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Fixing GAZ7 and X13

by Andrew Theisen

It's a tricky one. I set my "solution" in the past, so it probably won't help you, if you're planning on running X13 in the present, but I'll present my rough ideas anyway. They might spark some inspiration for you:

According to PWA 1010, King Gudmundson was "known by Thyatian historians as Prince Tenitar... during his youth some 35 years ago." Since Harald was born in 954, and X13 has Tenitar as a 25 year old, I then placed X13 in 979 AC.

I also used the Heldannic timeline for some more detail.

I tried to work with that, and came up with this:

945 AC: Klaus Stormhoffer of the Order of Vanya begins to plan out the invasion of the Northern Reaches.
948 AC: After heavy campaigning by Hattian politicians, the Thyatian Emperor grants priests of Vanya the right to emigrate from Hattias with their followers. (From Joshuan's Almanac)
950 AC: The Soderfjord Jarldoms form the Nordhartar Defence League in order to protect their economic interests and to fortify their borders against outside aggressors. In response, Ostland signs treaties of alliance with Thyatis.
In the face of the Soderfjord alliance and the Ostland/Thyatis treaties, the Order of Vanya modifies its plans of conquest and decides to invade the Heldann Freeholds instead. By the end of summer, they have captured Haldisvall (renamed Freiburg).
954 AC: High King Maramet's wife dies giving birth to twin sons; they are named Hakon and Harald Gudmundson (Gudmund is their father's birth name; he changed it to Maramet upon ascension to the throne of Vestland.) Hakon, eldest, is raised ignorant of his brother's existence. Harald is given to the care of the keeper of the Stones of Sky, so that there will be no fight over succession down the line.
By fall, the Heldannic Knights have captured most of southeastern Heldann. Refugees flee to Vestland, where many join the royal army.
955 AC: High King Maramet politely dodges Heldannic diplomatic overtures and fails to recognise the legitimacy of the Heldannic Order.
956 AC: High King Maramet instates the Trollheim Homesteading Acts, whereby prospective landowners are given land grants and titles in the western hills of Vestland in exchange for oaths of fealty to the High King. By doing so, Maramet hopes to fortify his borders against future Heldannic (and Ethengarian) aggression, as well as to continue the process of "modernising" Vestland. Though some existing clan heads support the idea (such as Eilert Rhoona, who is granted the title of Duke), most find it offends their traditions.
959 AC: Thyatis and Alphatia go to war.
967 AC: Ostland and the Heldannic Order sign a treaty of non-aggression.
974 AC: High King Maramet leads an expedition against an invading force of Heldannic Knights. The Heldanners are driven back, and Maramet gives chase. In single combat with their leader, both men fall from a cliff and are lost. (Note this is slight modification from X13- instead of Heldannic barbarians, they are fighting Heldannic Knights.)
Upon his demise, the nation of Vestland is in turmoil, split between the traditional clan factions and the new baronial lords. The clerics of Ruthin attempt to keep order as best they can, and propose that Hakon be installed as Regent until the lost crown of Vestland kings- the Sorona- can be found. A retrieval expedition is suggested.
Not content with a regency, the incautious prince Hakon names himself King Thendel I, and insists upon leading the recovery expedition personally. His expedition is ambushed by a Bortak horde near the border with Ethengar, and Thendel is slain.
A Council of Regents is hastily formed to govern until the monarchy can be restored.
979 AC: The Council's authority is nearly non-existent. Rule in Vestland is divided between the traditional clan heads and the western barons. Worse, the barons' ambitions have begun to exceed their stature, and they have eyes set on ruling the entirety of Vestland. High Priest Annacks implores adventurers to help him find the lost heir, Harald Gudmundson, in a last ditch effort to restore the monarchy.

That's the basics, there. Harald changes his name to Tenitar I after he ascends the throne, rescinds most of the Trollheim land grants (or at least gives them to more worthy individuals- ie, the PCs), and manages to unite the kingdom once more.