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Mystaran NPC Generator (BECMI) - instructions

by aklanda

OK, for anyone who wants to make it work in windows, here is an instruction, how it worked for me:

1. Install Python2:
2. Install Latex:
3. Open a console-window (Start and type "cmd" in the search-box. Afterwards press String-Shift-Return)
4. (Probably not neccessary:) Type "pip install gooey" in the console and hit "return"
5. If you have not yet downloaded the NPC generator do so and unzip it somewhere
6. Navigate (in the console) to the place where you unzipped the NPC generator (reminder: "c.." goes up in the directory, "dir" shows the present files and "cd /myDirectory" dives into the directory with name "myDirectory")
7. When you reached the place IN the directory of the NPC generator type for example:
".\ -n 10 -l 2 -r Thyatis" to generate 10 lvl2 characters from Tyatis or
".\ -n 100 -m 1 -t 6 -r Karameikos" to generate 100 characters from lvl1 to lvl6 from Karameikos
8. Have a look at the directory of the NPC generator! The file named "npc.pdf" holds your character-pdf
9. For a more detailed list of parameters you can work with type ".\ --help" in the console-window