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by Duncan TKD

It has been almost 500 years since I have been in this part of the world. Last time I, Galishan, came to the Highlands was to defend our world from the masters. Back then we were fighting gemstones and the other creatures that the Overlord sent to Mystara to save the entire world. Now time has come for me to return to these highlands. This time like the last I fight against the forces of Entropy, but unlike the last I do not fight against an army that marches forward destroying all in its path, but a single creature and her subtle manipulations to turn the highlands into a evil place for all that live here. This new threat comes from Synn, Queen of the Night Dragons, an evil creature that possess no remorse or conscious.

Through painstaking research, spells, other means, I have discovered that Synn was given the power to transform herself like a gold dragon. This ability would make it quite difficult for creatures other than dragons to get in her way, dragons and dragon kin can distinguish one of our brethren even if they are in some sort of magical disguise, but since I am a dragon I pose a threat to her.

Galishan is a gold dragon who is 675 years old. He once served as one of the Dragon kings personal bodyguards during the second Dragon war.

The first thing Galishan has decided to do to irritate Synn is to try to save the Erewan elves from annihilation. He uses the guise of Mikal Greggor a human scholar and mage to go about this. Since he has been in the principality of Erewan, Galishan has helped stave off three humanoid raids in his guise as Mikal. For this he has become very popular among the elves. He tries to recruit adventurers to help the plight of the elves and uncover and/or hinder Synn's plots.