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Goblin Park Subspecies

by Sean Meaney

The goblin race in the dark beyond has more in relation to the historical goblins who were posessed of the ability to produce offspring with other species: as the hobgoblin from the hob, they produced the pooka(the black horse) from mating with wild ponies, the barghest (the black dog) from mingling with wild dogs, the bugbear from various bear species, and the knocker from breeding with kobolds.

name pooka barghest bugbear knocker
ac 7 7 5 7
hd 1+1(m) 1+1(s) 4(m) 1-2(s)
mv 150(50) 120(40) 105(35) 75(25)
at 2 hooves/bite bite 2 claws/bite/weapon 1 weapon
da 1d4/1d4/1d4 1d6 1d4/1d4/1d6/as weapon as weapon-1
na 1 1 1d8(3d10) 1
sa thief(2) thief(2) fighter(4) normal man
ml 8 7 8 7
tt C C V L
int 5 6 5 9
al chaotic chaotic chaotic chaotic
xp 15 15 75 5

As the grey gate of goblin park opens from a perfect balance of light and dark magic goblins spill into the world seeking to mate with any species they might happen on. Their offspring are intelligent enough to pose a threat to others.