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Geirstein Thorgelson

by Jacob Skytte

Neutral 14th level Fighter (Str 16, Int 12, Wis 11, Dex 13, Con 9, Cha 12, AC 1, hp 57) Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Energetic/Lazy 13/7, Trusting/Suspicious 15/5, Loyal/Unreliable 7/13 49 years old, Grey hair and beard, Grey eyes

"I raised you to become a prince, but you have chosen to betray me!"

*Geirstein's stats are for his human shape, just before he was polymorphed to a fox.

A veteran of numerous conflicts, Jarl Geirstein Thorgelson of Noslosford had made quite a name for himself as a mercenary fighting for various nations. He began exploiting this, demanding fees in advance then leaving the job unfinished and returning to his great hall. Four years ago he took a Rockhome dwarf as thrall, and, after learning of his great skill, made him his personal weapon smith. Geirstein began to gather a large store of superior weapons for use in usurping the throne of Ostland. Though he liked king Hord, he liked king Geirstein better.

Geirstein's only mistake was to make his family part of his plans. While most of them approved, his younger son, Bue, who had been sent to the Royal Household found that he could not betray his king and revealed Geirstein's plot to Hord. When Bue returned, Geirstein found that the only thing he could do was fight, hoping to get a chance to kill his king or at least punish his treacherous son.

However, when the chance came, he was foiled by the magic of Asta Katlasdottir, and was polymorphed into a fox. Geirstein became, in every way that matters, an ordinary forest animal and ran off. It would conceivably be possible to find him and reverse the magic, restoring him to his former self, but unless somebody, with the means and desire to do so, free him, he will remain a fox for the rest of his life.

When in battle Geirstein used to carry a chain mail, a shield+2 called "Stjerneskjold" (Starshield), which is now in the hands of his son Bue, and a normal sword of excellent quality (+2 to hit, +1 to damage).

Geirstein was married to Elsa the Seal, and had five children by her: Lot Geirsteinson, Bue Geirsteinson, Oda Elsasdottir, Lis Elsasdottir, and Hjort Geirsteinson. His family is now scattered and divided.