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Gaz F2 The Denizens of Denagoth

by JTR

part of the Idrisian Sphere in the GazF Continuity

Editor and Designer: JTR (OldDawg)
Original Release Date: April 30, 2006

Gazetteer: Gaz F2 The Denizens of Denagoth (currently a zipped Word Document)
Map: The Denizens of Denagoth by JTR (OldDawg)
Alternate Cover Art: Gaz F2 Denizens of Denagoth by Jeffrey Kosh

From the Back of the Book
The Denizens of Denagoth

An Unofficial Game Accessory

“Let cry with rage at this damnable land! Who shall stand forthright while the Shadow Lord grasps for power, while the flames of the Harlot Idris burn away the pure?”

This is the second in a new series of unofficial Gazetteer gaming aids for enthusiasts of the world of Mystara. This work covers the remote Denagothian Plateau, a region cut off from the Known World by the Mengul Mountains.

“The Denizens of Denagoth” provides descriptions of the history, nations, races, and personalities of a land where the most beastly of men and humanoids live and elves fight for their very survival. As the forces of evil jockey for preeminence, the city of Thariss struggles to remain true to a lost kingdom, and the men of the Plains seek to escape notice.

This product also provides guidelines for playing brutes and thouls, and it details the secrets of the Light and Dark Elves – secrets used by the Dark Lady Idris and those who would follow her.

Inspiration: Traditional Epic Fantasy mixed with Sword-and-Sorcery Films and Pulp Novels, with elements from Star Wars
Nations: The Third Kingdom of Denagoth, including the Dominions of Vitriol and Brulefer, under the Shadow Lord and the Church of Idris; the forests of the Geffronell elves; the Guardianship of the gold dragon Auragentus around the ruins of Drax Tallen; and, the city-state of Thariss under King Erethon
The Idrisian Influence: The faith of Idris has sparked the western residents (human and humanoid alike) to trouble surrounding lands, and the Den Horde is a threat to the Plains of Avien and even Denagoth itself. The golden kingdom of Essuria was corrupted from within before being destroyed by barbarians. A reborn Kingdom of Denagoth recently exterminated the Lothenar elves and now presses the Geffronell. The faith has brought together disparate races, while simultaneously fostering a distrust between one another. Subtle - and occassionally not so subtle - infighting afflicts the various Idrisian groups within the kingdom.

Primary Races: Denagothian and Avi-Essurian (Plainsmen, Essurian) humans, Denagothian brutes, thouls
Minor Races: Geffronell elves (southern Forest of Geffron), Icereach Barbarians, various humanoids, rarely dwarves and gnomes (Denagoth, followers of Idris)
Languages: Plainspeak, Essurian, Denagothian, Denag, Thoulian (Eastern), Geffronell Elvish; less common are the tongue of the Icereach Barbarians, Hagommerian, Naga Hills Gnollish, and Wendarian Elvish
Religions: The Church of Idris, Neuel-ethin-Orie (Precepts of the Korrigans), Followers of He Who Watches
Groups: Dark Lancers, Den Horde, Brothers of Henadin, Swamp Foxes, the Onyx Ring, Dark Lords of Idris

Relation to Other Areas
The Geffronell and Lothenar elves were briefly joined with the Genalleth of Wendar under the kingdom of Enoreth, which was ended by plague caused by the Glantrian Cataclysm. The War Between the Dark and Light Elves of Geffron spilled over into Heldann and the Kamminer Bay, becoming part of the mythology and folklore of the Antalians' descendants. The Lothenar elves established Forenath and Soreth in the Northern Wildlands. The mortal Idris was responsible for the destruction of both. Since the first worshippers of Idris appeared, Denagothians and humanoids have troubled settlements in Wendar and the Northern Wildlands periodically. At its height, Essuria colonized Ghyr and other locations of the Hill and Dale, and established outposts near the Kamminer Bay and in the Ransarn Valley of Norwold. The Kingdom of Essuria hosted the Thyatian adventurer, and future Emperor, Giovanni Augustus, after the famed Onyx Ring Adventure. The Den Horde and the Third Kingdom of Denagoth fought against Ghyr as part of the Desert War.

Special Content
Monsters: the Wraith-Lord (template)
Treasures and Magic Items: the Blackstick, Rings of Servitude, Necklace of Strangulation, Jade Mask of the Shadow Lord, Britholaswyrm, Sword of Henadin, The Red Wyvern, Hourglass of Seeing, Pools of Vision, Teleportation Chamber, Pool of Restoration, Hammer of Life, Mirror of Life Saving, Death Stone, Girdle of De'Rah, Comb of the Korrigans, the Heart of Idris
New Classes: Thoul, Denagothian Brute, Dark Lord of Idris, Dark/Light Elf
New Equipment: Assassin's Shield, Corded Flanged Mace-Axe
Top Troublemakers: the Shadow Lord, Vitriol and the Onyx Ring, Ulslime the Choasar, Primate Meddian and the Church of Idris, the Den Horde, the Dark Lady Botha, Idrisian Witches, the Nameless One

Supplements and Links
Weapon Mastery for the Corded Flanged Mace-Axe [To Do: Add Weapon Mastery]
Regions of the Idrisian Sphere: Wendar, the Denagothian Plateau, The Northern Wildlands, Ghyr, The Western Alliance

Postscript Notes
Error: The cover title is shown as "The Denagoth Plateau," while the correct, interior title is "The Denizens of Denagoth."
Neighboring Standard or GazF Maps: Wendar, Heldann, the Kamminer Bay, the Ransarn Valley, Northern Wildlands, Ghyr
Standards: Essurian and Denagothian symbols are shown on the map The Denizens of Denagoth. The color and basic design were based on descriptions in X11.
Conflicts with Official Material: The inconsistent retconned timeline information in the PWA was ignored, and the Wizards' War with Wendar was set at 3 generations ago (cf. 30 years prior in X11) so that X11 is still playable in the current era.

Production History and Sources
Timelines and Descriptions

Concepts and Ideas


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