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Night Out in Glantri - Epilogue

by Kit Navarro

Dawn was breaking. Nina had spent most of the night worrying and was about to retire, when she heard the light patter of small feet. She saw Marco enter the room they shared.

"The master will be furious if he found out!" she scolded in a muffled hiss.

"Tutt'altro, Nina, he was pretty pleased that I went with him to the Bastet tonight! But I'll tell you tomorrow"

As Marco lay down, Nina noticed a wet blot on his small jacket.

"Marco!" Nina said in alarm, "That's not blood, is it? Are you..."

Then, her heightened sense of smell then gave her a hint of what the odious stain was.

"You didn't wet yourself, did you?" Nina teased the small boy.

"No," Marco chuckled, somewhat like a gurgling baby, "My last victim pissed on himself."

"And on you, apparently," Nina stated, as she lay down to rest.

"Nothing a bit of finery and freshness can't fix!" said Marco, chuckling again as he spoke the magic words of the said spell.

The wet spot disappeared.

Marco closed the lid of his child-sized coffin as he lay for a good day's sleep.