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GLANTRI (Principalities of)

Location: North of Darokin, south of Wendar, west of the Ethengar Khanates.

Area: 116,650 sq. mi. (302,124 sq. km.).

Population: 590,000 humans and elves, plus approximately 11,000 humanoids living in and around the Great Crater (previous estimates of their numbers were inaccurate). Population figures are down due to the recent war with Ethengar.

Languages: Thyatian (Glantrian dialect), Alphatian (Flaemish dialect), Elvish (Belcadiz and Erewan dialects), Sylaire (aka Averoignian, a.k.a. French), Traladaran, Ethengar and numerous goblinoid languages.

Coinage: Crown (pp), ducat (gp), sovereign (sp), penny (cp).

Taxes: Quarterly income tax of 10% as well as a hearth tax of 1 ducat per household. Also, almost every activity-including speaking in public, carrying weapons, wearing armour and spellcasting-requires a license of some sort with fees ranging up to 50 ducats a year for each activity.

Government Type: Magocracy, ruled by a wizards' council. Only mages can be nobles, and their voting power in the council is determined by their rank (prince, duke, count, etc.).

Industries: Agriculture, alchemy, magic, metallurgy, mining.

Important Figures: Jaggar von Drachenfels (Prince of Aalban, human, male, M24), Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias (Princess of Belcadiz, elf, female, F12/M18), Juliana Vlaardoen (Princess of Bergdhoven, human, female, M14), Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany (Prince of Boldavia, human, male, M19), Urmahid Krinagar (Prince of Bramyra, human, male, M14/T5), Carlotina Erewan (Princess of Erewan, elf, female, M18), Dolores Hillsbury (Princess of Fenswick, human, female, M20), Brannart McGregor (Prince of Klantyre, human, male, M20), Lan-Syn Virayana (Princess of Krondahar, human, female, M16), Kol (Prince of New Kolland, kobold, male, WD7), Isidore d'Ambreville (Princess of Nouvelle Averoigne, human, female, M11), Malachie du Marais (Prince of Morlay-Malinbois, human, male, M11), Harald of Haaskinz (Prince of Sablestone and Grand Master of the School of Magic, human, male, M17).

Flora and Fauna: Because of the magical interference and summoning of countless mages, almost any plant, animal, or creature-whether native to Mystara or not-can be found within the principalities.

Further Reading: GAZ3 The Principalities of Glantri, PC4 Night Howlers, Glantri: Kingdom of Magic boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Hempford Brewster.

Located in central Glantri, northwest o' Glantri City, Nouvelle Averoigne be one o' the oddest an' most unique principalities in all the land.

The Land

The Isoile River cuts right through the middle o' Nouvelle Averoigne. To the south be mostly grassy hills. Only about a third o' the population lives there, mostly right around the Isoile an' the Tarn River to the south. Farmers herd goats an' sheep in the hills, an' the town o' Périgon carries on most o' the trade between the county o' Fausseflammes an' the town o' Ximes further downstream. The weavin' trade be especially prevalent in this region.

Between the Isoile an' the Loir river to the north be the Vale o' Garnath. The vale be mostly rich farmland, an' the best vineyards in all Glantri be found here. North o' the Loir, in the free territories, be mainly wooded hills-an' run afoul with werewolves. Most peoples say they come from up north, in Morlay-Malinbois, an' I believe 'em. They don't call that place the "Valley o' Wolves" fer no reason. The only woods in Nouvelle Averoigne proper be the Forêt de l'Ardenne, north and west by Château Sylaire.

The People

The Averoignians be a strange bunch. Most of 'em talk in some language I ain't heard outside o' Glantri-I'd almost believe they did come from another world, like the story goes. And rude, too-they're almost as bad as 'em Belcadiz elves, what with thinkin' like they're so much better'n everyone else. They be pretty smart though-they got more schools in Nouvelle Averoigne than in any two other principalities combined! An' they do some pretty good theatre, too, if you're into that sort o' thing. Me, I'll stick to the wineries.

Recent History

Etienne's disappearance during the Great War caused quite a stir among the d'Ambrevilles. The scramble for the succession had the family at one another's throats like hadn't been seen since before the mists came an' took 'em way back then. By the time the dust settled, Isidore d'Ambreville was the winner, an' the rest o' the family seemed ta fall in line. Rumour has it, though, that somethin's gotten under their bonnets again, that they don't want no outsiders knowing about. Leastways, some o' the family've been calling together their old allies and havin' a lot o' meetin's. Somethin's up for sure.

On another note, seems André-David's been lettin' up on the weres in the land. 'Stead o' killin' them werewolves outright, like he useta, he's been capturin' 'em. No one seems quite sure o' the whys an' wherefores, but I heard its been buggin' 'em lupins what been workin' with 'im for years.

Don't Miss

The grand Forêt de l'Ardenne be one o' the oldest stretches o' woods in Glantri. It be under the protection o' André-David de Forêt, the huntsman o' Nouvelle Averoigne. Him an' his forest guards've cultivated the wood for centuries, keepin' it like it were when man first came ta Glantri. There be absolutely no loggin', an' huntin' permits're rare and none between. Them what's tries anyway can be found hangin' from the trees along the border-an' not 'cause they committed suicide, neither. Still, it be one o' the safest places to be in Glantri-so long as yer friends with André-David. The only place o' note in the forest is Château Sylaire itself-home o' the nutty d'Ambreville clan.