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Night Out in Glantri - Part I

by Kit Navarro

AC 1016. Glantri City.

"It's a Nytdain night, Sean! We have to go out!" cried the young Krondaharan.

"Yeah, Sean," echoed the other Krondaharan, younger than the first, but taller and larger in build. "A night out on the town is in order! Let's go out and have some fun!"

Sean McAllister studied the two Krondaharans who had invaded his city apartments, just across the Great School of Magic. They were both Virayanas, cousins of sorts, though their physical differences even made that hard to believe. Their fathers were half-brothers and themselves cousins-or half-cousins-to the recently deceased Prince Jherek Virayana IV. Despite their princely lineage, they were far from inheritors to the throne of Krondahar. And a good thing too, thought Sean.

The elder of the two, Goibban, was irresponsible and hedonistic, while the larger Orkajin, was a bit slow in the head and preferred the sword to the wand. Sean kept their company because they were amiable enough, but more importantly, because they could afford the same kind of fun that appealed to Sean and other decadent Glantrian nobles. He did not think much of their character.

"Sean's idea of fun will probably get you jailed in the Tower of Sighs for a fortnight, or expelled from the Great School-but then again, considering how poor your grades are, you can do that on your own."

Goibban and Orkajin tried to protest this insult, but could not think of a quick retort. They simultaneous turned their faces to their detractor, Goibban with a sneer, Orkajin with his mouth gawking open.

Sean also turned to study the third young man in this little intrusion of his private quarters.

He sat by the window, thoughtlessly browsing through one of Sean's many old, unread books. The light of the moon was caught in his golden-brown hair, the magical light of the room in his sapphire blue eyes. His features were handsome and manly, but his skin was smooth and flawless like a boy's.

Patric des Ximes came from the Averoignian town of the same name. Though not noble, Patric was distinctly more aristocratic and of nobler sensibilities than Sean's other two guests. Not only that, but behind Patric's striking features was an intelligent mind superior to most Glantrian wizards Sean had met. And behind that keen mind? Sean wondered what secrets and passions lay beneath.

Sean actually liked Patric's company-definitely more so than that of Goibban and Orkajin-and yet Patric always remained aloof, even disdainful of Sean's attentions.

"What sort of fun would you have, Patric?" Sean coaxed.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind, really. Anything you would like."

Sean was unsure if that was a challenge-or an enticement.

"Prince Urmahid has a party tonight! We should go!" Orkajin suggested.

"Ummm... Rejladan would be there... And after our last ball, I don't think ..." Goibban muttered.

Orkajin's face went blank.

"Your guest..." Goibban reminded impatiently.

Orkajin's face remained blank.

"The lady you met at the..."

Orkajin's face was still a blank.

Goibban put his hands above his head, wriggling his fingers like little worms, and made a terrifying mock scowl at Orkajin.

"Oh!" Orkajin replied-finally. Goibban gave an exasperated sigh of relief.

"Well, I didn't know she was a medusa!" protested the big lug.

"Yehah! Not even after she petrified our gondolier, two guardsmen, the herald, three servants, four guests, and one very unlucky familiar! She even poisoned Rejladan's valet and would have gotten the rest of his entourage, if I hadn't pointed out the serpents sticking out of her headdress!"

"Well, it was your idea to bring her along..." grumbled Orkajin defensively.

"Boys! Boys! Please!" Sean scolded. He had just had about it with their endless, mindless prattle.

"We will not go to anymore Krondaharan parties," Sean ordered, "or any other party some hobnobbing, kibitzing, playing genteel Glantrian noble."

Sean took a more commanding, somewhat bullying manner. In the corner of his eye, he could see Patric smile.

"Besides, I am sick of Urmahid's insipid ideas of extravagance..."

"So," Patric inquired, his sudden interest and charming smile taking Sean aback, "where do you plan to go?"

Sean managed to smile back at Patric-that naughty, slightly sinister, impish smile he was known for-and boldly replied, "The Bastet!"