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Campaign Idea: The Gates of Preservation

by Håvard

Here is something I have been thinking about lately:

It is said that when creating the Spell of Preservation, the Immortals created a series of Gateways between the Hollow World and the Outer World. These Gates were not permanently open, but opened and closed in conjunction with the shifting of the constellations. The following gates are rumoured to exist:

Adventure idea:
An astronomer has discovered something strange in the constellations. Apparently this occurrence suggests that all the gates should be open at the same time, something that only happens once every century. Furthermore, the gates will not close. Should they be discovered by malign forces this could prove disasterous for both the Hollow World and the Outer World. He contants the PCs asking that they find all the gates, travel through them and collect a special item from each realm in the Hollow World. The Astronomer will then perform a ritual that will close the gates again until it is time for them to reopen once more.

Complication: Someone else is working to find the gates too, but with a different agenda (what?). Who are they?

One thing I thought about is that it might take too long to have a quest involving each gate. It might suffice with 3-4 gates for the ritual to work, but it would be cool to have the PCs choose which gates to seek out.