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Garal Glitterlode

by Marco Dalmonte

(Garl Glittergold)
Patron of Gnomes, Patron of Invention and Crafts, Supreme Technician

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 12th (Temporal), CG, Matter
Symbol: A facetted and sparkling crystal; or two joined cogs
Portfolio: Gnomes, inventions, science, mechanics, crafts, thinkers
Worshipped in: Serraine, Hule, Davania, Known World (Rockhome, Karameikos, Darokin), Norwold, Hollow World (Oostdok and Kogolors)
Appearance: a small dwarf-like being with a long thin nose, hairy sideburns and eyebrows, unkempt hair and keen eyes, with a merry attitude, always wearing colourful but a bit dirty clothes and carrying a toolkit.
History: Garal was born a dwarf of the old race and discovered the path to immortality in Sphere of Matter thanks to his incredible intelligence and creativity. He became immortal before Blackmoor obliterated itself in the cataclysm (probably around 3100 BC). Subsequently he decided to leave his own print in the world and he created a new race similar to the dwarves, that in the meantime began to dwindle because of the diseases and of the climatic changes which befell them after the Great Rain of Fire. Garal gave life to the gnomes, smaller and less strong than the dwarves but with an incredible ability to adapt to different environments and situations. He placed some colonies in the mountainous and hilly regions of the northern continent and in the Vulcanian line and left them free to reproduce and to establish their own culture. The gnomes soon prospered and became famous for their inventions, despite the frequent clashes with the humanoids in both continents. Subsequently, Garal also became patron of the last of the first generation dwarves (Kogolors), when Kagyar transported the last of their species in the Hollow World in 1800 BC, losing interest in their fate and concentrating on the new generation of dwarves (Rockborn) he created. Garal took the Kogolors under his protection together with Frey and Freyja, and has been worshipped by them ever since. He is also worshipped by all of the gnomish subraces (sky gnomes of Serraine, earth gnomes common throughout the world, and even the reclusive fire and ice gnomes of Davania).
Personality: Garal is an industrious person and is always doing something, usually performing several different tasks at the same time to avoid losing time. He is extremely precise as well as ingenious and has been blessed with a fantasy and a creative spirit not common even among immortals. He hates both Kurtulmak (responsible for destroying the gnomish realm of Falun in the Soderfjord region) and Ranivorus (which represents the result of an aberrant crossbreed between gnomes and trolls). His only friend and ally is his former patron Kagyar, whom he still regards as a master craftsman to be praised and imitated. In the past he has also cooperated with Wayland and Ilmarinen (two pioneers in the field of inventions like him) and with Frey and Freyja (to protect the Kogolors).
Patron: Kagyar
Allies: Kagyar
Enemies: Ranivorus, Kurtulmak
Classic D&D Stats
Followers' Alignment: Any
Favoured weapons: Throwing Hammer (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics' skills and powers: free fantasy physics general skill, +2 bonus to the Fantasy Engineering and Gemcutting general skills (not free). Some clerics of Garal (exclusively gnomes) are the Caretakers the Multifunctional Gear (the gnomish Relic - see the Tome of Mystaran Magic).
D&D 3E Stats
Domains: Chaos, Matter, Good, Craft
Preferred weapon: Gnomish Pike-Hammer
Sources: PC2, HW, WotI