and Vodinn are back at maximum hit points.
- Rations 7 - 1 = 6 days

- The heroes manage to follow the gnoll tracks in the forest.
- There is a random encounter.
- Two Killer Bees surprise the party.
- Tomark is hit but succeeds his save vs poison.
- Arminda is not so lucky. She fails her save and dies.

House Rule: Upon a Death result PCs fall to the ground with zero HPs. They are unconscious for a number of rounds equal to 1 + their constitution bonus. If they are healed magically within this period they survive. Otherwise they are Dead. Roll a new character.

- Vodinn immediately casts 3 cure light wounds on Arminda.
- Arminda regains consciousness. She is at 23 hit points.
- They decide to continue despite this set back.
- Do they find the Gnolls lair: No.
- Camp for the night.
- Rations = 6 - 1 = 5 days left.
- No night encounter.

- Arminda regains 5 hit points = 28 (on 42 maximum)
- Morning. Do they find the lair? No.
- Encounter? Yes
- It is a chimera at 140 yards.
- No surprise
- Heroes win the initiative resulting in Evasion !!!
- The Chimera is, roll, indifferent. No pursuit. That was a close call.
- The heroes put as much distance as they can from the chimera.
- They decide to hunt and forage for half a day.
- They find enough foraging for 2 people. No game is hunted.
- Rations = 5 - 0.5 = 4.5 days
- Night camp. No encounter.

- Arminda naturally heals 6 hit point = 34.
- They resume the search for the Gnoll lair.
- Do they find it in the morning? Yes!

The road travelled so far

Day 4 continued

- The lair entrance is 160 yards away from the adventurers.
- There are no sentries.
- Vodinn casts a cure light wounds on Aminda. She now has 41hps on 42.
- They heroes advance towards the entrance.
- There are no hidden enemies.
- The lair as a cave entrance on the face of a large hill.
- The adventurers go down a steep stone staircase, followed by a 50' tunnel.
- They advance slowly, arriving at the entrance of a 30'x50' cave. It has 1 other exit.
- There is no surprise.
- 4 gnolls and 2 feral dogs are in foul mood and ready to attack.
- Initiative. The PCs go first.

Round 1: Heroes and gnolls attack each other.

- The combat lasted 4 rounds.
- Heroes going first round 1 and 2.
- The gnolls first round 3 and the 4th was simultaneous.
- Sernya was attacked by the two wolves and lost 12hps.
- Arminda lost 7hps but killed 3 gnolls.
- Vodinn casted Bless which gave +1 hit / +1 damage.
- He killed one gnoll but suffered 11 damage.
- Tomark injured a wolf with a magic missile and hit it with his staff killing it.
- He sustained no damage.
- After the battle Vodinn cast a cure light wound on himself +6 = 23 on 27.

Round 4: The heroes prevailed

The heroes press on and enter the other tunnel… (top left)