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Glantrian Almanac Project AC 1000-1020

by Michael Berry

Started this week working on the Glantrian Almanac. Covering the important daily events of Glantri from AC 1000 to AC 1020.

1000-1009 and 1020 will be totally of mine. Working in the events of the Great War, and 1020 will see the culmination of several plotlines that were drawn out through the Mystaran Almanacs. Namely Synn/Dolores. 1020 is where that finally comes to a head now that Harald has found his balls to root evil out of Glantri...with Dolores running full speed at him now aware and sure to pursue the Radiance. That plot line has now gone as far as it could go and needs to be concluded but concluded with a bang not a whimper.

Who will die, who will survive. Stay tuned. I don't even know, I will wing it and when I get to the climax of that decade long storyline.. I will know for myself.

As far as the years 1010 through 1019. A mix of officially done and done by the Almanacs. I will be doing my usual tweaking to fit what I have done for Glantri and fleshing things out.

every long road has it's beginning... and the beginning of this project.. is a basic one. Fixing the broken calander in Gaz3. So before we start posting some new entries.. let's establish what we are working with here. I see the PWA went a good ways to fix Gaz3, but didn't quite go far enough, so twiddled with a few, added a few.So here is the new and improved Glantrian Calender! Thanks in reverse to whoever created the original calendar, I didn't see a name attached to it but found it on the Roll20 website. If you are lurking and have a problem with me crapping all over it for my own perverse amusement, let me know and I'll delete it.

here is a small size preview.. I'll have the larger image available with the actual Almanac writeups.

I'll be sitting on 1001 as I'm still twiddling with it and am doing a major rewrite as I headed down a path that wasn't going to work. I may not paste that until I get to 1004 and am sure everything connects and flows together. There is the matter of reconciling the printed WotI timeline events which sort of has Rad/Etienne as the 'leader' of Glantri to the reality of Glantri where Etienne is but 1 of 10 ruling Princes.

Just how does Glantri prepare for the coming WotI. That is what needs to be covered in the 1000-1004 entries. The WotI does give clue on how and what Alphatia and Thyatis do, but zippo on Glantri.

As already hinted by alerting the Brotherhood of the Radiance, Rad/Etienne himself can do little in the mortal sense, he needs to somehow start preparing Glantri.

NUWMONT 1, AC 1000: Wedding Bells
Location: Vyonnes. Glantri City

Description: Today at the home of her parents celebrating New Years Day Jean-Louis d'Ambreville, the eldest son of Prince Etienne, proposes to Claire de Gubernatis, a famous stage actress in Vyonnes. She accepts joyfully. Eventually they settle on a date of Klarmont 12 for the wedding. (See Kl. 12)

What This Means: This will be the highlight of the social calendar for the entire year. As Prince Etienne, as well as most of his brothers and sisters, is thought to be very old, the question of succession in Noevelle Averoigne has been a staple of conjecture and gossip for many years. Though Jean-Louis is the eldest son of Etienne he is not a wizard thus cannot inherit Nouvelle Averoigne. Thus any children of Jean-Louis and Claire could be first in line to eventually succeed Etienne or his brothers or sisters.

NUWMONT 27, AC 1000: Crime Does Not Pay
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Summoned to Glantri City before the Council of Princes, the Propraetor of the Two Volcanoes Free Province, Agnes Trower, is accused by Prince Innocenti d’Malapietra of using her office to enrich herself and is formally charged with corruption and tax evasion charges and relieved of her position until the Council formally rules on the charges in one week’s time. (See Va. 6)

What This Means: Crime doesn’t pay… even in D&D…

VATERMONT 4, AC1000: What Have We Done?
Location: Central Dome Pandius, Matera\

Description: The Immortal Rad (Etienne d’Ambreville) is accused of draining magic from Mystara by his researches into the Radiance by the Hierarchs of the Sphere of Energy. Rad refuses to accept the ruling to stop his researches. War is declared upon Rad and his supporters by Ixion and his supporters. Unable to fight each other the war between the immortals is threatened to be waged using each group’s followers thus likely condemning hundreds of thousands of innocent mortal followers to their deaths. Both sides retreat from Pandius and begin preparations for the impending War of the Immortals. (See Th. 1)

What This Means: Mortals in the Known World had best check their premiums on their life insurance plans…..

VATERMONT 6, AC 1000: Be a Long Time Getting Over Tower of Sighs
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Today the Council of Princes rules on the charges of tax evasion and corruption in the case of Agnes Trower, Propraetor of the Two Volcanoes Free Province. Due to the overwhelming evidence provided by the GFBI Agnes is found by the Council to be guilty and is sentenced by the Council to serve a 25 sentence at the Tower of Sighs. Girolamo da Verazzano, Quaestor Provinciae Thules of the TVFP is promoted to Propraetor of the Two Volcanoes Free Province. (See Nu. 27)

What This Means: Tax Evasion is one of the high crimes in Glantri with the harshest of penalties. The punishment meted out to Trower was even more severe as she was a Council appointee and in a position of great power and trust. The Council meant to make an example of her to others in the Glantrian bureaucracy that stiffing the Council of Princes comes with high risks and penalties.

THAUMONT 1, AC1000: Git Your Rears In Gear!!!
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri.

Description: In various locations in Glantri, the secretive Brotherhood of the Radiance makes contact with one another at Midnight on the Spring Equinox. The members of the Brotherhood are spoken to by Rad himself who warns them that dark times may be in the future for Glantri and they must double their efforts on their researches into the Radiance. Raf goes on to say that he wants them to focus on researching on how to use to the Radiance to protect the nation. Questions asked of Rad about the nature of the threat go unanswered as Rad says not another word. The Brotherhood swears to each other to focus even greater effort on their researches into the Radiance and promise to share any successes or possible leads into possible uses of the Radiance for protecting Glantri. (See Va. 4, Ka. 1)

What This Means: The 7 members of the Brotherhood (Prince Vanserie Vlaardoen, Prince Brannart McGregor, Archduke Harald of Haaskinz, Marquis Don Fernando de Casanegra, Count Alasdair McAllister and Angus McGregor) along with Etienne d’Ambreville (the Immortal Rad) all will invest significant time researching the Radiance and applications which might help defend Glantri.

THAUMONT 7, AC 1000: Landfall Day
Location: Principalities of Blackhill and Aalban; Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Today is the anniversary of the date of the Alphatians arrived on Mystara from their original homeworld. It is a solemn day celebrated with feasts, and it ends a week of celebrations of the beginning of the Alphatian calendar year.

What This Means: This year is particularly significant as marks the two thousandth anniversary of Landfall. Celebrations this year are particularly solemn and not without a few altercations between the Flaem and the Alphatians particularly in Glantri City.

THAUMONT 26, AC 1000: Mayflies of the Fair
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: At this year’s Arcanium in Glantri City a large number of visiting wizards are complaining that their scrolls and books are being stolen during the night, often after demonstrations in the Halls of Arcanium. They demand the constabulary of Glantri City do something about it.

What This Means: Arcanium draws wizards to Glantri City from all over the world and is a showcase for the city and Glantri’s mastery of magic. The Supreme Judge of the Council, Prince Jherek Virayana, makes very clear to his constabulary that this matter is to be cleaned up and resolved, quickly and quietly.

What The PC’s Can Do: The constabulary, unable to so far find the culprits can turn to those outside the law. The constabulary puts out feelers for adventurers to help with a sensitive matter. If the PC’s choose to be hired by the constabularies then run adventure C from Gaz3.

FLAURMONT 12, AC 1000: A Brain Is A Terrible Thing To Have Eaten!
Location: Tower of Soth-Kabree, Glantri. KW

Description: A brain collector ambushes the Countess of Soth-Kabree, Aliana Nyraviel, and kills her and attempts to collect her brain. The grisly process is interrupted by her son Chandor who then kills the Brain Collector. (See Fl. 15)

What This Means: A strong longtime ally of House Erewan responsible for patrolling the Southern Hills against Humanoid intrusions is dead.

