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Glantri post #1

by Andrew Theisen

Okay- here is the first of a couple of posts on Glantri I'll be making today, as that nation seems once more to be the hotbed of intrigue. :)

This one will deal with the levels of the Noble Princes(ses). Here's the method I used to figure their progression out:

1) Take the listed dominion income (from GAZ3) and divide it by .8 in order to get the amount of dominion income prior to giving the Council it's 20% cut.

2) Multiply that by 50 to get the amount of money (in Ducats, where 1 dc=1gp) the dominion generates.

3) Subtract the Standard Income (Population/5 x 10)

The result is the amount of dc/month of resource and tax income, as well as XP earned (where 1 gp = 1xp). In cases where this amounted to vast intakes of XP (which is most) I used the rule in the Dominion ruling section that says:

5) No more than 1 level should be earned per 12-18 months of rulership.

That being said, let's get on with it:
(Anything marked with an asterisk, see below)


Income: 1967 cr/mo (after calculations)- 51,977.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 6,237,300!!

Jaggar is M30 in AC1000- (max. gain of 10 levels) M36 by 1010 and from then on.


Income: 649 cr/mo (after calculations)- 15,466.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 1,855,980!!

*Carnelia is E10 (atk rnk H) in 1000- By 1010, she is E10 (atk rnk M)


Income: 1508 cr/mo (after calculations)- 39,470 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1005= 2,368,200!!

Volospin is M22- (max. gain of 5 levels) M27 when he dies/disappears in 1005.


Income: 2535 cr/mo (after calculations)- 85,597.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1006= 6,163,020!!
Total XP from AC1006-1014= 8,217,360!!

Vanserie is M28- (max. gain of 6 levels) M34 when he dies in 1006. Juliana is M9?- (max. gain of 8 levels) M17? in 1014 AC.


Income: 812 cr/mo (after calculations)- 20,782 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 2,493,840!!

Morphail is M28- (max. gain of 10 levels) M36


Income: 1756 cr/mo (after calculations)- 46,110 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1006= 3,319,920!!

Innocenti is M17- (max. gain of 6 levels) M23 by the time his principality is destroyed in 1006 AC.


Income: 1415 cr/mo (after calculations)- 34,597.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 4,151,700!!

*Carlotina is E10(atk rnk H)- E10 (atk rnk M) by 1010.


Income: 1125 cr/mo (after calculations)- 14,192.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 1,705,100!!

Brannart is M33- (max. gain of 10 levels) M36


Income: 1477 cr/mo (after calculations)- 40,757.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 4,707,900!!

Virayana is M27- (max. gain of 10 levels) M36


Income: 1591 cr/mo (after calculations)- 40,757.5 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1000-1010= 4,890,900 (489PP)!!

Etienne gains 489 PP by the time of his disappearance in 1009! His sister, Isidore, rises from M11 to M12 during her interim during 1010 AC (from Nuwmont to Klarmont). After regaining the reigns in 1011, she rises to M15 by 1014 AC.


* Both of the elves are listed only as E10 in their descriptions, but a look at the rules for mastery of the secret crafts shows that each Attack rank counts as two levels. Both elves are the High Mistresses of their crafts, and thus must be at least Attack Rank H.


(The figures for these two locations are based on measurements of the Principalities from my own campaign. I note that the P of Sablestone, according to GKoM is much larger than I have made it; don't recall Bramyra, offhand, though I think my map and GKoM match on this Principality).


Income: 6994.4 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1003-1014= 1,007,193.6

Krinagar is M15? in 1003- M21 by 1014 AC


Income: 16,128 dc/mo
Total XP from AC1004-1010= 1,161,216!!

Harald is M25? in 1004- M31 in 1010- M35 in 1014 AC.


Jaggar Von Drachenfels: M36
Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias: E10/M
Volospin Aendyr: M27 (presumed dead)
Vanserie Vlaardoen: M34 (dead)
Juliana Vlaardoen: M17?
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany: M36
Innocenti di Malapietra: M23 (insane?)
Carlotina Erewan: E10/M
Brannart McGregor: M36
Jherek Virayana: M36
Isidore d'Ambreville: M15?
Urmahid Krinagar: M21?
Harald of Haaskinz: M35?

1) Those marked with a question mark aren't definite, as we don't know what level they were at the time of becoming Princes.

2) I note that I forgot to include Malachie du Marais... nerts. Which raises an interesting point- would he and Diane de Moriamis both earn XP? Or only him? Technically, she should be a Princess, I'd think...

3) I'd also recommend using the elf mage experience tables for Carlotina at least. I don't know offhand what level that her experience would make her as an elven mage, but I'd also make that XP progression retroactive, since the table takes over from level 10. IE, rather than have her attack rank H (see Notes), start her out at the equivalent elf/mage level- 20, I believe.