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GAITY (Dominion of)

Location: Alatian Islands, the Sea of Dawn, southeast of the Isle of Dawn. SD

Area: 16,960 sq. mi. (43,926 sq. km.).

Population: 13,000.

Language: Alphatian (Alatian dialect, official though almost nobody speaks Alphatian on Gaity), Thyatian (Thyatian dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Thyatian coins are also very common: emperor (5 gp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), denarius (cp).

Taxes: So far Nayce has been unable to impose taxation on the warring barons; each baron imposes different taxes within his dominion.

Government Type: Officially, military dictatorship, member of Nayce. In reality, no central government; petty barons compete for the ruling of small dominions.

Industries: None.

Important Figures: None.

Flora and Fauna: As with most Alphatian lands, just about any type of creature can be found. However, with its previous amusement and zoological natures there tends to be an even greater abundance of exotic creatures.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Allstrick.

In all of our visits, our journey to Gaity must have been the best planned. With its anarchist state and presence of warring Thyatian barons, we had hired a number of Alphatian mercenaries to fill out our ranks. Of course we also had to secure the services of a sea vessel willing to venture there, and to meet us to take us off island. I'll also note that our arrival on Gaity was more akin to sneaking in. We landed at night and at a remote section of beach. In fact, our time spent upon the island was almost game-like as we ran the gamut of dodging patrols and hostile creatures.

The Land

Gaity is an island kingdom, part of the Alatians. The island is rather unimpressive. Its terrain is mostly rocky hills. This hindered our progress, but aided us in providing cover in our travels. Our progression was slow; many times we had to double back to avoid the various strongholds and patrols of the barons that war for dominance of the island. We were not always successful in our vigilance, and twice we were forced to seek refuge amid caves and wait out a nearby patrol. All in all the cat and mouse game proved most exhilarating, reminding me much of the olden days.

We visited the ruins of Rainbow Park. It was quite sad to bear witness to the resort in such disrepair. Many a time had I journeyed to its confines, to spend a few days revelling at its attractions. Though now in shambles and its buildings picked of any valuables, I could still imagine what these constructions had been in their prime. We even visited the area of the resort that had served as the internment camp for the Alphatian citizens. I dread to think of the hardships that these people had to endure under their occupiers. It was in Rainbow Park that we ran into some trouble. Several previous spectacles decided to try our mettle. However, a flurry of spells and good steel struck down these beasts and we were no worse for the wear.

We also visited Paganica, the Thyatian-built ex-capital of Gaity. Abandoned after the Treaty of Dawn, Paganica was a veritable ghost town. We spent the day searching its vacant buildings. We found very little though as the buildings had long since been picked clean of any valuables, had there been any there in the first place. We did camp there for several nights, before embarking for our rendezvous with our sailing vessel to remove us from the island.

The People

We had little contact with those calling Gaity home. We were quite content to observe from a distance. Most are Thyatians, allied to one of the island's barons. I had neither the time nor the patience to get involved in their frivolous warring. There are few Alphatians still on the island. Though most were interned and subsequently transported to Esterhold or some other Naycese lands, some Alphatians have returned to Gaity or managed to avoid deportation. Those Alphatians that we saw appeared to be little more than mercenaries, serving in the forces of one of the barons. We also saw signs of smugglers, probably working out of Ne'er-do-well.

From our encounters with the patrols, we got a good sense of the warring between the barons. Each baron seems to be seeking an edge, no matter the cost. I also got the impression that the inhabitants have little respect for their Naycese neighbours. I cannot really blame them, as Nayce has done very little to remedy the situation or even assert any control over the barons. Which is a shame as interdiction could easily put a rest to this power struggle and reclaim the island. From what I saw, it would not be too difficult for Nayce to assert its authority upon the barons. Perhaps Nayce would rather save themselves the trouble and let these amateurs kill each other off before moving in.

Recent History

Gaity had once been part of the artistry movement to develop the Alatians. For Gaity this effort manifested itself in the resort town of Rainbow Park. The resort was utterly destroyed by the effects of the sinking and the Week without Magic. The subsequent Thyatian occupation and colonisation efforts saw the Alphatian populace interned in a concentration camp at the ruins of Rainbow Park. There their treatment was less than hospitable with some 500 perishing from maltreatment. Later, through the efforts of Tristilia and several Alphatian officers serving in the Thyatian military, these interned Alphatians were freed and transported to Esterhold.

The Treaty of Dawn essentially freed the island. All Thyatian officials and military were removed from the island. However, the Thyatians sent as colonists remained and have fallen into an anarchist society of petty barons warring for ultimate control of the island. Though Nayce finally retook Gaity, the confederacy has otherwise ignored the island completely-no king has even been named yet, and the military command let do.

Don't Miss

Strangely enough, Rainbow Park is still the bright spot upon Gaity. Despite its current state of ruin, there is still much there to draw the interests of the casual observer. We could have literally spent days rummaging through its ruins.

Do Miss

The island is full of danger. One will have to be careful lest they be drawn into the warring of the barons. Likewise, the island boasts numerous creatures running amuck. With the barons focusing on each other, there has been little done to quell these marauding monsters. Adventurer types may find opportunity in doing some monster hunting. Of course they cannot expect the barons to reward them and they may find themselves caught up in the political mess that is Gaity.