FLAURMONT 13, AC 1000: Good Sprites
Location: town of Nyra, Glantri

Description: The Propraetor of the Nyra Free Province, Thomas Paine, hires a group of adventurers to check out reports of illicit arms dealings in Nyra. An arms dealer was suspected of selling weapons to unknown individuals, the Propraetor, suspects it could be the utterly illegal group the Followers of the Claymore.

What This Means: Political intrigue and shady dealings are always underfoot in Glantri, and willing adventurers never are likely to be out of work for long.

What the PCs Can Do: trek on down to Nyra if not there and take up the Propraetor’s job offer. Run adventure B from Gaz3 and end up in the middle of the shadow war between the two factions of elves.

FLAURMONT 15, AC 1000: Chandor Asks For His Birthright
Location: Glantri City, Glantri.

Description: Chandor Nyraviel appears before the Council of Princes and announces the death of his mother and asks the Council to confirm his ascension to Count of Soth-Kabree. As Chandor is known to the Council due to being the declared heir for 150 years the Council quickly approves the motion and Chandor is confirmed as the new Count of Soth-Kabree. In a private dinner later that evening with Princess Carlotina he reaffirms his house’s allegiance to House Erewan. (See Fl. 12)

What This Means: A perfectly normal orderly legal transition of power between noble and heir.

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1000: Politics as Usual
Location: village of Kern, Glantri

Description: Today the Baron of Oxhill, Pieter Vandehaar, throws a party at the village’s finest inn. He invites all the leading male figures in the village to attend. The party is extravagant even in Glantrian terms, but to a degree almost never seen in the frontier hinterlands of Glantri. Expensive food, drink, women, and gifts are offered to all the guests. After the meal the Baron speaks to the gathered civic and economic leaders. He announces he plans to undertake an effort to gain an Act of Enfoeffment in the Sablestone region and he would be very appreciative of their support. His appreciation extending to rewarding, to those who help him, with profitable and powerful positions in his Principality.

What This Means: Seeing that he may have a new rival in the beautiful and charismatic new Baroness of Egorn, Isabella de Montebello, Vandehaar begins to more actively campaign for the support of the local population. Knowing he doesn’t have the charisma, or the desire, to appeal directly the commoners who support he would need, he decides to appeal to the greed of the leaders of the local population and hope they can persuade the commoners to support his bid. Over the next few months Vandehaar will stage similar, if less extravagant, parties in other settlements in the Sablestone region. (See Kl. 3)

YARTHMONT 21, AC 1000: Start of Football Season
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri

Description: Every child in Glantri that does not dream of being a powerful wizard does dream of being a famous football star. Glantrians are mad about their football and is the national passion. Today marks the traditional start of the Glantrian football season, its 120th season, which continues for the next 14 weeks.

This year the top division, Serie 1, consists of; last season’s Scudetto winners Metro Glantri City, FC Taterhill, Braastar, SC Vyonnes, AC Lizzieni, UC Oreggiano, Glenmoorloch, and the newly promoted from Serie B Rymskigrad.

Serie 2 this year consists of the regulated from Serie 1, FC Leenz, Hiboux SC, BFC Kopstar, Tavish, New Alvar, AS Nyra, Eriadna, and the newly promoted from Serie 3 SC Vorstadt.

Serie 3 this year consists of the regulated from Series 2 Tavish, Kern, FC Ximes, AS Graez, Estioniarsk, BSV Altendorf, Moulins, and the recently promoted from club Serie 4 Bramya.

What This Means: Glantri Land of Magic is not without its more mundane passions. The Thyatian settlers brought football and their passion for it to the Highlands where over the course of a few decades it gradually displaced Hardball, the traditional sport of the Flaem and Alphatians, as the national sport and passion of Glantri. Only the elves of Erewan remain aloof from the charms and beauty of the game. While Hardball still has fans and players in Bergdhoven and Blackhill, they tend to be among the elite. Even in those Principalities the passion for football has taken deep root, especially among the commoners.

KLARMONT 3, AC 1000: Throwing Hat in the Ring
Location: Barony of Egorn, Glantri

Description: Stories start to arrive to the Baroness of Egorn, Isabella de Montebello of the efforts of the Baron of Oxhill to influence the civic leaders of Sablestone to support his effort to win an Act of Enfoeffment in the Sablestone region. Believing she can win by appealing directly the commoners, the Baroness sets out on a long trip across the Sablestone region to talk directly to the people of Sablestone and start to convince them that an Act of Enfoeffment of Sablestone is in their best interests. (See Ya. 12; Fe 4)

What This Means: The Baroness of Egorn is a very ambitious and proud woman and had planned, since the day three years ago that she won Egorn in an Awards Festival, to pursue an Act of Enfoeffment in Sablestone. She had hoped to wait a few more years while she established relations with local leaders and made a name for herself with the commoners. However the news of Vandehaar aggressively pursuing a possible Act of Enfoeffment causes Isabella to move forward with her plans quicker than she might have liked.

KLARMONT 12, AC 1000: Love Is In The Air!!!
Location: Vyonnes, Glantri

Description: In the years most eagerly anticipated social events: Jean-Louis d’Ambreville, eldest son of the Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne Etienne d’Ambreville, marries Claire de Gubernatis, a famous stage actress in Vyonnes. An invitation was extremely sought after and judged to be a sign of great social status to have received. All the Princes of Glantri except Princes Morphail of Boldavia, and Brannart of Klantyre were in attendance. The wedding was a beautiful affair held outdoors at the famous Place Vendôme.

At as the sunset and magical lanterns were lit over the wooded site the two exchanged vows and were wed. After the ceremony the newly married couple were teleported by Prince Etienne himself (using Teleport Any Object spells - taking no chances to ruin either of their wedding nights by teleporting them into solid rock) to the island kingdom of Gaity in Alphatia to spend a two week honeymoon at the swankiest resort money could buy. (See Nu.1; Ei 11)

What This Means: The long lived elves remember all the members of the d’Ambreville family back from the days from when Glantri was still called the Highlands. The youngest d’Ambreville in Glantri today was born no less than 150 years ago. There are no children in the family. Only the branch of the family that remained in Glantri when the rest disappeared has had any children in recent living memory. It has long been a subject of intense gossip and speculation that if the d’Ambrevilles are sterile or perhaps sterile after their nearly 100 year disappearance. Many social watchers and many nobles will be watching closely to see if Jean-Louis and Claire have any children.

FELMONT 4, AC 1000: Trying To Set the Night on Fire
Location: Sablestone Free Province, Glantri

Description: After a successful couple of days spent in Kern campaigning for enfoeffment of Sablestone, the Baroness of Kern, Isabella de Montebello, sets off for the western village of Estin to continue to try to raise support for an Act of Enfoeffment. As dusk approaches her carriage and guards approach the village of Speccio to stay the night; the Baroness and her guards are attacked by a group of a dozen men wielding pitchforks and torches. Several flaming torches are flown onto the Baroness’s carriage and her personal guards are quickly engaged in hand to hand melee. With the flick of a wrist Isabella levitates quickly out of the burning carriage. As she rises into the air her attackers break off the attack. The Baroness discouraged pursuit and immediately leaves her burning carriage and hops on a horse and continues westward with her guards. Fortunately no one is hurt badly, the worse injuries being a broken nose suffered by Isabella’s guard captain. (See Kl. 3; Fy. 22)

What This Means: Becoming worried that the beautiful and charismatic Baroness of Egorn was beginning to make inroads into the Sablestone community the FFF (Fundamentalist Free Farmers) decides to actively oppose de Montello. Strict orders are given to not use deadly force as the FFF does not want to attract the attention of the Council of Princes by harming or killing any members of the nobility. For now the FFF will utilize a strategy of intimidation and attempt to discredit or embarrass any nobles, such as Isabella de Montebello, who express an interest in Sablestone.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1000: Flaemed Out
Location: Foothills of Krondahar, Glantri

Description: Today Prince Jherek of Krondahar celebrates a rare picture perfect warm and sunny late summer Glantrian day by taking his sons out on a hunting trip into the foothills of the Colossus Mounts. During the course of the hunt Jherek notices his youngest son Rejladan is no longer with the hunting party. Searches, magical and mundane fail to locate him. For all intents and purposes he disappeared into thin air. (See Fy. 25)

What This Means: Young Rejladan had come into possession of a rare book on the Radiance. Unfortunately for him, the Countess of High Sonden Sinaria Verlien, discovered that he had found the book and decided to procure it and the knowledge within it for herself. Taking advantage of the fact that Rejladan slipped away from his father and guards to enjoy some quiet time reading, Sinaria pounced upon him and whisked him away to a small pocket Plane where he was left until he gave Verlien whatever knowledge he had of the radiance.

