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Glantrian Nobles v3

by Aleksei Andrievski

Once again, here's the 3rd version of Glantrian nobles' advancement. I'm trying to find a result that would be acceptable to all (or most ;) list members and would make it into the Almanac. Of course, everyone does what he wants in his campaign...

1003 AC:

Urmahid Krinagar, C. of Skullhorn, establishes Principality of Bramyra. Since it is in the same area as his county, there are no other changes. His CV and PV are 16, while P. Jherek's PV reduces by 6 to 33 (note that some voting points were calculated incorrectly in GAZ3).

1004 AC:

Harald of Haaskinz, A. of Westheath, establishes Principality of Sablestone. This is where things get interesting. Barony of Kern is established for Harald. Westheath is up for grabs. People generally agree that John Moorkroft is the new Archduke, Eachainn McDougall becomes the Duke of Hightower, and Alasdair McAllister becomes the Marquis of Dunvegan.

The above changes the voting points as follows: Sirecchia loses 9 points from PV, reducing it to 26; Singhabad gains 1 point, rising to PV of 34. McGregor loses 1 point from his CV, reducing it to 15. Crownguard's PV rises to 35.

Next comes County of Glenargyll.

Ezechiel of Nathrat is out (he has special interests in his current dominion), as well as Diane of Malinbois (she simply doesn't care). Rolf of Blofeld doesn't want to go that far away as transporting his precious constructs would be difficult. Gilles of Fausseflammes also does not want to move that far, besides his dominion is nice and larger than usual. Griseo Fulvina won't compete because his assignment is to spy on Agostino di Malapietra in Ylourgne, and Verazzano is closer to the fortress than Glenargyll.

We then have Redstone, Bergen and Castelbianco. The votes:

Arbana: 22 (Volospin)
Rowena: 17 (Vanserie) +25 (Etienne) +17 (Jaggar) = 59
Antonio: 16 (Innocenti) +15 (Morphail) +25 (Jherek) +16 (Urmahid) = 72

* Etienne hates Sirecchia, so he votes for Rowena (he always had good relations with Flaems).

* Jaggar votes against Sirecchia and Silverston.

* Morphail votes for Antonio because he hates Linden and Silverston, and hopes to use Antonio in the future.

* Jherek and Urmahid would vote against Linden, but Jherek has this philosophy of female inferiority, so the Ethengarians vote for Antonio. I don't think they know that Antonio is the head of the thugs, and his shadiness is not proof alone, after all, how many Glantrian nobles are *not* shady?

* Carlotina abstains as she does not consider any of the three worthy.

* Harald abstains as he does not want to support Antonio, but neither does he want to alienate Sirecchia (to whom he's still grateful); and generally, he prefers to stay pretty much out of the treacherous politics IMO.

None is the clear winner, but Antonio would need only one vote to win, so if you don't want to deal with the Parliament mess, have either Brannart or Carnelia vote for him.

Right, then the barons compete for viscounty of Castelbianco. Obviously, all the undead barons of Boldavia and Klantyre will not be competing. Malachie du Marais can also be left out. That leaves us with Franz of Adlerturm, Isabella of Egorn, and Pieter of Oxhill.

Franz: 17 (Jaggar), +21 (Carlotina) = 38
Isabella: 18 (Carnelia), +25 (Jherek), +16 (Urmahid), +22 (Volospin) +16 (Innocenti) = 97
Pieter: 17 (Vanserie)

* Jherek and Urmahid, obviously, vote against Ritterburg and Linden.

* Same goes for Volospin.

* Carlotina votes against Linden and Alhambra.

* Innocenti votes against Ritterburg and likely for Alhambra, to oppose Sylaire.

* Etienne abstains (he dislikes Pieter because of his violent methods, but does not wish to alienate Linden by voting against him). Even if he votes for Pieter, there is no affect of the outcome.

* Brannart abstains (he's not interested - none of these candidates immediately benefit his enemies Morphail or Etienne).

* Both Morphail and Harald also abstain since they have no interest in this case.

