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GazF Halfling History

by JTR

In GazF, the halflings aren't a globally widespread species. Like the old-world dwarves, they began as a race of short men/near-men, with the halflings appearing in eastern Davania near the homeland of the elves. Some halflings accompanied the Wanderer elves who cross the waters to Bellisaria and Skothar in route to discovering the Blackmoor/Thonian culture. After the GRoF, Davanian halflings are isolated from the elves, with some eventually making the migration to present-day Shires.

All known halfling populations are from this settlement population. The diaspora is primarily formed by the descendants of tag-alongs (see above), slaves, and pirates.

In Wendar, there is the half-crazed community of halflings and dwarves at Dawnblossom-Qvar, who escaped the Glantri experiments. No halflings of note in Denagoth or the Northern Wildlands. Those in Ghyr and the Western Alliance either 1) originally accompanied the Thyatian/Known World colonists, or 2) are Leehan traders trying to set up business connections.

The Leehans - more properly known as the halflings of the Gulf or Western Bay, and informally as hinuks - have their own history. Below is a partial time line from the glacierware Gaz F11 The Open Arms of Leeha

AC 370: Minrothadders shipped halfling slaves to Alphatia.
AC 383: Halfling pirates from Haldisvall intercepted Minrothad slavers, defeated pursuing warships, and landed in the Gulf.

ca. AC 400: Ostland raiders threatened the Norwold coast and the Great Bay. Halflings banded together to form the settlement of Nimbleville.
AC 468-469: The First Orc War.

AC 532: The First Frost Giant War.

AC 640: A northern coalition turned back humanoid hordes.
AC 641-642: The Second Orc War.

AC 726: The First Hockey War.
AC 733: The Second Hockey War.
AC 736: The Third Hockey War.
AC 753: Essurians visited Maracope (a now-destroyed settlement in the western bay area).
AC 786: Halflings explored the White Bear and the southern Bay.
AC 792-796: The War of the North and destruction of Barrydwell.

814 AC: Leeha was founded.
AC 860-874: Age of the Witch-Queen of Norwold. Severe regional cooling.
AC 869-870: The Third Frost Giant War.
AC 874-877: The Hunger Wars.

AC 910: Dawn of the Voyageurs (Note: halfling free-traders).
AC 923: The Fourth Hockey War.
AC 926-931: The Hin and Barbarians War. Birth of the Hunters (Note: halfling bounty hunters who went after egregious actors among both the halfings and barbarians).
AC 938: The Whoop-it-Up Affair.
AC 939-942: The Adventures of Samuel Ironside.
AC 943: Southern troubles spurred the creation of the Western Bay Frontier Force.

AC 950-960: Halfling sailors mapped the Great Bay and parts of the eastern coast.
AC 950-990: Deep exploration of the White Bear.
AC 963: The Fifth Hockey War.
AC 967: The Force ended the Lesser Barbarian War.
AC 977: The Force prevented the Sixth Hockey War.
AC 984-985: The Third Orc War.
AC 987: Articles of Agreement signed (Note: loose confederation among halfling settlements).