FYRMONT 22: AC 1000: Raising the Stakes
Location: village of Kern, Glantri

Description: the village is shocked this morning to find, with the morning sunrise, that Danilo Rustici the proprietor of the nicest Inn in Kern, the Osanna Inn, is found dead hanging from a rope outside the 2nd floor window of his bedroom. The local sheriff investigates and finds no signs of struggle in Danilo’s room, only a handwritten note expressing his sorrow for being the stooge of a Glantrian noble and not caring a thing for his fellow commoners of Sablestone. Struggling to keep a straight face, the Sheriff of Kern writes of Danilo’s death as a suicide. No further inquires are made into Danilo’s death. (See Fe. 4; Am. 10)

What This Means: Seeing how intimidation and embarrassment did not work in dissuading the Baroness of Egorn, the FFF decides to try a new tack. Using contacts with the Thugs Guild, they target one of the Baron of Oxhill’s primary supporters in the region and dispense with niceties and get mean and nasty and overcome him with a sleep spell and toss him out the window with a short rope attached to his neck. A half baked suicide note is written more as sign of tongue in cheek humor so that the message will not be missed by those intended to receive it. The Sherriff of Kern was not an obstacle, as he is sympathetic himself, not only a leading member of the FFF but also a member of the Followers of the Claymore.

FYRMONT 25, AC 1000: Gimme Back My Son!!!!
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Having had no luck finding his youngest son, or finding any clues to his disappearance, representatives of Prince Jherek make quiet discreet inquiries to some of the more noted adventurers in Glantri. Vast sums, rumored to be as high as a thousand Glantrian Crowns, are promised for those that bring Rejladan home to Krondahar. Few adventurers pass up the opportunity to not only claim such a huge reward, but just as importantly have the distinction of having a Prince of Glantri in their debt for future favors or special treatment. (See Fy. 17)

What This Means: The proud Prince of Krondahar is getting desperate in his attempts to locate and get back his son. He has not had any success locating Rejladan and understands that the more time that passes the less likely he will be able to find him. Prince Jherek decides to turn to adventurers to perhaps succeed where he has not.

What the PCs Can Do: Though a daunting task involving powerful wizards and high level magic, they may try to investigate the disappearance of Rejladan Virayana, perhaps finding clues as to who was behind his disappearance.

AMBRYMONT 7, AC 1000: 63 Year Wait Over!
Location: Vyonnes, Glantri

Description: SC Vyonnes beats Metro Glantri City at the Stade de Vyonnes 4-1 to win its first Glantrian Scudetto in 63 years. Propelled by Yannick Vander, the 17 year old wunderkind and winner of the Golden Boot award, Vyonnes finishes the season 12-1-1. Glantri City finishes the season 11-2-1. At the bottom of the table, Braastar has a terrible year and is demoted to Serie 2.

Elsewhere in the Glantrian Football league: BFC Kopstar wins promotion to Serie 1, while Vorstadt’s stay in Serie 2 lasts one year as they are demoted back to Serie 3. Kern finishes on top of the Serie 3 table and earns promotion to Serie 2 next season, the first time the club has made it to Serie 2. Estioniarsk endures a disastrous campaign in which its manager and goalkeeper were eaten by a wandering monster during a road trip Bramya and is demoted to Serie 4. Replacing Estioniarsk in Serie 4 is High Sonden FC which will compete in Serie 3 for the first time after a crackling season in which they went undefeated in the club circuit. (See Ya. 21)

What This Means: Noevelle Averoigne will see a significant spike in newborns in 1001, as well as in arrests for public intoxication/indecent exposure/Nocturnal Noise in Urban Areas/Destruction of Private Property, and in new orders to replace overturned and burned out carriages. All of Noevelle Averoigne will be partying like it is 937 for the next few days.

AMBRYMONT 10, AC 1000: Message Received
Location: Baronies of Oxhill, and Egorn, Glantri

Description: After the suicide of the prominent Vandehaar backer Danilo Rustici, Pieter Vandehaar and Isabella di Montebello each decide to stop ‘campaigning’ for the rest of the year as winter is fast approaching and to return to campaigning next year with increased security and plans in place for how to counter the FFF now that they have resorted to violence and murder to oppose any attempts to win an Act of Enfoeffment in the Sablestone region. (See Fy. 22)

What This Means: With winter approaching each noble was likely to stop campaigning and politicking for support within a few weeks anyway but the murder of Rustici altered both of their plans as both nobles realize they were not prepared to face violence and murder in efforts to stop them. Both will be spending the winter in Glantri City trying to win support from fellow nobles and hire more guards, mercenaries, and in addition in Vandehaar’s case a handful of thugs and assassins for the year to come.

EIRMONT 11, AC 1000: A Potential Heir to be Born
Location: Vyonnes, Glantri

Description: Today it is announced that Jean-Louis and Claire d’Ambreville are expecting their first child. The news sweeps through Nouvelle Averoigne and is toasted and celebrated by all. It has been many years since Nouvelle Averoigne has been able to celebrate a d’Ambreville birth. (See Kl. 12)

What This Means: Speculation ends that all the collective plumbing has failed in the d'Ambreville family

EIRMONT 17, AC 1000: A Meeting In Pandius
Location: Vanya’s estate, Pandius

Description: Today the Fellowship of the Star meets at the estate of Vanya. The immortal Ka informs the Fellowship that Ixion and Valerius have been joined by Ilsundal, and Alphatia to form the Ring of Fire. It is obvious to all that the Ring of Fire will use Alphatia as the primary agent to destroy Glantri and perhaps the elves of Alfheim. Vanya explains her plan and intent to bring Thyatis and the Heldannic Knights to Glantri’s defense if Alphatia declares war on Glantri. Rad also mentions that the Khanates of Ethengar must not be overlooked as Ixion is one the foremost immortals there. Vanya tells Rad she thinks she can take care of any threat to Glantri from Ethengar. Rafiel next speaks up and says he might have a idea on how to remove a potential threat from Alfheim. Both Rad and Rafiel share a silent knowing look and Rad nods his head, and Rafiel smiles. (See Va. 4)

What This Means: Mere mortals really were privy to the details of these conversations so I guess we just have to wait and see what Rad, Rafiel, and Vanya were talking about.

KALDMONT 1, AC 1000: Old Secrets Revealed
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri.

Description: In various locations in Glantri, the secretive Brotherhood of the Radiance makes contact with one another at Midnight on the Winter Solstice. Tonight at the meeting of the Brotherhood one of the brothers, Nightfire (Vanserie Vlaardoen) announces he has discovered a means of using the Radiance to protect Glantri. In reality he explains he is not a new use but an old one used by the Flaem and the Dragon Wizards many centuries ago. He announces he has discovered a way to use the Radiance to block mind control even including dispelling the effects of Geas spells within Glantri.

