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Fairly Complete Glantri Timeline

by Andrew Theisen

Well, I received a number of requests for this, so here it is; everything (to my knowledge) ever published on Glantri timeline dates. Here are a couple of notes:

c.- My circa dates, for the large part, tend to mean +/- 5 years from the given date. This is just sort of arbitrary on my part.


HW=Hollow World Boxed Set; GAZ# = self explanatory; CoM = Champions of Mystara Boxed Set; DoM = Dragonlord of Mystara; DKoM = Dragonking of Mystara; GKoM = Glantri: Kingdom of Magic Boxed Set; JA = Joshuan's Almanac; PWA(year)=self explanatory; PC# = Creature Crucible #

3500 BC: 4 Southern elf clans (Celebryl, Felistyr, Porador, and Gelbalf), move to Glantri. They war and trade with Blackmoor.(GAZ13)

3000 BC: Great Rain of Fire; Blackmoor is obliterated. Survivors of the elven colony in Blackmoor flee into the newly-formed Broken Lands and below the surface. Temporary ice-age in Glantri.(GAZ13)

2200 BC: Some elves break off from Ilsundal's migration and eventually find their way to the frozen valleys of Glantri, where they settle. A few survivors from the second migration from Vulcania also reach Glantri and settle among their cousins.(HW)

Among these migrants are the Truedyl clan (ie, the future Gentle Folk); another clan will eventually become the Icevale elves; Still more will become the Schattenalfen.(HW, by extrapolation)

1700 BC: Local cataclysm. The elves disappear and the Broken Lands become unstable.(GAZ3)

800 BC: The ice finally recedes to the north of Glantri.(HW)

c.528BC: A few Sheyallia elves, fleeing the Serpent Peninsula and the Plain of Fire, settle in Glantri.(CoM)

395 AC: The Flaems colonise the lands; the Radiance is discovered in Glantri.(GAZ3)

Glantri is ruled by a Council of Dukes and Wizards; Seven Duchies under the jurisdiction of an Archduchy.(DoM)

400 AC: The Flaems discover that other, enemy Alphatians are in possession of the mighty Alphatian Empire to the east.(HW)

450 AC: The city of Braejr is built.(GAZ3)

490 AC: Dragonlord of Mystara.

495 AC: Dragonking of Mystara; Glantri is now a kingdom.(DKoM)

525 AC: Joint expedition with Darokin into Broken Lands; Chief Sitting Drool is captured.(GAZ10)

526 AC: Peace treaty between Sitting Drool's hordes and Glantri/Darokin. (GAZ10)

595 AC: Ethengar raiders oppose the Flaemish in numerous skirmishes; the Khan's horsemen are driven out.(GAZ3)

645 AC: Ethengar attempts a major invasion but is defeated at Skullhorn Pass.(GAZ3)

662 AC: The Flaemish attempt to invade Ethengar, but the expeditionary force is utterly massacred in the steppes.(GAZ3)

c.700AC: Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany is born.(JA)

700 AC: The Erewan faction of the Erendyl clan leaves Alfheim for Glantri.(GAZ5)

720 AC: Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany is cursed by Alphaks and becomes a nosferatu.(GAZ3)

728 AC: The d'Ambrevilles and their vassals arrive from Old Averoigne, establishing a French-like culture in the wooded valleys of northwestern Glantri.(PC4)

Rumours of good lands in western Glantri lure the disgruntled Thyatian survivors of destroyed Alasiyan colonies. They decide to pioneer there. (DotE)

730 AC: Settlers come to Glantri; frictions between Flaems and settlers. (GAZ3)

Settlers to Glantri include fair elves, and humans from Traladara and Thyatian colonies in Ylaruam.(HW)

743 AC: The d'Ambrevilles bring more settlers from their mysterious homeworld. House Crownguard also uses this magical passage to Glantri.(GKoM)

784 AC: A Thyatian settler kills a Flaemish lord; war is declared.(GAZ3)

785 AC: Battle of Braejr; settlers are driven south of the Vesubia.(GAZ3)

786 AC: Arrival of Halzunthram.(GAZ3)

788 AC: The Flaemish are defeated at the Battle of Braastar; Halzunthram captures the council; Glantri becomes an Alphatian dominion; elves become independent; the Flaemish revolt.(GAZ3)

The Treaty of 788 gives the south to the elves, the north to the Flaems, and the west to other settlers.(GAZ3)

c.800AC: Fernando de Casanegra is born.(GAZ3)

802 AC: Gold Rush; plague; Years of Infamy.(GAZ3)

Plague is sent by the Immortal Yagrai, spreading to Glantri.(GAZ10)

805 AC: Dwarves fleeing the anti-dwarf policies of Glantri establish small communities in the mountains of Nagpuri, Gunjab, and Peshmir.(CoM)

812 AC: Carnelia de Fedorias is born.(JA)

828 AC: The dwarves are expelled and Lord Alexander Glantri ambushes Halzunthram; the Alphatians are defeated, marking the end of the Forty Years War.(GAZ3)

Many dwarves depart on Guild ships to join the craftsmen of the Minrothad Isles; they settle on Fortress Island.(GAZ9)

829 AC: Lord Glantri founds the Republic of Glantri and reforms the council.(GAZ3)

845 AC: Construction of the Great School of Magic.(GAZ3)

Etienne d'Ambreville discovers the Radiance, and uses it to attain Immortality.(WotI)

