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A map of Glantri in AC 500

by LoZompatore.

This is a re-drawn hexed map of the Highlands region (the Principalities of Glantri) around AC500, as it is shown in the Dragonlord Trilogy.

From the Trilogy books we know that the Flaems who came on Mystara were divided in 7 bands, headed by the descendants of the 7 original warlords who escaped the destruction of the Old Alphatia. By AC500 their descendants are called "dukes" and they rule seven separate dominions in the highlands.
From the Trilogy we know that Braastar and Braejr are not subjected to any duke: Braastar is the original city of the Flaems, founded just after their arrival on Mystara, and it is administrated by a "Major", while Braejr was founded in AC450 to host the government of the Archduke (an elected representative among the seven dukes; his role was created to reduce the internal conflicts among the dukes) and to better control the Radiance (the Fire Wizards knew of the radiance before their arrival on Mystara, but as of AC500 they don't know its origins, its scope and its major uses).
Notice that the map shows other seven settlements beside Braastar and Braejr., so we can think that each settlement is the seat of a duke.
By using the info in the Trilogy and those described in the GAZ3, it is possible to assign six settlements to a duke:

Graez (???)
Aalbansford (Duchy of the Aalban family)
Linden (Duchy of the Vlaardoen family, from GAZ3)
Traagen (Duchy of the Veerbyn family)
Nordeen (Duca of the Ardelan family)
Beraan (Duca of the Vyldeaar family)
Terreja (Duca of the Maarsten family)

The seventh ruling family is unknown, but it seems to be a minor one, connected with or subjected to the Aalban family. The actual ruling Archduke is called Jherridan Maarsten (book I and II of the Trilogy, substituted by Thelvyn Foxeyes in Book III), while the leader of the Fire Wizards is called Byen Kalestraan (book I and II, substituted by Alessa Vykldeaar in book III).

About towns size: Braastar is the biggest town of the Highlands, but Braejr is quickly expanding, and its population is nearly the same as Braastar. Aalbansford should be the third biggest town, nearly equated by Traagen. The Vyldeaar Family is considered "of minor nobility" so Beraan should be quite small. Graez is about 1/3 or 1/4 the size of Aalbansford. Terreja and Nordeen should be quite big, considering that Maasten and Ardelan Families are quite important.

Present Boldavia is called "Eastern Reaches", and it populated with Flaems.

The "new" and "old" elven dominions are quite a mystery: the Trilogy says many times that there are seclusive elves in the forest in the south; they do not seem to have large numbers, anyway. I suppose these elves are Belcadiz elves that refused to go away with their kin, possibly moving from the "old holdings" to the "new holdings".

It is possible to estimate the Flaems population in AC500 by knowing the size of their armed forces. From Trilogy's information it is possible to estimate an army of 5500 Flaems in the whole Highlands, thus leading to about 30.000 Flaems living in the area.

From book III of the Trilogy we know that many more Flaems come in the Highlands from the External Plane of Veydra (the last stop of the Flaems migration) after the defeat of the Overlord (a powerful being that keeps them as slaves in this Plane).

By the way, it is also possible to roughly date the three books of the Trilogy:

Book I: not before AC505 (Darokin and Alfheim's forces fight together; this is not possible before the Elven War)
Book II: not before AC510-511 (it is set 5 years after book I)
Book III: not before AC511-512 (it is set 1 year after book II, with an epilogue three years after)