Nightfire again complains that he is not sure if this spell might provide helpful to Glantri as he has not been told of the specific nature of the threat to Glantri but he felt he was duty bound to the Brotherhood to announce his discovery. He concludes by saying he will continue to research the Radiance along that avenue and attempt to discover what knowledge may have been lost in the centuries since the Flaem and Dragons reported worked together to research and harness the power of the Radiance. The other members of the Brotherhood agree with Nightfire and vow to keep on with their own researches in hopes of either finding or creating new means to defend Glantri. (See Th.1)

What This Means: Prince Vlaardoen is zeroing in on a rich vein of Radiance knowledge. When the Overlord invaded the highlands nearly 500 years ago the Flaemish wizards worked together with the most powerful of dragon wizards to understand, research, and use the power of the Radiance to protect the Highlands. Much of that knowledge has been lost (to the Flaem at least) and Prince Vanserie is well on the way to discovering what knowledge may have been lost to the Flaem about the Radiance. While the temptation was great to keep the knowledge to himself he feels that if Rad himself has come to the Brotherhood, the danger must be great and real, even if he couldn’t bother to explain to the Brotherhood of the Radiance just what the danger was.

NUWMONT 17, AC 1001: Blizzard Hits Glantri
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri

Description: A major winter storm hits Glantri today dumping upwards of several feet of snow across Glantri with 40 mph winds causing drifts of 20 feet to block travel throughout Glantri.

What This Means: Travel within Glantri for the next week will be severely curtailed with freezing cold, snow drifts, and threats of avalanches in higher elevations.

VATERMONT 4, AC 1001: Got Some Black Cleric Magic?
Location: Barony of Adlerturm, Glantri

Description: The eldest child of Franz Löwenroth, the Baron of Adlerturm, has been stricken by a case of dysentery for several days and is showing no sign of improving. Rolf has long been sickly and his father fears for his son’s life. Seeing how traditional cures and medicines are not working, a desperate Franz turns to the only thing likely to save his son. Franz orders his seneschal to locate a Cleric, and smuggle him into Adlerturm to save his son.

What This Means: Even the most powerful of wizards have their limits and nothing the Baron can do seems to be able to make his son better. Rolf will not be the first or last Glantrian noble to find himself in such straights and needing the specialized magic of a Cleric. Since Clerics and their magic are utterly illegal in Glantri he will have to track one down already illegally in Glantri or smuggle one in.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PC’s are in the area of Adlerturm or of sufficient reputation to be contacted from out of the area they may be asked to help the Baron by smuggling a cleric into Glantri and getting him safely to Adleturm. This would be a dangerous and expensive job, not just for the Cleric, but for the party who would likely face years in a Glantrian prison for smuggling a cleric into Glantri. If the PCs are not involved, then the Seneschal still succeeds in his task and young Rolf is healed by a cleric.

THAUMONT 13, AC 1001: Rival to Silver Tower Inn Opens
Location: Noble Rim, Glantri City; Glantri

Description: Today Au Pied de Cochon opens, a new high end restaurant for the nobility and extremely wealthy is opened in the Noble Rim section of Glantri City. The famed Averoignian chef, Gaston Lenôtre, fulfills his life time dream and opens his own restaurant after years of serving as personal chef to the most wealthy and powerful. Meals range from 15 dc for the simplest of faire to over 150 dc for the full multi-course culinary experience as only Lenôtre can provide. Private dining is available along with public seating.

In the days that follow renowned food critic, Micky the Mage, reviews the restaurant and gives the restaurant 5 stars. He especially commends the wine selection, boasting not just the best of Glantrian vintages but also those of Darokin, Thyatis, even the best from Alphatia.

What This Means: Lenôtre intends for Au Pied de Cochon to compete with the Silver Tower Inn as the meeting place for Glantrian A-listers. While the Silver Tower Inn is renowned and venerable, the always fad and trend conscious Glantrians were hungry for a new choice in their high end culinary choices. Au Pied de Cochon quickly establishes a reputation as the place to be seen and establishes itself as a rival to the Silver Tower Inn. Be sure to try Lenôtre’s signature Soupe de Poisson à la Rouille, a bargain at 1 cr.

FLAURMONT 4, AC 1001: Parliament in Session
Location: House of Lords, Glantri City; Glantri

Description: Today marks the traditional first day of Parliament to meet to handle the year’s business. The Parliament traditionally elects a President pro temp which is ceremonial position which lasts for one year. This year the Duchess of Fenswick, Margaret Hillsbury is nominated and elected by unanimous consent. Traditionally the next order of business for the Parliament is establishing its various subcommittees. Usually this is a formality unless members from the past year have died, or decided to drop out or want to change committees. This year a couple of members drop out and change committees and one (Aliana Nyraviel) has died. After several hours of politicking and back-room dealing the Parliament announces this year’s subcommittees.

Chairman: Lady Margaret Hillsbury, Duchess of Fenswick (8)
Don Fernando de Casanegra, Marques de Satolas (7)
Dame Geneviève de Sephora, Comtesse de Touraine (6)
Lady Arbana Jerbat, Viscountess of Redstone (5)
Dona Isabella de Montebello, Baroness of Egorn (4)

Chairman: John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, Duke of Hightower (8)
Lady Mariana Terlagand, Marchioness of Berrym (7)
Sire Giles Grenier, Vicomte de Fausseflammes (5)
Signor Antonio di Tarento, Viscount of Castelbianco (5)
Lord Ezechiel Naramis, Viscount of Nathrat (5)

Chairman: Lord Eachainn McDougal, Marquis of Dunvegan (7)
Lord Emeth Urbaal, Count of Wylon (6)
Herr Rolf von Graustein, Viscount of Blofeld (5)
Signor Griseo Fulvina, Viscount of Verazzano (5)
Herr Franz Lowenroth, Baron of Adlerturm (4)

Foreign Relations:
Chairman: Lord Harald Haaskinz, Archduke of Westheath (9)
Lady Sinaria Verlien, Countess of High Sonden (6)
Lord Urmahid Krinagar, Count of Skullhorn Pass (6)
Lady Rowena Krollnar, Viscountess of Bergen (5)
Sire Malachie du Marais, Baron of Morlay (4)

Once the formalities of a new legislative session are completed the Parliament spends the couple of weeks handling mundane affairs the Council of Princes leaves the Parliament to handle, such disposing allocated funds, and handling administrative and bureaucratic minutia. After the Parliament finishes it ends its yearly session and comes back only when called into special session by the Council of Princes.

What This Means: Very little actually. Just starting a much overdue and needed explanation as to just what the Parliament does and how they did it.

FLAURMONT 17, AC 1001: Just Dinner or Something More?
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Rumors and gossip run amok after Princes Etienne, Jherek, and Count Urmahid Krinagar of Skullhorn Pass are spotted meeting and having a private dinner at Au Pied de Cochon.
At dinner Etienne explains to Jherek and Volospin that he has information that something may be afoot in Ethengar and would like to know if Jherek or Urmahid have any information not yet shared with the Council of Princes. Both reply that they do not.

When pressed about his sources Etienne demurs and says only that he considers the source extremely credible. Jherek does not press Etienne to reveal his source. By the time the dinner is over it is decided that Krinagar, who has undertaken several spying missions into Ethengar, will go to the Khanates and see what he can find out. Etienne asks that the mission remain a secret between the three of them. Jherek finds that curious and asks why and is told that he would like to keep Princes Jaggar and Vanserie in the dark until more is known as both need little excuse to start banging the drums of war. Jherek nods his approval and agrees to keep Krinagar’s mission a secret.

What It Means: The unlikely meeting of the Princes has many wondering if this was just an unlikely social outing or a hint of some behind the scenes political maneuvering. Obviously to the more experienced political pundits in Glantri City known it is not a mere social outing as Prince Etienne is not exactly known as the type to paint the town red. No one though can figure a plausible reason for the meeting however.

This meeting and Krinagar’s mission are a function of Rad, in his mortal form of Prince Etienne. He strongly suspects that the Ethengar will be stirred to war and thus attack Glantri by Ixion who is one of the prime Immortals worshipped by the Ethengarians. He would like some eyes among the Ethengar to hopefully spot and give time for Rad/Etienne/Glantri to prepare.