858 AC: Nobility reserved for wizards only; council members gain the hereditary title of Prince.(GAZ3)

859 AC: Illegal nobles are expelled and the wizards crush a minor rebellion.(GAZ3)

c.867AC: Gilles Grenier is born in Old Averoigne.(GAZ3)

875 AC: The School of Magic is completed.(GAZ3)

884 AC: After much strife, the Elven Principality divides into Erewan and Belcadiz.(GKoM)

888 AC: Igor Gorevitch-Woszlany is born.(PC2)

896 AC: Chateau d'Ambreville disappears from New Averoigne without a trace, taking the d'Ambrevilles with it.(PC4)

Etienne, 7th Prince of New Averoigne, disappears with his family.(X2)

898 AC: New immigration wave; the population mixes freely; frictions decrease.(GAZ3)

911 AC: Carlotina Erewan is born.(JA)

920 AC: Economic agreement signed between Glantri and Darokin, allowing free passage for all merchant caravans. Business is booming in Glantri City.(GAZ3)

c.925AC: Uthar Aendyr is born.(GAZ3)

927 AC: Brannart McGregor is born.(JA)

c.930AC: Volospin Aendyr is born.(GAZ3)

934 AC: Harald of Haaskinz is born.(JA)

935 AC: Frau Hildegarde is born.(GAZ3)

c.940AC: Glantri arranges an exchange treaty with the goblins of High Gobliny, under the rule of King Oth.(HWA1, with extrapolation w/GAZ10)

943 AC: Rolf von Graustein is born.(GKoM)

945 AC: Jaggar von Drachenfels is born.(JA- notice the discrepancy with his mothers' b-date in 935?!?!?!)

958 AC: Jherek Virayana is born.(JA)

960 AC: Margaret of Hillsbury is born.(PWA1011)

961 AC: Kol XIV is born.(PWA1012)

962 AC: Innocenti di Malapietra is born.(PWA1012)

968 AC: Urmahid Krinagar is born.(JA)

970 AC: Marchioness Mariana Terlagand dies; Guildmaster of Spokesmen, Meister Rannigar Budulug and his accomplice, Narda Shelyn, conceal this fact from the public.(GAZ3)

c.970AC: Thar imprisons Baroness Myra McDuff, has a child by her (Angus McDuff/McClintock), and slays her. Forces from Ft. Nordling drive him and his army back into the mountains. Myra becomes a ghost and perpetuates the belief that she still lives.(GAZ3, GAZ10)

c.975AC: Igor Gorevitch-Woszlany flees Boldavia, having betrayed a number of Prince Morphail's vampire pawns to a pair of paladin vampire-hunters; he adopts the cover Erik Helsing.(PC2)

979 AC: The d'Ambrevilles and their estate return to New Averoigne. Chateau d'Ambreville is destroyed, and the House of Sylaire erected in its place. Sire Malachie du Marais and Dame Genevieve de Sephora enter Glantri from Old Averoigne. An epidemic of wolf lycanthropy begins.(PC4)

980 AC: Arbana Jerbat come to Glantri to live out her old age; in reality, she is an Alphatian spy sent to keep an eye on Prince Aendyr.(GAZ3)

982 AC: Sire Malachie du Marais wins control of the Barony of Morlay deep within the Valley of Wolves.(PC4)

Juliana Vlaardoen is born.(JA)

983 AC: Prince Morgaithe von Drachenfels dies, leaving his heir, Jaggar, to take up his title.(GKoM)

985 AC: Founding of the Canine Protection Society in Glantri.(PC4)

988 AC: Lathan Aendyr is born; Bartolomeo di Malapietra is born.(GAZ3)

989 AC: Prinz Jaggar von Drachenfels marries Frau Gertrud ?, in order to more firmly unite the factions of the family.(GKoM)

990 AC: Don Sancho de Belcadiz is born; Angus McGregor is born.(GAZ3)

991 AC: Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias becomes Princess when her father dies and her husband goes missing.(JA)

994 AC: Several victories against orcs from the Broken Lands earn Prinz Jaggar the title of Warden of the Marches.(GKoM)

Sean McAllister is born; Thylera Aendyr is born.(GAZ3)

999 AC: Dona Maria de Belcadiz marries Don Carlo, constable of New Alvar.(JA)

1003 AC: Bramyra is enfeoffed; Urmahid Krinagar becomes the first Prince of Bramyra.(PC4)

1004 AC: Sablestone is enfeoffed; Harald of Haaskinz becomes the first Prince of Sablestone.(PC4)

1005 AC: Baron Malachie du Marais marries Vicomtesse Diane de Moriamis; soon after, the Viscounty is enfeoffed. Malachie du Marais becomes the first Prince of Morlay-Malinbois.(PC4, GKoM)

1010 AC: The Duchy of Fenswick is enfeoffed; Dolores of Hillsbury becomes the first Princess of Fenswick.(PWA1010)

1011 AC: South Monsterland is enfeoffed; Kol XIV becomes the first Prince of New Kolland.(PWA1011)

Everything else is pretty well documented. Other than that, my timeline consists of a bunch of speculation on birth dates, dates nobles received their dominions, as well as some other stuff that only pertains to another project I'm working on.