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Giants of Mystara and their skills

by Håvard

I was reading through AC10: The Bestiary of Giants and Dragons the other day and started thinking about the special skills possessed by giants. How can these skills become a greater part of a campaign or the setting in general?

First take a look at the Giants that were included in AC10:

Common Giants

Hill Giant Tanning hides/treating furs  
Fire Giant (Gundirrim) No Skill Given. Forging Hell Hounds
Cloud Giant (Bromdignag) Merchants Cloud Castles.
Frost Giant No skill given. Sailing? Ship building? Polar Bears, Wolves, Ice Wolves
Sea Giant Alchemy /Healing Mashers, Whales
Stone Giant Stone architecture. Castle Builders. Cave Bear
Mountain Giant Hunting, Animal Training Roc Pets, Allies to dwarves
Storm Giant Sages, librarians May have Cyclops servants

In addition, Mystara has more giants than those mentioned in AC10. Should these have special skills as well?

Other Giants

Ogre RC Typically listed among Humanoids in Mystara sources, but should they have their own skills anyway?
Athach RC These three armed monsters from the Master Set. Would they be able able to use their arms for something creative?
Cyclops RC Sometimes raise sheep and harvest grapes. Have the ability to use curses. Wine makers. Some serve Storm Giants.
Fachan (SCA) Only one eye, one arm and one leg.
Hephaeston (AC9) These are clearly great at forging weapons. How to distinguish them from Fire Giants?
Stalwart (AC9) Are these even giants? The frequent comparison to Goliaths from later editions makes me include them. Do they have any specific skills? Extremely competition oriented.
Garl (AC9) These are only described as stupid. They are known to ride Wooly Mamoths. Herders?
Great Giant (Gaz7) These were mentioned in the Northern Reaches Gazetteer. See Titans entry for some ideas.
Titans WotI What relationship is there between Mystara's Titans and Giants? One idea I have is that Titans were not originally servitors of the Immortals, but rather their own, powerful Immortal race. However, after opposing the Immortals, they were defeated and swore allegiance to the Immortals. Those who refused became the lesser, mortal giants. Even so, should they be known for some unique skills?
Nightwalkers RC Again, not really sure these Nightmarish figures are really connected to Giants?

Did I forget any giants? As usual, I am sticking to BECMI and AD&D Mystara sources.

Note: I considered adding Ubue from B3 (Orange cover edition), but it appears they are man sized.