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Changes to Glantrian Titles since 1000 AC

by David Knott

Here is a summary of my version of the changes to the balance of power in Glantri after the "status quo" described in Gaz 3:

1002: Barony of Kern is created, and Gerrid Rientha (a friend of Archduke Harald Haaskinz and nominal ally of Prince Innocenti) is named Baron.

1003: Principality of Bramyra is created from County of Skullhorn Pass, and Urmahid Krinagar is named Prince. Archduke Harald Haaskinz, who because of his title is entitled to the next vacant Principality, waives his claim in favour of Urmahid.

1004: Principality of Sablestone is created from Barony of Kern, but Council of Princes is not agreeable to naming Gerrid as Prince. Harald accepts the promotion to Prince on the condition that Gerrid is properly compensated for the loss of his barony. The Council finally agrees to name him Duke of Westheath, thereby forestalling the otherwise inevitable series of Awards Festivals.

Several Glantrian nobles are assassinated at a dinner party that fall, but these assassinations appear to have no long term effects. Presumably either no ruling nobles were killed or those who were killed ruled domains that were destroyed by the meteor.

1005: Principality of Morlay-Malinbois is created from Barony of Morlay and Viscounty of Malinbois. First of two mistakes in GKoM voting totals: Prince Malachie should have one more vote than indicated because his secondary title would be viscount (from Dian's former domain) rather than baron. This increase in voting strength would be more than compensated for by the other error, which resulted in Princess Dolores being denied her ducal votes.

1006: Meteor strike destroys Blackhill, Caurenze, and most of the Erewan allies. Surviving Caurenze allies transfer their allegiance to Sablestone. Fenswick, the only surviving ally of Blackhill, remains independent. Prince Urmahid becomes new Chancellor, either immediately or at some later point prior to 1012 AC.

At some point after this event, Princess Carlotina is deposed from her position as Chamberlain and Jaggar is granted that charge on an acting basis.

1008: Prince Vanserie and his wife die during the plague and are succeeded by their daughter Juliana. The charge of Treasurer passes around in an unclear manner until it is finally awarded to Princess Dolores at some point between 1010 and 1012 AC.

1009: Prince Etienne disappears at end of WotI. Prince Harald becomes new Grand Master of Great School of Magic, and succession to Principality of Nouvelle Averoigne is disputed.

1010: Duchess Margaret is killed and is succeeded by her "daughter" Dolores. Henri d'Ambreville is confirmed as Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne after he captures and imprisons Richard and Isidore. Kol's bid to be named Prince fails; Dolores' bid to be named Princess succeeds. Shortly before end of year Kol is named Lord (Baron) of Blackstone and is asked to subdue the other goblinoids of the Broken Lands before his request to be named as a Glantrian Prince will be reconsidered.

1011: Isidore d'Ambreville is rescued from imprisonment by Prince Malachie and persuades the Council to reconsider the matter of the succession to Nouvelle Averoigne. The Council finally approves both her and Henri as potential successors, and she kills Henri in a duel. Dolores arranges to bring Henri back to life and for him and Carmina de Belcadiz to imprison and replace Richard and Isidore. With the pressure on Jaggar increasing for him to relinquish his "acting" title as Chamberlain, Dolores puts her support behind "Isidore", who is elected Chamberlain. Shortly before the end of the year Kol finally succeeds in being named a Prince of Glantri.

1012: The major events of the death of Dian de Moriamis and her replacement by her namesake from Old Averoigne, the disappearance and subsequent return of Prince Malachie, the return of Prince Etienne, and the rescue of the real Richard and Isidore all have no lasting political effects beyond the restoration to power in Nouvelle Averoigne of the woman that everybody believed to be the Princess anyway. The alliance between Jaggar and Dolores is weakened by divergences of interest as well as evidence that Dolores is not what she seems offered to Jaggar by Prince Malachie.

1013: Despite the events and foreshadowings of the previous year, nothing of consequence happens in Glantri this year.

1014+: I will have to review the Net almanacs for these years, but if I recall correctly nothing of consequence happens in Glantri in 1014 AC but the war with Ethengar in 1015 results in the deaths of a couple of Princes, with the promise of even more disturbance of the status quo in 1016 AC.