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More Glantrian Magic

by Ohad Shaham

Tatyana's Droplet of Blood

level: 2
range: 1km per level of caster
duration: until dispelled
AoE: one person

This is Lady Tatyana Gorevitch-Woszlany's (Morphail's sister) to the Charm Person spell.

This requires a drop of blood from the caster to be consumed in some way by the target. If the target swallows the blood he/she should throw a save against spells at -2 penalty or fall madly in love with the caster. (gender is not an issue).

The charmed target gets no additional saves and will remain in love until killed, attacked by the caster or gets in mortal danger because of the caster. This spell is dispelled normally.

Vanserie's Flaming Exit

Level: 8
Range: 0 (caster only) and same plane (see below)
Duration : instantaneous
AoE: caster
save: half damage

This spell is known by high levelled Flaemish nobles but has also been used by non Flaems and non Glantrians in the past. It was invented by Vanserie Vlaardoen the eighth (grand grandfather of the current prince). It is actually a combination of two "common" spells.

The spell is often used as the last resort, when the wizard has to abandon the battle site.

When cast the spell has the effect of "teleport without error" affecting the caster, only the remaining enemies receive a special "gift" from the aborting caster- a full strength fireball explodes centring on the previous location of the caster.

Angus' Soul to Soul

level: 4
range: 10'
duration: permanent until dispelled
AoE: the caster's and another's soul.
Save: negates (if desired)

This spell was created by the boy-genius Angus McGregor. This spell requires one living sentient human/humanoid. if the recipient is a willing one (rarely the case) the spell requires no special preparations and no saving throw.

If the victim objects he/she must be strapped to a previously made altar and oiled with wolf's bile.

When cast the caster and the recipient (if failed a save against spells) switch bodies.

Each soul retains all its knowledge and mental abilities but has the physical abilities of the new body.

The spell lasts until dispelled in some manner which will cause the souls to immediately switch bodies again.

Carnelia's Illusionary Lesson

level: 4
range: 20' (7 meters)
duration: 1 turn per level
AoE: all within range
Save: at(-4) + special

This spell was created by the enchanting "Marquesa del Alhambra"- Dona Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias.

She Uses this spell mainly when she needs to "prove a point".

This sophisticated illusion creates a 3 dimensional audible illusion, totally under the casters control.

the illusion may also extend to the edges of the illusion creating 3 dimensional objects of unlimited size and distance (like a 3 dimensional movie). Touch, smell and taste are not affected and the creatures in range can suffer no damage from the illusion.

Every creature may save at -4 in order to disbelieve the illusion. However every intelligent being will begin to understand the illusion if he tries to touch anything or notices the lack of substances and smells.

The illusion is limited only by the imagination of the caster. No artistic know-how is required as the illusion is fed from the mind of the caster.

Sinaria's Soundwaves of Power

Lady Sinaria Verilien, the Countess of High Sonden, has developed a series of spells based on the power of sound.

She is very proud of her work and teaches it in the Great School of Magic, although the higher levelled versions are only known to some Flaemish nobles. Each spell has its own frequency and pitch but they all look like a cone of coloured waves starting at the casters extended palm and ending at the spells range.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Annoying Shriek

Level: 2
Range: 50' (16 meters)
Duration: 1 round per level
AoE: all creatures within a cone ending 20' across.
Save: no

This high pitched long disturbing sound will cause a lot of unease to all living things within range.

All within range will suffer -2 to attacks rolls for the spell duration.

Animals or monster with animal intelligence may become enraged or flee (DMs decision).

Spell casters need to perform an intelligence check in order to successfully cast a spell.

The same is required in order to maintain concentration.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Stunning Boom

level: 3
range: 100' (30 meters)
duration: instantaneous
AoE: all creatures within cone ending at 50' across
Save: spells at -2

This loud boom will cause 1d6 points of damage to all within range (no save) which will cause lost of concentration.

All within the AoE most also save versus spells at -2 penalty or be stunned unable to attack or move for 1d3 rounds.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Combustion

level: 3
range: 50'
duration: instantaneous
AoE: all wooden and flammable materials in a cone ending at 50'

This subsonic noise will cause all wooden or otherwise flammable objects to combust and burn. The fire thus created is normal and any creature in contact with it will suffer regular fire damage.

* as a fire elementalist Sinaria casts this version of the spell at level 2. To non pyromancers this spell is cast at level 3.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Shattering

level: 4
range: 50'
duration:1 round
AoE : one kind of material within cone ending at 50' across

When this spell is used the caster has to chose a frequency and pitch affecting one kind of non magical material (glass, metal, stone etc').

All objects composed of this material within the cone of affect, will be damaged to some extent. If the object is smaller then 10'x10'x10' it will shatter to pieces. if larger serious cracks will appear and the object will be very susceptible to damage.

example- a brick wall may be cracked to an extent that one hit with a battering ram will break it.

This is extremely efficient against metal weapon carrying opponents.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Disturbing Tune

level: 5
range: 100'
duration: 5 rounds
AoE: all creatures within cone ending at 50' across

This repetitive 3 note melody, can cause sentient beings to go insane. All creatures in AoE must save versus spells or suffer the effects similar to a Confusion spell.

At the end of 5 rounds all effected creatures must make a wisdom check. If this fails the recipient suffers from minor insanity (the DM decides exactly what will happen) for 1d100 days.

*If you are using Geoff's insanity rules, this is a good opportunity to use them.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Deafening Rumble

level: 6
range: 180' (60 meters)
duration: special
AoE: a cone ending at 90' across
save: spells at -2

This spell has similar effect to Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Stunning Boom, except for these:

The damage taken is 1d20+10 (no save).

Those failing the save versus spells at -2 are not only stunned for 1d3 rounds but also become deaf for 1d20 days.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Charming Melody

level: 7
range: 200' (70 meters)
duration: special
AoE: all creatures within cone ending at 100' across
save: spells at -2

This short beautiful sound will cause all within AoE to become charmed as in the Charm Monster spell. There is no limit on the amount of creatures being charmed. If cast on less than 3 creatures of the same race the recipients are penalised with -3 to their saving throw.

Sinaria's Soundwave of Power- Earthquake

level: 8
range: 300' +10' per level
duration: 1 round
AoE: an area of 300'x300'
save: no

This subsonic noise is directed at the ground. This will cause a major earthquake at the AoE.

Buildings will crack and fall, caves will collapse and giant holes will open in the ground.

There is no save against this spell. The DM should decide on a case by case basis the damage caused to creatures and equipment.