YARTHMONT 4, AC 1001: Got You in a Stranglehold Baby!!
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Dona Isabella de Montebello returns to her suite at the Silver Tower Inn to start packing for her return to her Barony as this year’s Parliamentary session is likely to end tomorrow. As she retires to her bedroom and starts removing her clothes she catches something moving in her peripheral vision and slowly turns and sees two cobras moving along the floor towards her. Jumping upward in her silk underclothes she avoids the sprays of venom shot at her. Dropping onto her bed she unleashes a series of spells and reduces the large snakes to stains on the expensive carpet.

Moving towards the new stains on the carpet she has a garrote placed around her neck from behind and suddenly finds herself in a fight for her life as it quickly tightens around her neck choking her. Fighting for her life Isabella desperately claws at her attacker and rakes her long nails across her attackers face. Screaming in pain he lets loose of the garrote and Isabella turns, choking, and faces her attacker. Her attacker is a tall skinny black man who is bleeding profusely from the face. He silently draws a large dagger from his belt and advances on the scantily clad and unarmed Baroness. Before he can reach her she casts the most powerful spell she has memorized, Disintegrate, at her attacker and to her surprise it bounces back at her. Her attacker lunges at her with the dagger but Isabella lithely avoids the blade. She runs for the door, yelling for help until she finds she cannot make noise anymore. Her attacker had cast a silence spell on her.

Feeling her only hope now was to get to the safety of a public surrounding she runs for the stairs to reach the common areas of the Silver Tower. As she reaches the stairs her attacker grabs her but loses his balance in the process and they both fall down the stairs. Isabella finds herself in great pain; her leg is probably broken but sees her attacker is in worse shape. His head is at an unnatural angle to his shoulders. His neck is broken. Isabella survives and is soon found by guests and the constabulary is called and medical attention called for the Baroness.

What This Means: Knowing the Parliament was soon to break up and the campaigning for support and signatures was about to commence in Sablestone, Pieter Vandehaar decides to make the first move this year in the 1001 Sablestone campaign and takes out a contract on the life of the Baroness. The Guild of Thugs assigns one of their most effective killers, Pingo the Dark, to the job. He fails, and Vandehaar is out over 15,000 dc (half the total the Guild charges for killing a noble wizard of de Montebello’s experience).

Isabella’s broken leg keeps her in Glantri City for the next month while recuperating at the heavily guarded manor of Princess Carnelia. In the meantime agents of Carnelia try to find out who was behind the attempt on de Montebello’s life. The Baron of Oxhill, Pieter Vandehaar, is thought to have been the likely culprit but the FFF or even an as yet unknown player in the politics of Sablestone cannot be discounted. (See Ya.26)

What the PCs Can Do: If at the Silver Tower Inn that night they may intercede in the assassination attempt. PCs might also be hired by agents of the Princess of Belcadiz to investigate the matter and try to find out who was behind the attempt.

YARTHMONT 21, AC 1001: Start of Football Season
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri

Description: Every child in Glantri that does not dream of being a powerful wizard does dream of being a famous football star. Glantrians are mad about their football and is the national passion. Today marks the traditional start of the Glantrian football season, its 121st season, which continues for the next 14 weeks.

This year the top division, Serie 1, consists of; last season’s Scudetto winners SC Vyonnes, Metro Glantri City, FC Taterhill, Rymskigrad, AC Lizzieni, UC Oreggiano, Glenmoorloch, and the newly promoted from Serie B BFC Kopstar.

Serie 2 this year consists of the regulated from Serie 1 Braastar, FC Leenz, Hiboux SC, Westheath, New Alvar, AS Nyra, Eriadna, and the newly promoted from Serie 3 Kern.

Serie 3 this year consists of the regulated from Series 2 SC Vorstadt, FC Ximes, AS Graez, Tavish, BSV Altendorf, Moulins, Bramya, and the recently promoted from club Serie 4 High Sonden FC. (See Am. 7)

What This Means: Glantri Land of Magic is not without its more mundane passions. The Thyatian settlers brought football and their passion for it to the Highlands where over the course of a few decades it gradually displaced Hardball, the traditional sport of the Flaem and Alphatians, as the national sport and passion of Glantri. Only the elves of Erewan remain aloof from the charms and beauty of the game. While Hardball still has fans and players in Bergdhoven and Blackhill, they tend to be among the elite. Even in those Principalities the passion for football has taken deep root, especially among the commoners.

YARTHMONT 26, AC 1001: Wango Tango
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: Agents hired by Princess Carnelia to find out who might have been behind the attempted assassination of Baroness de Montebello report back today. They identify the assassin, Pingo the Dark, being a member of the Thug’s Guild. While they found no direct proof linking the attempt to anyone, they really didn’t expect to do so, the Guild of Thugs are experts in covering their tracks and promising secrecy to clients. However they do find some information that Carnelia and Isabella should find of interest. As the Baron of Oxhill was considered a prime suspect, motive and means, the agents did some checking around and found in the weeks previous to the assassination attempt there had been a substantial sell off of precious gems and jewelry flooding the market in Kopstar. While the information is not proof in itself obviously of Vandehaar’s involvement, (he did come into the Vandeeker family’s wealth of gems and jewelry by his first wife) it is very strong circumstantial evidence. Not strong enough to take to court but strong enough perhaps to ply vengeance upon for the elven ladies. (See Ya.4; Kl. 18)

What This Means: The Belcadiz had strong suspicions of Pieter Vandehaar after the failed assassination attempt on the Baroness Isabella de Montebello. Finding out someone has been selling off substantial quantities of gems and jewelry merely strengthens that suspicion. Without proof nothing can be done legally but there is much that can be done outside of the legal realm to strike back at the Baron of Oxhill. The House of Alhambra declares unofficial war on Pieter Vandehaar, Baron of Oxhill.

KLARMONT 1, AC 1001: Still on the Beat
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri.

Description: In various locations in Glantri, the secretive Brotherhood of the Radiance makes contact with one another at Midnight on the Summer Solstice. The various members of the brotherhood check in and update the others on the status of their research unfortunately there is nothing new to report. Prince Vanserie mentions his research into the mind control spell is showing promise but promises to take some time to completely unlock how the Flaem and Dragons used the Radiance in such a way. (See Am. 1)

What This Means: All wizards know, especially those of the Brotherhood of the Radiance, that patience is not just a virtue but a necessity. The Radiance is not just one of the most powerful artifacts of magic, it is extremely time consuming and expensive to properly and safely research.

KLARMONT 5, AC 1001: Cat Scratch Fever
Location: Barony of Oxhill, Glantri

Description: While the Baron of Oxhill, Pieter Vandehaar, is preparing to leave for a trip to Kern to meet with local leaders to try to drum up support and get signatures supporting him for an Act of Enfoeffment, he is afflicted with a rash that no amount of itching, scratching, or herbal medicine on hand in his tower can remedy. He calls off his trip as the day progress and the rash spreads all over this body. (See Ya. 4)

What This Means: As some men in Glantri have found out previously, you don’t mess with two things, Red-headed Flaemish women, and raven haired Belcadizian women. Vandehaar has just been subject to a 3rd Circle Witch’s Curse. He will find no cure for it, magical or mundane. The perpetrator of the curse, Dona Isabella de Montebello is a kind soul. She sets the condition of the curses lifting to be when Pieter Vandehaar no longer desires to become Prince of the Sablestone region. As the only relief Vandehaar can find to the rash is immersing himself in hot water he will drop out of public view for some time as he tries to find ways to cure the rash.

KLARMONT 15, AC 1001: Murder on the Orient Tower
Location: Glantri City, Glantri

Description: A series of murders occurs tonight at the Great School of Magic. A total of six students are dead and a suspect, who was seen holding a bloody knife near the bodies of two of the victims, manages to flee out the window and is at large.

What This Means: This night was the famed Night of the Red Moon. It is thought the killer was likely crazed and unhinged and thus went on a killing spree.

What the PC’s Can Do: The PC’s can either be hired by the constabulary to help track down and capture the killer, or be hired by the accused killer to help prove his innocence. If the PC’s chose to be hired run adventure D from Gaz3.

