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Geoff's NPC's

by Geoff Gander

Well, for my own part, I've used Gerhard von Grauenberg (see Shawn's site) as one of my alter-egos (his initials match mine, and some of his personality traits are similar to my own). Fortunately my players haven't caught on yet.. (eh heh heh)

The NPC (whom my players have not yet met) who more closely matches myself is a travelling scholar, who goes by several names (depending on the country he happens to be in at the time):

Galfridus of Julinius (Galfridus Julinianus), Thyatian scholar and specialist in ancient lore, particularly the cultures known to inhabit the Known World before the arrival of the Thyatian peoples.

Doktor Gottfried von Ganderhoff, Professor of Anthropology and Genealogy at the Great School of Magic in Glantri (hats off to Matt Levy who created this persona in part originally, check it out.

Geoffrey Byrd, dealer and collector of antiquities and curios of all sorts, based in Athenos, Darokin. Current interest centres on newly-uncovered Milenian artifacts in Davania, as well as currently unidentifiable basaltic structures scattered about the northern portion of that continent.

Needless to say, all three of these characters are away on field research frequently, allowing one person to assume all three roles (with the aid of a bit of magic and some disguises). I'll leave it up to anyone who's interested to imagine who the "real" persona is.