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Giants the information file

by David Melik

This is a file which corresponds to the list of new giant information whose files are listed below.

Cliff Giant Death Giant Desert Giant

New Creature - Giants the information file.

I am posting several giants that I created some years ago. I am now revising, expanding, and typing them in AD&Ds superior monster format, with a touch of D&D format. (But I can't say much for AD&D weapon mastery) Soon I will post the rest, one is for immortal campaigns. I've put D&D conversions to the right, if nothing is there then it's basically the same. The THAC0's are adjusted for strength. (We've got to be fair to the monsters too!) If you want to know more about this, I have included a chart. I haven't seen mountain giants in AD&D, but made an educated guess at what their strength would be. (If anyone knows what it is, please inform me.)

Note that these are in 1st, not 2nd ed., the AD&D XP seems awkward, especially on the one for immortal campaigns. I don't know if 2nd ed. has a better XP system or not, and don't plan to buy new rulebooks because of course I have to get Mystara stuff first. Does anyone know if the XP is a problem? As far as I know, AD&D1 had no "special" treasure like D&D, so I've adjusted their AD&D treasure, and have included a special treasure table here for other 1st ed. players. If AD&D2 has special treasure, if anyone can post TT conversions that would be helpful to 2nd ed. players.

Giant Strength Chart

Type of giant Equivalent giant Strength
Plains Hill 19
Swamp Hill 19
Cliff Stone 20
Desert Frost 21
Forest Fire 22
Jungle Cloud 23
Horse Storm 24
Death Mountain 25
Gargantuan - 100*

*This is D&D strength, AD&D doesn't accurately represent the power of these creatures.

Special Treasure Table

1d100 Item Enc (cn) Value (gp)
1-10 Book, rare 2D100 1D100 x 10/td>
11-12 Fur common*: Pelt 1D6 x 10 1D4
13-17 Fur common*: Cape 1D8 + 4 x 10 1D6 x 100
18-20 Fur common*: Coat 2D6 + 8 x 10 3D4 x 100
21-22 Fur, rare**: Pelt 1D6 x 10 2D6
23-27 Fur rare**: Cape 1D8 + 4 x 10 4D6 x 100
28-30 Fur, rare**: Coat 2D6 + 8 x 10 1D6 x 100
31-35 Incense, rare 1 cn/stick 5D6/stick
36-40 Perfume, rare 1 cn/vial 1D10 + 5 x 10/vial
41-55 Rug or tapestry*** 1D6 x 100 2D10
56-65 Silk*** 1D6 x 10 1D8
66-75 Skin, animal 5D4 x 100 1D10
76-85 Skin, monster 1D100 x 500 1D10 x 100
86-90 Statuette 1D100 4D4/cn enc
91-95 Spice, rare 1D100 1D10 x 100
96-00 Wine, rare 1D6 + 3 x 10 1D6/bottle

* Common furs include beaver, fox, marten, muskrat, and seal.

** Rich furs include ermine, mink, and sable

*** Prices and encumbrances are for each square yard.