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More on Glantrian succession

by David Knott

After analysing everything that has been written on the succession of Glantrian nobles during the period 1000-1013 AC, I am driven to the conclusion that the only Awards Festival that occurred during that entire time was the aborted festival in Yarthmont of 1012 AC, when Malachie was reported dead. If any Awards Festival had taken place, then at least one Baron would have had to have been promoted to Viscount -- but in GKoM every Baron(ess) from Gaz 3 is either still ruling his/her original domain or has been succeeded by an heir. As a result, I am convinced that the Barony of Kern must have been created at some time prior to the Principality of Sablestone, and that the original Baron(ess) swapped domains with Harald when the latter was named Prince of Sablestone -- an unprecedented event, as every other Act of Enfeoffment promoted the noble who already ruled that region. I now have two versions of how this swap was carried out:

1) The simple version:

In 1000 AC, Countess Aliana Nyraviel is killed by a brain collector and succeeded by an unnamed heir who is later killed by the Meteor that destroys Soth-Kabree.

In 1002 AC, Gerrid Rientha is named Baron of Kern.

In 1004 AC, Harald Haaskinz is named Prince of Sablestone and at that time automatically becomes Baron of Kern as well. Gerrid is compensated by being made Duke of Westheath, in accordance with my previous suggestion that the title "Archduke" was a personal honorific awarded to Harald and not the automatic title of all rulers of Westheath.

In 1012 AC, the aborted Awards Festival occurs. Its only permanent result is the promotion of Duke John (who had somehow been named the most worthy of the Dukes of Glantri to become Prince of Morlay-Malinbois) to the rank of Archduke.

2) The "Black Widower" version: In this version Gerrid is either very evil (which would contradict the description of him in GKoM) or very unlucky with the ladies he marries:

In 999 AC, Gerrid marries Countess Aliana Nyraviel. Princess Carlotina and the other Erewan elves are mildly displeased.

In 1000 AC, Aliana is killed by the brain collector and is succeeded by Gerrid. The Erewan elves go from mildly to extremely displeased as Soth-Kabree falls under human rule.

In 1002 AC, Danira Voshane (or some other female NPC) becomes Baroness of Kern.

In 1004 AC, Harald Haaskinz is named Prince of Sablestone, and Danira is compensated by being named Duchess of Westheath.

In 1005 AC, Gerrid meets Danira at a Parliament meeting and the two fall in love with each other.

In 1006 AC, the Meteor destroys Soth-Kabree. Gerrid survives because he is in Westheath courting Danira.

In 1007 AC, Gerrid marries Danira.

In 1008 AC, Danira casts the "Transcend Life Force" spell in an attempt at attaining Immortality. Whether she succeeded or failed, she disappeared and was officially declared dead. Gerrid succeeded her as Duke of West- heath.

In 1012 AC, the aborted Awards Festival occurs as in the "simple" version.

After 1012 AC, Dolores and Jaggar become estranged, and Dolores turns her attentions to Gerrid. Gerrid succumbs to her charms and the two of them are married. Gerrid loses the Duchy of Westheath and an Awards Festival occurs, with indeterminate results. After their marriage a band of mid-level adventurers succeed in killing Dolores, and Gerrid (widowed for the third time) succeeds her as Prince of Fenswick after much debate in the Council of Princes.

Adventure hook (especially good for a party with female player characters): The player characters are hired by somebody in Glantri who is suspicious of the frequency with which Gerrid has been married and then widowed as well as the way he seems to have been marrying his way up the social ladder. When they investigate the situation and meet Gerrid, they find him to be a decent and very charming gentleman who could not possibly have harmed any of his late wives, including the monstrous Dolores. If the DM pulls out all the stops and plays things well enough, one of the female PCs should find herself falling in love with Gerrid and yet wondering whether she might be setting herself up for a ghastly end....