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Glantrian Dialects

by Kit Navarro

The Principalities of Glantri has the most languages and dialects due to its diverse culture. Our working list of languages/dialects are as follows:

There are three dialects of Thyatian spoken in Glantri, each roughly representative of the three tribes of Thyatis. These are the Glantrian dialect (RW Latin), Caurenzan dialect (RW Italian), and the Aalbanese dialect (RW German).
Thyatian (Glantrian dialect) is basically Thyatian Common (known throughout the Known World in Brun), but with many flowery expressions, terms about magic, sorcery, politics, and intrigue, and many new words taken from the other dialects of Glantri.
Thyatian (Caurenzan dialect) is derived from the Kerendan dialect of Thyatian, partially influenced by Darokin. It is spoken in the southern (Caurenzan) territories of Glantri and some parts of northern Darokin.
Thyatian (Aalbanese dialect) is derived from the Hattian dialect of Thyatian, but heavily mixed with Alphatian. It is also influenced by Flaemish. It is spoken in the northwestern (Aalbanese) territories, where these three ethnic groups have mixed.

There are two Glantrian tongues of Alphatian origin: the Blackhill dialect of Alphatian and Flaemish.
Blackhill Alphatian is close to Alphatian Common, but influenced by the local dialects of Glantri. It is spoken in the southeastern (Blackhill Alphatian) territories, and is probably the least popular or accepted among the foreign Glantrian languages.
The Flaemish language was once considered an Alphatian dialect, but is more accurately a language of its own. Its origins are from the ancient Cypri language. In Old Alphatia, the Cypri language was influenced by the Alphatian tongue, but since the millennia-long exodus of the Flaems to the Highlands of Mystara, the Flaemish tongue has since gone through much purging of its Alphatian influence.

There are two main dialects of Elvish in Glantri: the Erewan/Alfheim dialect and the Belcadizian dialect. The Erewan dialect is not so removed from its original dialect from Alfheim. With the recent influx of Alfheim refugees, the Erewan dialect may return to its Alfheim form.
Belcadizian, though still recognisable as Elvish, is so far removed from other derivatives of Elvish. It is said to have much similarities with, and probably influence from, the languages in the Savage Baronies.

The Boldavian dialect of Traladaran (RW Hungarian) originated from the Traladaran tongue of Karameikos. It is a sombre and depressing dialect spoken in the gloomy lands of Boldavia in northeast Glantri.
The Krondaharan dialect of Ethengarian (RW Turkish) is derived from the language of the Ethengar barbarians. it is much more refined and sophisticated than its counterpart in the Steppes, and is also heavy in mystical and magical terms.

There are several humanoid languages spoken in New Kolland also: (in order of prominence) kobold, orcish, goblin, hobgoblin, ogrish, gnollish, and troll.

Laterran Languages.
Three languages originate from Laterre in the Dimension of Myth.
Sylaire (RW French) is spoken in western Glantri, in the territories of Nouvelle Averoigne and Morlay-Malinbois.
Kaelic (RW Scottish) is a minor dialect of Fensland in Laterre, but has grown into a full language in Klantyre.
Fenswick (RW British) is derived from the Fen language of Fensland, but has since degenerated into a minor tongue in Mystara. (Some scholars even considered it a dialect of Kaelic.) It is not spoken outside the Fenswick territories and its written form is only known by Fenswick aristocrats.

Other languages spoken in Glantri are as follows:
Common Thyatian, referred to as "Imperial Thyatian"
Common Alphatian, referred to as "Imperial Alphatian"
Elvish (Shadow elf dialect)