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Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

by Håvard

Glantri: Kingdom of Magic does something I often miss from other Mystara sources. It namedrops a bunch of NPCs. It is frustrating when you know about events or actions caused by an individual, but when fans are left to make up a name for that character ourselves. I have gone through G: KoM trying to list as many of these names that I could. I have left out NPCs that were part of the major Noble families since I have assumed that these are for the most part taken from Gaz3 or covered in other sources like the PWA series.

The Circle of Four p5 Not a character, but a group of four mages.
Adelfer p17 Jaggar's pegasus
Klaalan Cintra p 21 brother of Cintra. Famed explorers of Northern Glantri.
Mement Cintra p21 brother of Klaalan. Famed explorers of Northern Glantri.
Micheil Dondoven p 22 An adventurer who has written about Glantri
Garrule Dmitrov p36 Boldavian painter who was killed by a Vampire. Did he himself return as a Vampire too?
Doulatha Volaeth p 44 Erwan elf artist
Amante Constanza p 81 Killed by the Unseen Hand.
Balliard p 84 Creator of Balliard's Rejuvinating Touch
DeGras p 85 Creator of DeGras's Pilfering Fingers
Callistranm p 86 Creator of Callistram's Canal Conveyance
Roth Wintergard p 86 Aalbanese wizard
Klaud Smalt p 88 Man-at-arms serving two wizards who once tried to break into a place defended by Prinz Jaggar's magic.
Zaffer the Blue p 90  
Desiree d'Amond p 93 Pacifist wizard
Sathrath p 94 Creator of Sathrath's Ingenious Mthod spell. Died failing to fly.
Terrent p 97 Creator of Terrent's Glass of Great Insight
Donnard p97 Creator of Donard's Doom, centuries ago
Tresh Barukta p 111 Earth Elementalist
Maximiliam Hiltier p 119 Brother of the Radience
Danira Voshane p 121 Formerly a Master of the Radience. Currently Immortal? Or Dead?
Sethos the Drake p125 most famous progeny of Glantri. Is he a Drake?

One character I would like to draw attention to is Danira Voshane who may have become an Immortal through the use of the Radience. Did she attain this level of master after Etienne's disappearance? Is she a new Immortal? Or did she simply perish.

Are there other characters here you think we could do something interesting with?