KLARMONT 18, AC 1001: Back in the Saddle Again
Location: Barony of Egorn, Glantri

Description: After six weeks spent at Princess Carnelia’s Glantri City estate recovering from the failed assassination attempt Baroness Isabella de Montebello quietly returns home to Egorn via teleportation. In the days that follow she meets with her Castellan and Captain of Guards and goes over security measures for both her tower and for public appearances. Once she is satisfied that she is reasonable protected she plans on continuing her campaign to win over the commoners of Sablestone. (See Ya. 26; Fe. 24)

What This Means: The Baroness of Egorn, far from being dissuaded from trying to establish a principality in Sablestone is determined more than ever to succeed. Before she did continue however she wants to make sure that she will be adequately protected; both at her tower and especially out of her tower.

FELMONT 12, AC 1001: Quest for Some Tail!
Location: Viscounty of Nathrat, Glantri

Description: Word passes through the adventuring community that the Viscount of Nathrat is looking for a good cheaply priced (i.e. low level) band of adventurers to procure some spell components for him. Those interested are asked to come to Nathrat to discuss the terms and nature of the job.

What This Means: A common occurrence in Glantri where wizards are far too busy to take time for tasks others can do for them. The Viscount wants some components for a spell and he has better things to do than take the time to find them himself.

What the PCs Can Do: If they find the offer of interest to them they can travel to Nathrat and negotiate the terms of a contract and find him the components he needs. Run adventure F from Gaz3.

FELMONT 24, AC 1001: Draw the Line
Location: Sablestone Free Province, Glantri

Description: Today, in the midst of a month long trip around Sablestone, Isabella de Montebello stops at the frontier village of Sydarther to speak and meet with the locals. In the middle of her speech she is yelled down by a small group whose leader pronounces to all assembled that she is no different than any noble. He goes on to say that she will tell the people what they want to hear, about how their life will improve, but in the end she’ll do nothing but get rich and powerful. Pushing and yelling begins when supporters of the Baroness try to stop the speaker from speaking and soon a full blown brawl breaks out between the supporters of the Baroness and those against her. Isabella’s guards whisk her away before anyone can attempt to harm the Baroness. (See Kl. 18; Am. 26)

What This Means: The Fundamentalist Free Farmers have been closely watching both of the competing Baron’s in the Sablestone region. They deem de Montebello the far greater threat to succeed. However due to their ties to the Thug’s Guild they are aware of the failed assassination attempt, and can see themselves that the Baroness has very tight security around her and decide to not to harm her directly. Their plans now involve trying to disrupt her rallies. Today was not the first time she has had protesters at her rallies but it is the first time it dissolved into violence. It is worth noting though that the violence was instigated by her supporters here, not the FFF.

FYRMONT 2, AC 1001: Isn’t She Wonderful
Location: Vyonnes, Glantri

Description: Jean-Louis and Claire d’Ambreville welcome their first child into the world today as Claire gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Claire names her Monique after her grandmother.

What This Means: A potential heir to Nouvelle Averoigne has been born. It will be a couple of years until Monique can be tested for magical ability but all Nouvelle Averoigne will celebrate as news gets out as it has been many years since they could celebrate a birth in the ruling d’Ambreville family.

AMBRYMONT 1, AC 1001: Some Success?
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri.

Description: In various locations in Glantri, the secretive Brotherhood of the Radiance makes contact with one another at Midnight on the Fall Equinox. Tonight one of the brothers, Bluestar (Harald Haaskinz) reports some success. Blue Star reports the Brotherhood that he decided to research the possibilities of not having the Radiance augment the magical abilities of the spellcaster but in how the Radiance might deny the use of magic to a spell caster. He reports today he was able to remove the ability of a spellcaster to cast spells, in effect breaking their tie to the Radiance.

The Brotherhood all offer Blue Star congratulations but Bluestar asks them not to be premature. There were two side effects, when he cast the spell on a test subject the subject has of yet regained the ability to use magic. Thus the effect may be permanent, and most importantly he himself lost the ability to use magic for 8 hours before the ability to use magic came back to him. In Bluestar’s opinion the very powerful spell (a 9th level spell) is worthless unless the detrimental side effect to the caster can be eliminated and there is the not so small problem of finding test subjects. One of the brothers, Nightfire, speaks up and suggests he might find suitable test subjects in the Khanates of Ethengar, an enemy of Glantri and known to have a good number of spellcasters. Brother Blue Star says he’ll consider that idea. (See Kl. 1; Ka. 1)

What This Means: Haaskinz had the advantage of having an (unwilling) test case at hand; an arcaner residing in his tower’s dungeon having been convicted of bribery of his officials within his dominion of Westheath. Finding suitable test cases needed to test altered spells in the attempt to eliminate the side effect to the caster would be problematic within Glantri. The suggestion given to Haaskinz would solve many problems but there would be the matter of first indentifying, then capturing and finally transferring the captured Ethengarian spell casters to Glantri covertly without creating a major international incident. The Archduke decides it is the most practical solution short of kidnapping and having to dispose of Arcaners from Glantri itself or scouring the dungeons of Glantri or neighboring countries for magic using criminals which bring too much attention and far too many questions. He makes plans to hire a group of adventurers to procure what he needs to continue his experiments.

AMBRYMONT 7, AC 1001: No Scoring on Bodweiser
Location: Oreggiano, Glantri

Description: The Blues of FC Taterhill whip UC Oreggiano 3-0 today to formally win the club’s 16th Scudetto. Powered by legendary goalie Franz Bodweiser who allowed only 5 goals all season the Blues clinched the Glantrian Scudetto the week previous finishing with a record of 12-0-2. At the bottom of the table, Rymskigrad has a terrible year and is demoted to Serie 2 after a two year run in Serie 1.

Elsewhere in the Glantrian Football league: FC Leenz finishes on top of the Serie 2 table and wins promotion to Serie 1, while Eriadna has a disappointing season where it struggled to find any offense and finishes last and is demoted to Serie 3. FC Ximes finishes on top of the Serie 3 table and earns promotion to Serie 2 next season, the first time the club has made it to Serie 2 in a decade. High Sonden FC found the step up in competition too much and finishes last in Serie 3 and is demoted to Serie 4. Replacing High Sonden FC in Serie 4 will be the Browns of Fenswick which rode an excellent defense and a hot young goaltender to the top the club circuit table.

What This Means: The Blues of Taterhill are one of the most storied of all football clubs in Glantri. Trailing only Metro Glantri City (33 wins) in Serie 1 championships it is also one of only 4 clubs never to have demoted to Serie 2 in the 121 years of Glantrian league play.

AMBRYMONT 26, AC 1001: Dream On
Location: Barony of Egorn, Glantri

Description: Today the Baroness of Egorn returns home after her latest swing through Sablestone and decides she has done enough for the year and decides to take stock of where her efforts have got her. Her and her advisors check all the petitions for signatures and count them up and find she got a grand total of 2873 signatures. FAR short of the five thousand signatures needed to qualify for an Act of Enfoeffment. Isabella and her advisors are disappointed by the slow process to win over people in Sablestone but they keep upbeat. If Isabella has one thing in her favor it is time, lots of it as she is an elf, and the fact her rival, Pieter Vandehaar, likely has far less support and may be out of the game completely. (See Kl. 5; Fe. 24)

What This Means: Dona Isabella has had a rough year but hopes to continue to gain supporters in 1002; she only had 962 signatures last year, and perhaps reaching the needed signatures for the Act of Enfoeffment in 4 or 5 years, which is a short amount of time for an elf.

SVIFTMONT 22, AC 1001: Death at Morlay
Location: Barony of Morlay, Glantri

Description: Suzanne du Vrai, the 15 year old daughter of the Seneschal of Morlay, is awoken by the disturbing howls of her hunting hounds, and goes to investigate the kennels in Château Morlay. There she finds the bodies of her beloved hounds, all drained of all blood. Suddenly out of the shadows a creature with fangs and bat-like wings lunges at her. Before the creature could reach Suzanne, a great White Wolf knocks her aside, saving her life.

