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The Great Rain of Fire

by John Calvin

The discussion about the 1700s cataclysms worked out so well, I thought we could try again for the Great Rain of Fire. What really happened during this time? There are quite a few inconsistencies across the Gaz line and various boxed sets, so because of this I just wanted to focus on a single year in the timeline (in this case BC 3000 (or BC 2000 for Gaz 1)).

I'm reproducing several quotes from the timelines of various sources. I'm only quoting from the timelines (so there may be other passages we want to consider as well), and I'm missing the timelines from Gaz 5 and CoM (I really need to add those into my program).

BC 4000?

BC 3000-2500

BC 3000-2001 Return to the Stone Age;

BC 3000