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Gerhard von Grauenberg

by Geoff Gander

Gerhard von Grauenberg (Level 4 male human cleric of Vanya)

STR 17 (18)
INT 14
WIS 18
DEX 15
CON 18
CHA 12

Armour Class: 2 (0 vs. the first attack against him if using weapon mastery rules)
Hit Points: 31
Alignment: Neutral
MV: 60' (20')
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skills: Cooking (WIS), Ceremony - Vanya (WIS), Healing (INT), Alertness (DEX), Swimming (STR)
Weapon Mastery: Normal Sword (Skilled), Bastard Sword, 1H (Basic) Languages: Thyatian, Heldannic

History: Born in the Heldannic town of Grauenberg in AC 980, Gerhard has spent almost his entire life in the Knights. A bright boy, he was sent at the age of four by his parents to the nearest clerical school for a proper education. Although his parents were reasonably well-off, they sent him to the clerical school, instead of a private institution abroad, because they felt he needed a "disciplined upbringing".

He studied at Vanyashalle in Thurgau until he was 17, at which time he was formally sworn into the Order as a junior Knight. It was when he was 18 that his faith in the Heldannic Knights began to falter. Ordered to the port town of Kammin to quell unrest, young Gerhard witnessed the brutal suppression of peasants protesting horrid living conditions. For him, Vanya was about glorious conquest and spreading the faith, not oppressing fellow believers.

Over the following months, he became disillusioned with how the Knights were being led, and he resolved to leave the Heldannic Territories and serve Vanya in ways he considered to be more honourable. At 19, he left his homeland, vowing never to return until the Church had reformed its ways and served Vanya properly once again.

Gerhard's travels have taken him to Alfheim, Darokin, Karameikos, Vestland, and Rockhome. Along the way, he has made a few friends, and a few enemies, too. He had always tried to make a good impression, knowing that, while he disagrees with the Knights' current philosophies, he still represents them to outsiders. He could be encountered in almost any nation of the Known World, and would be more than happy to lend his services to an adventuring party if they do not mind his company.

Personality: Gerhard is essentially a fun-loving person, though he rarely shows this to any but his closest friends. He enjoys good music, fine food, and a full tankard, especially if the ale comes from his homeland, content to quietly enjoy the pleasures of life as they present themselves. Although he enjoys a good joke, he does not particularly enjoy being the subject of them himself - even then, his most common reaction is to quietly go red in the face and mutter under his breath. An avid traveller, Gerhard is always eager to meet new people and experience new cultures, even though he does not show his enthusiasm outwardly.

He is strongly devoted to Vanya and her causes. In his prayers he is always listening for her voice, privately hoping that one day she will call upon him to perform an heroic deed in her name. While he supports heartily the Patroness of Conquest and War, he remains at odds with the current philosophy of many members of the Heldannic Knights, feeling that they are more interested in oppressing people as opposed to spreading the word and faith of Vanya. As such, he avoids contact with other Knights as often as possible, and he refuses to return to his homeland until political and religious reforms have been carried out.

Gerhard is above all a reasonable person. He does not try to convert everyone he meets to his cause, but he will defend his Immortal and his faith should anyone seek to discredit either. As such, he treads a fine line between being a loyal follower of Vanya, and a rogue cleric - a position of which he is very conscious.

Equipment Carried: Gerhard carries a red steel normal sword (spoils of an early encounter with some Hulean raiders), as well as two healing potions. He wears banded mail, and carries a normal shield for added protection in battle, and a pair of gauntlets of ogre power. In addition to these items, he also has herbs and bandages for treating injuries, as well as standard iron rations, and other items normally carried by adventurers on the road.

Distinguishing Features: The only thing that really sets Gerhard apart from other warriors is the distinctive white tabard of the Heldannic Knights that he wear over his armour, with its large black lion across the front. He also tends to keep his hair rather short, unlike some other warriors.