What This Means: The attacker is said to have been a vampire, who earlier killed Morlay’s seneschal, Édouard du Vrai. A Boldavian is found guilty of vampirism and publically executed several days later. Young Suzanne has her suspicions confirmed that the White Wolf is Malachie du Marais. Suzanne’s younger brother Noussoir has his illusions shattered regarding Malachie du Marais and comes to hate him. Unknown to Malachie, Noussoir was a witness to the actual events and what happened after Suzanne was knocked unconscious and will blame him for his father’s death.

EIRMONT 12, AC 1001: It’s been a Long Time Coming
Location: Châteaux Sylaire, Glantri

Description: Today Dame Marie-Helene d’Ambreville, the oldest d’Ambreville still living, passes away in her sleep at the age of 122. The d’Ambreville family will all be called to Sylaire to pay their respects and for her funeral in three days. Marie-Helene’s sister Camille now becomes the family elder.

What This Means: Dame Marie-Helene though still having the body and looks of a 50 year old woman due to potions and a strong genetic makeup was still bound to lose the fight, as all do, against time. Her death signifies the beginning of the end for the 1st and 2nd generation of the d’Ambreville family that have been a part of the history of Glantri, and the Highlands before it, for almost 200 years. Magic and a 103 year stint in stasis have prolonged the lives of the d’Ambreville family but time was finally going to catch up with the family. Marie-Helene was the first and is likely that many of the d’Ambrevilles will be passing on in the next decade or two

KALDMONT 1, AC 1001: The Brotherhood Meets Again
Location: Across the Principalities of Glantri.

Description: In various locations in Glantri, the secretive Brotherhood of the Radiance makes contact with one another at Midnight on the Winter Solstice. The various members of the brotherhood check in and update the others on the status of their research.

Brother Nightfire reports continuing progress but still no working version of the spell breaking all forms of mind and behavior control previously discovered by the Flaem and the Dragons. Brother Bluestar reports that he has not had to opportunity to test out his spell (Sever the Tie: 9th Level Radiance Spell) out on any spellcaster yet (he is not aware yet but the party hired was wiped out but thankfully for Glantri without the purpose of the mission to Ethengar being discovered) but has taken advantage of the time to do further test and found some success down a different avenue.

Bluestar had wondered if his spell would apply not just to magic users but also to magical creatures. A couple of weeks ago, he reports to the Brotherhood, he procured a couple of Gargoyles and used one as a test subject. The creature visibly weakened and became lethargic. As a final test Bluestar told his guards to try to put the creature out of its misery but to use non-magical weapons. The test was a stirring success, Bluestar reports to the Brotherhood, as his guards were able to hack the creature into a thousand bits.

Bluestar is encouraged by apparently having the ability to use monsters, or even non-sentient creatures as test subjects. He plans on procuring more gargoyles and perhaps a troll or two and test his spell on them and start trying to eliminate or at least shorten the ill side affects to the caster. He informs the Brotherhood the time period affecting the caster appears to be variable. The first time it was 8 hours, this time it was 11 hours. (See Am. 1)

What This Means: Archduke Harald has in fact discovered a limited spell based application of the notion that is behind the schism between the Immortals. With his Sever the Tie spell he is able to remove the ability the cast spells, or even remove any latent magical nature of the target. Sever The Tie is a powerful spell but not without substantial drawbacks to the caster. Harald will experiment with the spell trying to remove or at least reduce the time the caster also loses his ability to cast spells. He plans on researching carefully however as one never knows if there is a point when one too many temporary losses in ability may finally become a permanent one.

Battle of Huledain Camp. 3 Yarthmont 1007

*insert diagram/map initial deployments to 4am*
The Battle of Huledain camp was a confused affair as unit cohesion broke in the darkness and due to the early hour and lack of warning the Glantrian units were not able to properly form. Kol having lost the element of surprise was forced to ditch his plans to envelope the camp so he hit the camp as quickly as he could before the Glantrians could organize a defense. From the east Kol set his strongest force, his hordes of Trolls totaling some 500 Trolls followed by 1500 Ogres all led by the infamous Ogre, Alebane. From the north Kol dispatched his one horde of 1500 Troglodytes along with his 2 hordes of Kobolds all led by Kol’s eldest son Rocki. Though he had lost the element of surprise Kol still sent his 2 hordes of some 2000 Gnolls looping around to the west to try to cut off any retreating Glantrians. His two Hordes of Hobgoblins were kept as a general reserve close to Kol and his Alphatian advisors at his headquarters just to the east of Camp Huledain.

For the Glantrians word of the humanoid force coming down upon the 5th Army at Huledain Camp arrived only just before Kol’s hastily deployed forces did. The Army was under strength as the veteran 8th Division was stationed in Erewan and the 59th Division left the afternoon previous being dispatched on maneuvers to the north around Soth-Kabree. Other than those on patrols (such as the one that discovered Kol) or those on guard duty must troops were asleep when the warning came. Thus the 5th Army could muster 4 divisions, less than 4000 soldiers and most being newly recruited, to face over 11,000 battle hardened and experienced humanoid warriors. As the humanoids swarmed into the camp Glantrian command and control quickly broken down as a strike force of Kol’s attached Alphatian wizards indentified and reduced the 5th Armies command post into a smashed pile of stones with powerful Magics killing the commander of 5th Army, Sir Uthar Aendyr and two of his division commanders (the 15th, and 52nd). Due to the lack of sufficient warning and the resulting general confusion the Glantrians were unable to mount a coordinated defense thus the Glantrians found themselves fighting for their lives in often squad level actions.

On the eastern side of the camp were the barracks of the 44th Division and was hit by the first of Kol’s attack, nearly 500 Trolls, as the troops were getting armed and armored. The battle quickly dissolved into chaos as the inadequately armed Glantrians could only fight effectively fight them with torches. Outside of a few groups centered on officers of the 1st Banner with the magical firepower to quickly kill or quickly incapacitate the trolls, resistance on the eastern side of the camp collapsed quickly and became a slaughter and the morale of the troops quickly broke and became a rout westward. As Alebane lost control of his first line of Trolls as they destroyed and consumed the 44th Division he brought forward his more disciplined Ogres, he sent a horde of 500 to continue the westward push and veered his other two hordes of some 1000 Ogres to attack the southern part of Huledain Camp.

On the northern side of the Camp was the barracks of the 15th Division, here the Glantrians had a few extra minutes to prepare and thus better prepared for the onslaught of Kol’s assault than the 44th Division was. The initial attack the 15th was by Kol’s 1500 horde of Troglodytes. The assault crashed upon the hastily formed line and brutal hand to hand fighting commenced. The forces were evenly matched with the Troglodyte’s debilitating stench and advantage in numbers cancelling out the advantage of the division’s magical component. After some 15 minutes of brutal fighting the Glantrians were forced back when Rocki deployed one of his Kobold hordes to turn the open right flank of the defenders. Seeing no choice but to stage a fighting withdraw before they were cut off the Division Commander of the 15th ordered a fighting withdraw south towards the ruins of centrally located Army Headquarters.

