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Garganin (City-State of)

Location: Continent of Davania, on coast of Sea of Dread. DV

Area: Approx. 550 sq. mi. (1,425 sq. km.).

Population: 21,500 (around 2,350 live in scattered farms outside the city).

Languages: Hulean (Garganin dialect).

Coinage: Lira (gp), kurat (sp), piastre (cp).

Taxes: Citizens have their total worth assessed every year, and are taxed 20% of that amount.

Government Type: Monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture (wheat and vegetables), crafts, fishing, sheep.

Important Figures: Mehmet II (Baron), Kemal (Dock Warden).

Flora and Fauna: The city of Garganin sits upon the fertile Garganin Grasslands, whose rich black soils yield bountiful crops year after year. Along with the typical crops found on the numerous farms scattered about the city, passers-by will notice many varieties of wildflowers and shrubs dotting the great expanses of flatlands. One can also find the occasional stand of oak trees as well, though these are scarce in the immediate area of Garganin. The frequent rainfalls year-round ensure that the flora is almost always luscious.

The animals one is likely to encounter here include all manner of grassland wildlife, such as falcons, field mice, gazelles, gophers, hawks, leopards, salamanders, snakes, and wild horses. Also present in this region are scattered tribes of gnolls, goblins, and orcs, and the occasional griffon, though these tend to be found in the hills farther south, where the terrain is more suitable for nest-building.

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Last Year's Events: Garganin is usually a quiet nation, though it suffered from a daring raid from the sea.