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Giga Focus Special Moves

by tjedge1

Giga Focus Special Moves. There are about 4 more or so posts on these things. I think I'll have them done soon. Getting hungry.

Name: Chi Push (Buddhist Palm)
Prerequisites: Focus 4, Chi Kung Healing
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3/+1
To Hit: -3
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: None
Description: The Chi Kung masters are able to use their Chi to shatter rocks with a gentle touch or even a gesture from feet away. Like Chi Kung Healing, Chi Kung Push focuses their Chi into the target, but, instead of healing, the Chi is used to topple or destroy the target.
System: The basic damage bonus done by the manoeuvre is +3, +1 for each extra point of Chi the practitioner spends beyond the initial 3 required to use. The practitioner must choose what to do with their damage: the manoeuvre's damage may be reduced by one point to throw the target back by 5'. The manoeuvre may also be done without touching the target: every 5' between the target and the practitioner subtracts two points of damage. Chi Push has no effect on someone using the San He manoeuvre. Furthermore, the target may add points to their absorption while blocking by spending 2 Chi per 1 point of damage.

Name: Flying Fireball
Prerequisites: Focus 4, Fireball, Jump
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +2
Round Movement: +0'
Description: Veteran mystics have begun to develop methods of keeping their high-jumping opponents from leaping over fireballs. These veterans are taking the battle to the air, jumping up and launching their fireballs in midair.
System: The Flying Fireball is identical to the standard Fireball power, except that opponents cannot dodge the Flying Fireball with Jump or similar aerial manoeuvres. Line-of-sight restrictions still apply.

Name: Guided Fireball
Prerequisites: Focus 4, Fireball
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +1
Damage Bonus: -1
Round Movement: 5'
Description: This manoeuvre allows the character to actually guide the paths of their projectile attacks.
System: This allows the fireball to turn corners and such. A fireball can stay active for a number of rounds equal to the character's Focus level before dissipating. Controlling its course counts as an action, and it may be re-aimed once per round. The modifiers listed below are in addition to those of the projectile attack used. The mystic can take no other action or be attacked without losing control of the projectile.

Name: Improved Fireball
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Fireball
Manoeuvre Cost: 6 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: +4
Round Movement: None
Description: This is a Fireball that has been further perfected it into a faster, more destructive attack.
System: The Improved Fireball is the same as a regular Fireball except that its modifiers are better and it will score a knockdown on any opponent it damages unless the opponent blocks.