*insert diagram/map battlefield 4am to end*

By 4am the battle had been fully joined at Camp Huledain. As the western most division, the veteran 7th (Volospin’s old division) had been fully formed and received orders to advance forward to support its fellow divisions. Alebane’s two hordes, the 1st and 3rd, struck the southernmost 52nd Division which even though it had lost its division commander was initially lead well by its Brigadier and had quickly formed proper defensive positions. However the weight and ferocity of the Ogre attack was too much for the inexperienced division and it soon broke under the weight of the attack and fled to the southwest with the Ogres in hot pursuit. As the Trolls continued to roam the battlefield slaying and consuming the Glantrian defenders Kol dispatched one of his two reserve hordes of Hobgoblins to support Alebane’s 2nd Horde driving west. The Ogres reached the central former 5th Army headquarters just before the 7th Division arrived where they proceeded to engage in furious hand to hand battle. To the north as the 15th fought off attacks to its front and left flank word came to its commander that they had been cut off as the ogres had already reached the central headquarters rallying point. Grimly the commander of the 15th ordered his troops into hedgehog defenses and hoped that reinforcements might relieve them.
Unfortunately none would as the commander of the Glantrian 7th division, heavily engaged now with 500 ogres and now an additional 500 Hobgoblins got word that heavy humanoid forces estimated to number several thousand (Kol’s Gnoll hordes) were moving around their left flank in an attempt to cut them off. Reluctantly the commander of the 7th had to issue orders to give up Camp Huledain and withdraw to the south and west to escape the rapidly tightening trap Kol was setting. The retreat of the 7th Division settled the Battle of Huledain and the fate of the 15th Division. Receiving word that no relief could be expected the commander of the 15th Division issued breakout orders and the troops of his division fanatically attacked the Kobolds on its western flank trying to reach the withdrawing 7th before they were hopelessly cut off. Less than 100 troops eventually reached safety to the west. Pursuit of the retreating the horribly battered but still cohesive 7th and the broken disorganized remnants of the 52nd continued for several hours into the morning daylight before Kol issued orders for the troops to reassemble at Camp Huledain.

The Battle of Huledain Camp was one of the greatest defeats the Grand Army of Glantri had ever suffered. Two divisions were effectively destroyed and a third rendered combat incapable. Losses for the humanoids were heavy but deemed acceptable. Out of a force of some 11,500 Kol's casualties were approximately 1800. The Glantrian 5th Army for all intents and purposes was destroyed as a command. Losses were catastrophic, losing some 2500 killed and captured, with another 700 wounded out of a force of nearly 3500. (See Appendix A for detailed breakdowns of losses)The only good news for the Glantrians was the orderly withdraw of the 7th which allowed it to send word to Glantrian High Command of the great disaster than had befallen the 5th Army. Unfortunately that disaster would be small in comparison to what was next coming.

Act II. The Death of Blackhill

Appendix A: Battle of Huledain Camp
Kol’s 3rd Army - 11,500 Total, 7500 engaged - Losses. 523 KIA, 1248 WIA, 33 MIA

Alebane’s Corp - 2000 Total, 2000 engaged - 135 KIA, 485 WIA, 18 MIA
1-5 Troll hordes - 500 Engaged. Losses 12 KIA, 5 MIA
1st Ogre Horde - 500 Engaged. Losses 28 KIA, 122 WIA
2nd Ogre Horde - 500 Engaged. Losses 81 KIA, 281 WIA, 11 MIA
3rd Ogre Horde - 500 Engaged. Losses 15 KIA, 82 WIA, 2 MIA

Rocki’s Corp -6500 Total, 4000 engaged - 315 KIA, 574 WIA, 7 MIA
1st Troglodyte Horde - 1500 engaged. Losses 183 KIA, 271 WIA, 5 MIA
1st Kobold Horde - 2500 engaged. Losses 132 KIA, 303 WIA, 2 MIA

Kol’s Reserve Corp 3000 Total, 1500 engaged. Losses - 73 KIA, 189 WIA; 8 MIA
1st Gnoll Horde - 1000 engaged. Losses 5 KIA, 17 WIA, 2 MIA
2nd Hobgoblin Horde - 500 engaged. Losses 68 KIA, 172 WIA, 6 MIA

Glantrian 5th Army Lt. General Uthar Aendyr (KIA), Maj. General Trederiai (KIA) - 3456 Total and Engaged. Losses - 2481 KIA/MIA. 736 WIA

7th Division (Maj. General Vorzum WIA; Brig. General Adolph Mannheim KIA) - 866 Engaged.
Losses: 185 KIA, 460 WIA, 54 MIA
1st Banner - 125 engaged - 21 KIA, 51 WIA, 3 MIA
2nd Banner - 247 engaged - 38 KIA, 118 WIA, 11 MIA
3rd Banner - 247 engaged - 73 KIA, 157 WIA, 27 MIA
4th Banner - 247 engaged - 52 KIA, 133 WIA, 13 MIA

15th Division (Maj. General Edward Barclay KIA, Brig. General Aleksandr Vasilevsky MIA) 866 Engaged. Losses. 760 KIA/MIA, 68 WIA
1st Banner - 125 engaged - 122 KIA/MIA. 3 WIA
2nd Banner - 247 engaged - 213 KIA/MIA. 18 WIA
3rd Banner - 247 engaged - 202 KIA/MIA. 30 WIA
4th Banner - 247 engaged - 221 KIA/MIA. 17 WIA

44th Division (Maj. General André Masséna, Brig. General Willem van Bylandt both MIA) 866 Engaged.
Losses. 837 KIA/MIA, 26 WIA
1st Banner - 125 engaged - 109 KIA/MIA. 14 WIA
2nd Banner - 247 engaged - 244 KIA/MIA. 3 WIA
3rd Banner - 247 engaged - 239 KIA/WIA. 7 WIA
4th Banner - 247 engaged - 245 KIA/WIA. 2 WIA

52nd Division (Maj. General Karl Stockheisen KIA, Brig. General Torensal KIA) 866 Engaged.
Losses - 121 KIA, 182 WIA, 424 MIA
1st Banner - 125 engaged - 17 KIA, 32 WIA, 61 MIA
2nd Banner - 247 engaged - 40 KIA, 62 WIA, 128 MIA
3rd Banner - 247 engaged - 29 KIA, 41 WIA, 98 MIA
4th Banner - 247 engaged - 35 KIA, 47 WIA, 137 MIA

KALDMONT 21, AC 1011: Enfeoffment Approved!!
Location: Glantri City, Glantri. KW

Description: Kol of the kobolds petitions the Council of Princes one more time for an act of Enfoeffment creating a Principality of humanoids. The Council agrees to reconsider and votes.
For Against
Crownguard (15) Linden (15)
Ritterburg (17) Singhabad (24)
Igorov (15) Krinager (22)
Sylaire (19) Ellerovyn (17)
Marais (14) Haaskinz (24)
Alhambra (18)
Silverston (18)
Sirecchia (15)

This time the measure passes and Kol XIV; High Dodge of Kol, is now Count of Udhgar and Prince of New Kolland.

What This Means: There are now fourteen princes in Glantri, including a kobold (Prince Kol), a dragon (Princess Dolores), two werewolves (Isidore and Malachie), a nosferatu (Morphail), and a lich (Brannart). Political intrique in Glantri increases in intensity, as Glantrian nobles struggle to gain as much as possiblein the shifting power structure.

NUWMONT 14, AC 1012: Borders Are Set
Location: Glantri City, Glantri. KW

Description: The Council of Princes meets today to legally and formally define the borders of the newest Principality, New Kolland. The Princes are quite pleased that with the annexation of the Broken Lands west of the Vesubian River, trade routes to Darokin might become safer and thus more profitable. In addition to formalizing the borders of New Kolland, a new Free Province is created in the Western Border Lands of areas not specifically within New Kolland west of the Vesubian River. In addition the borders of the Southern Hills Free Province are adjusted. Notably a buffer-zone between the Principalities of New Kolland and Erewan are established and made a part of the SHFP.

What This Means: While Princess Carlotina could not stop the enfoeffemnt of New Kolland, she demanded and was given a buffer zone between the two Principalities. Glantri has now formally annexed the Broken Lands west of the Vesubian River and is now called the Western Broken Lands. The northern half is now the Principality of New Kolland with its siege at Udhgar. The southern half is now the new Borderlands Free Province.

When I am done, perhaps next year. We will have an expansion to Glantri which covers the 20 years after the original GAZ3 and stays true to canon and fandom works in principal but fleshes out the details and tweaks some things that could have been done differently.

Location: Glantrian Alps, Glantri. KW

Description: A massive avalanche breaks loose from the Ghiacciaio del Calderone south of Mt. DeGlace. The flow of ice and snow spectacularly took it over the 3000’ high cliffs towering over the Arnus River. Eyewitnesses, including a few lucky on boats well away from the impacted section of the river, claim it to have been the most awe-inspiring thing they have ever seen.