Isabella is the winner and the new V. of Castelbianco. Alhambra now has a PV of 30.

The Barony of Egorn is now available to a new noble. Either use Gerrid Rientha from GKoM, or give it to a PC/NPC of your campaign.

1005 AC:

Malachie du Marais marries Diane de Moriamis and becomes P. of Morlay-Malinbois. His CV and PV are 15 (10 from prince, 5 from viscount). Barony of Morlay ceases to exist. The PV of House Sylaire is reduced to 36.

After the declaration of war, Carlotina Erewan loses the title of Chamberlain (reducing her CV to 17 and PV to 28), and Jaggar von Drachenfels gets the title (increasing his CV to 21 and PV to 37; note that he is also Viceroy of Nordling).

1006 AC: The meteor strikes! All the Silverston nobles die; Caurenze and allied dominions of Erewan (Nathrat and Soth-Kabree) are destroyed. Ouch. Ellerovyn's PV is reduced to 17.

Antonio of Glenargyll and Griseo of Verazzano join House of Haaskinz, raising its PV to 29.

Since there is a shortage of baronies, the Council decides to abolish the viceroyalty of Ylourgne (nobody attacks from that direction anyway) and establish a barony there. Vincienzo di Randazzi wins the dominion (or, you can give it to a PC). He joins the house of Marais, raising their PV to 19.

Urmahid Krinagar is appointed the new Chancellor, raising his CV and PV to 22.

Margaret of Fenswick does not join any house, preferring to mourn Prince Volospin.

1008 AC:

Vanserie and Wilhelmine Vlaardoen die of the plague. Juliana inherits Bergdhoven.

It is unclear as to who gets the title of Treasurer, since later Dolores Hillsbury apparently gets it. We'll assume that Juliana holds the title for the time being.

1009 AC:

Etienne d'Ambreville disappears. Isidore inherits New Averoigne, but Harald of Haaskinz gets the Grand Master position. Isidore's new CV is 15 and PV is 26; Harald's are 24 and 39, respectively. There is also a brief struggle between Isidore and Henri.

1010 AC:

Margaret Hillsbury dies and Dolores appears. Fenswick is made a principality.

Since Juliana Vlaardoen is not very experienced yet, she loses the title of Treasurer and Dolores gets it to herself. Dolores' CV and PV are 20; Juliana's are 15 and 30.

1011 AC:

Jaggar loses the title of Chamberlain to Isidore. Jaggar's CV and PV are 17 and 33, Isidore's are 19 and 30.

Kol becomes P. of New Kolland. Dolores' influence is such that he gets to create a *viscounty* of Blackstone. His CV and PV are 15.

1012 AC:

Mirn Krollnar replaces his mother Rowena as Viscount of Bergen (GKoM). Sergei Wutyla inherits his brother Laszlo's Barony of Mariksen and breaks off from House Igorov (GKoM).

Etienne d'Ambreville reappears, although it is not widely known. In the future, he may reclaim his principality from Isidore, but it remains to be seen.

Council voting power as of 1012 AC:
Jherek 25
Harald 24
Urmahid 22
Dolores 20
Isidore 19
Carnelia 18
Jaggar 17
Carlotina 15
Brannart 15
Morphail 15
Juliana 15
Malachie 15
Kol 15

Parliament voting power as of 1012 AC:
Haaskinz 39
Singhabad 34
Crownguard 34
Ritterburg 33
Igorov 35 (with Mariksen)/31 (without)
Linden 30
Sylaire 30
Alhambra 30
Krinagar 22
Fenswick 20
Marais 19
Ellerovyn 17
Kol 15

For comparison, Singhabad + Krinagar = 56, Sylaire + Marais = 49, and Fenswick + Kol = 35.

Anyway, we also seem to be in agreement that Isabella de Montebello will become a Viscountess. The only argument here is of which Viscounty (Bergen, Castelbianco, or Redstone). ;) Also remember that whoever is the ruler of Redstone dies, and I'd rather kill off ugly old hag Arbana than beautiful young Isabella. ;)