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Glantri map geographic references

by Simone Neri

* Barony of Dovehold (from Dungeon Magazine #26).
The text says: "Fredrikka of Dovehold (9th-level Glantrian sorceress) . This young lady recently graduated from the Great School of Magic in Glantri City and has since been travelling throughout the Known World in search of adventure. Her parents rule the obscure barony of Dovehold in a wooded valley of the Wendarian Ranges far to the north."
The Barony should be located in one of the forested valleys of the Wendarian Ranges; I'd choose the ones nearer to Uigmuir or Pavlova (they're the ones which can most easily be reached).

Source: "Caravan Guards" D&D Expert Set adventure by Stephen J. Smith (in Dungeon Magazine #26 [November/December 1990, Vol. V, No. 2, page 36).

* Barony [unknown name] (from M5).
The text says: "The youngest son of a baron from the Principalities of Glantri, tall, broad-shouldered Ethendril h'Caramore is a warrior's warrior".
I don't think this pregenerated PC is linkable with any of the known Glantrian families (moreover he's a paladin). IMC I made the Caramore family barons of Llandrod, which is located in the north-western isolated hexes of plains which should control the trade road going to Wendar.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Master Game Adventure "M5 - Talons of Night" by Paul Jaquays (TSR 9214, 1987, page 48).

* Barony [unknown name] (from PC2).
This one comes from the title "Baron" which is held by one major NPC from the "Heart of Darkness" adventure, Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel. The text reads "Baron Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel (alias the musician, Boris Vasiliev), Glantrian Nosferatu Noble". He's a 16th-level nosferatu-wizard (and a Necromancer), but also a pawn of Morphail. Likely his domain should be located in Boldavia (IMC I called it Tamoshek and put it south-east of Mariksen).

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Creature Crucible Official Game Accessory "PC2 - Top Ballista" by Carl Sargent (TSR 9255, 1989, page 15 in "Adventures Booklet").

* Daelzun's Rest and neighbouring locations (from CM8)
The module's suggested location is "on a road somewhere on the Principalities of Glantri, at least four days' ride from Glantri City". On the Italian MMB we thought the best location for the module (which should be set around the AC 840s, as there are clerics around in Glantri) could be in the forested slopes of the Wendarian Ranges, north of Aalban or Bergdhoven. The historical events told in the module and regarding Baron Elktazar and other characters should have instead happened around AC 550, still in this same region.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Companion Game Adventure "CM8 - The Endless Stair" by Ed Greenwood (TSR 9192, 1987, pages 2 and following).

* Wood's Hollow village and the ruined Temple of the Golden Fountain (from Dungeon Magazine #39)
The village is the starting point of the adventure "The Golden Fountain", and it lays beyond a forest, in an area exposed to humanoid raids (the village was attacked by orcs before the adventure). After seven miles along a rough and overgrown track, from the village can be reached the ruined Temple of the Golden Fountain, seat of a fountain with magical healing powers and abandoned in AC 861 (the temple was devoted to the Immortal Ariana - aka Alphatia - and her cult here was called the Order of the Golden Fountain).
The village can be placed, according to the adventure, in "a sparsely settled area of the Principalities of Glantri".

Source: "The Fountain of Health" D&D adventure by Ann Dupuis (in Dungeon Magazine #39 [January/February 1992, Vol. VII, No. 3, pages 32-33 and 35).

* Village of Sarsdell (from BSOLO).
Well, the location of this one is uncertain - probably it should be in Darokin at the borders of the Broken Lands, in the neighbourhood of Corunglain. But placing it in Glantri (Bramyra area or so) could be another possibility.
The indications the friend of the PC gives him on page 7 say: "Follow the Streel River east for six days, and then hike north for two. After eight days, you should be able to see that great stone lion rising from the plain", and below the module says "You cross the river by ferry and turn east to walk along the river. The great grassland of the Ethengar
Khanate stretches out ahead of you".
Now, there's no part of the Streel river along the Glantri-Ethengar border, crossing which you could find immediately within Ethengar, so probably the module skips the travel of the PC through the eastern trail passing through the Broken Land and only starts telling the story once the PC enters the steppes. This reasoning is consistent with the travel times given in the module (6 days following the Streel on the trail - that is about 324 miles unencumbered and at speed x1,5 thanks to the trail - then turning north in the Kaeruts' lands and walking for additional 2 days = 6 hexes). The Lion Castle should be found in the 8-m hex above the "Gr.." of the "Sea of Grass" label in the poster map of GAZ12.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Official Basic Solo Adventure "BSOLO - Ghost of Lion Castle" by Merle M. Rasmussen (TSR 9097, 1984, pages 7-8).