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The Companion Adventure Series

by JTR

The Adventure Series

There are several areas that will be left "open" in Norwold after Gaz F12 is ultimately released. Most of these areas occupy territory in the interior of Norwold, but there are also a few spots above and to the west of the Great Bay.

These areas normally do not serve as a character's home. The standard-races populations are very light, and the regions are basically wildernesses. What I would like to do with these areas is to couple a mini-gaz (going lighter on things like Society) with a more developed adventure path or campaign module.

Right now I breaking down the regions as:

We could also add Havard's suggestion for a PCF1 Fey of Norwold as part of this discussion. There is something that will be omitted from Kaarjala that I'd really like to run with.

Any other areas or features that you think I'm missing? I will be setting up working threads for these areas later.