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Glantri Nobles

by Andrew Theisen

Okay- figured out my rationales last night:

John Beaumarys-Moorkroft: We all seem to be agreed that he becomes the new Archduke of Westheath.

New Duke of Hightower: My rationale at the time (before 1012PWA), which I still hold to be sound, is that Eachainn McDougall (described as an old warhorse) would maintain his position on the other side of Skullhorn Pass, in order to provide a non-Ethengarian (or Glantrian/Ethengarian) counter to Urmahid Krinagar. Most of the nobles- including Jaggar- would likely have supported his stay here, either by voting against any attempts of him to move, or by encouraging him to stay.

That being said, it seems to be at least acceptable canon (PWA1012) that Eachainn McDougall has moved. In that case, he is the New Duke of Hightower.

New Marquis of Dunvegan The only ones I can think of that would want to move are: Alasdair McAllister, Sinaria Verlien, Emeth Urbaal, and Aliana Nyraviel. That being the case, here's my rationale of their backing:

Alasdair: 16 (Crownguard) + 25 (Sylaire)
Sinaria: 17 (Linden)
Emeth: 22 (Silverston)
Aliana: 21 (Ellerovyn) + 16 (Ritterburg) + 25 (Singhabad) + 16 (Bramyra)

Notes: Igorov abstains. Sylaire backs McAllister (a fellow member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance). Sirecchia abstains, though I could see him backing McAllister. Ritterburg, Singhabad, and Bramyra (if allowed, he's the new Prince), would all (IMO) back the most militarily qualified person- that being Aliana Nyraviel and her militia of Griffon mounted knights. Alhambra wouldn't back Aliana, and if they didn't abstain, their vote still wouldn't be enough to reach the 80 required.

The issue goes to Parliament, and I don't see any of the contenders getting a 2/3 majority. Looks like it's a duel between McAllister (M13 and Radiance user) and Nyraviel (E9 and 2nd circle Blue Dracologist). I don't know who I'd bet on, personally.

For argument's sake, let's assume for some reason Nyraviel didn't want the position. Then McAllister is the likely new Marquis of Dunvegan. Virayana is surrounded by Klantyrians... he'd better watch his step. :)

New Count of Glenargyll

This is where it gets interesting. :)

Candidates: Rowena Krollnar, Arbana Jerbat (though a good point is made about her being too far away to spy on Volospin, though I note that she is also here to spy on Glantrian secrets, not just the Aendyrs, though that is a primary goal), Griseo Fulvina, and Antonio di Tarento.


Rowena: 17 (Linden) + 25 (Sylaire) + 15 (Igorov) + 16 (Ritterburg) + ?
Arbana: 22 (Silverston)
Griseo: ?
Antonio: 16 (Sirecchia)

Notes: Sirecchia votes for Tarento, IMO. Fulvina is described as a "follower" of Innocenti's, whereas Innocenti has a "favoured customer status" with Tarento. Since these are secret ballots, I say Innocenti backs Tarento- though of course he'll tell both that they had his sole support. ;)

Sylaire and Igorov, IMO, back Rowena. Primarily because both Etienne and Morphail are the types to be influenced by a charming lady such as she- not just because she's described as beautiful, but because they are charming, socialite types themselves, and would have more reason to interact with her and be won over by her. IMO.

I don't see Alhambra as being terribly concerned, though I could see Carnelia voting for someone other than Rowena (probably Arbana) just because she is catty and doesn't care for the competition of a beautiful lady.

Ritterburg backs Rowena for a twofold reason- none of the candidates is suitably militarily qualified, but she is neither Alphatian nor Thyatian, and doesn't have any particular enmities therein. Also, her leaving would vacate Berrym, which opens that for Herr Lowenroth, and opens the barony of Adlerturm- which can then be filled with a new Baron who is (hopefully) Loyal to House Ritterburg, giving Jaggar nearly complete control over the territories around Aalban.

At any rate, that leaves Rowena only 7 votes short of the required 80, with many Houses still left to cast a vote. IMO, then, Rowena Krollnar becomes the New Countess of Glenargyll.

New Viscount of Berrym

The candidates: Franz Lowenroth. Both Pieter Vandehaar and Isabella de Montebello decline to run, as the Principality of Sablestone (which isn't enfeoffed until next year) is still being considered by the Council.

It isn't a complete victory until the votes come in, but:

Franz: 16 (Ritterburg) + 15 (Igorov) + 16 (Klantyre) + 17 (Linden) + ?

Notes: Klantyre and Linden toss their votes in with Lowenroth, as that opens up a vacant Barony that they can hopefully instil their supporters into (in prime territory; near their dominions). Igorov... I forget what their rationale was, exactly, but I know I had one.

At any rate, even if he doesn't win at Council, I believe Lowenroth could take it in Parliament. Therefore, Franz Lowenroth is the New Viscount of Berrym.

Which leaves the Vacant Barony of Adlerturm for prospective newcomers to take. And they will likely be heavily petitioned by Houses Ritterburg, Linden, and Klantyre at the least.