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Galwylin's campaign

by Tim Haney

Here's my list of Immortals. Some you'll recognise and some you won't. One thing missing are Immortal names based on real world myths (at least I hope I found them all). I'll probably be adding to this list over time but I wanted to have a very basic group to work with and I haven't even had time to detail these I chosen completely. I don't have an even amount of evil to good but I think that works out as evil ones wouldn't work together too well so the ones that do exist would have the fingers in many different pies. The largest amount are neutral. An Immortal with a CN alignment aren't wackos, they're just harder to know exactly how to please.

Ilneval LE Destruction, Hatred, Tyranny
Ilsundal LG Creation, Sun, Truth
Noumena LN Fate, Magic, Moon
Ordana N Earth, Nature

Arik NE Darkness, Night
Bozdogan CE Chaos, Lies, Strife
Chardastes NG Healing
Diulanna N Agriculture
Djaea N Knowledge
Fredar NG Fertility, Love, Spring
Menlil NE Corruption, Decay
Jarlel LN Death
Tuatis LG Honour, Justice, Law
Vanya CN Storms, War

Talitha NE Disease, Poison
Tallivai CN Oceans
Valerias CG Beauty
Yav N Dreams, Prophesy

Halav LN Rulership, Strategy
Petra LG Guardians, Protection
Zirchev NG Forests, Hunting