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Glantri Post #2

by Andrew Theisen

This one will tackle the issue of the Secret Crafts. From GAZ3, here's the breakdown:

Volospin Aendyr* (5th)
Serena Aendyr* (3rd)
Gertrud Von Drachenfels* (2nd)
Margaret of Hillsbury* (3rd)
Arbana Jerbat* (2nd)
Emeth Urbaal* (3rd)

Innocenti di Malapietra (5th)
Lucrecia di Malapietra? (3rd)
Giovanni di Malapietra? (2nd)
Hildegard Von Drachenfels (4th)

Vanserie Vlaardoen* (5th)
Wilhelmine Vlaardoen? (4th)
Juliana Vlaardoen (1st)
Sinaria Verlien (4th)
Pieter Vandehaar (3rd)
Rowena Krollnar? (3rd)

Harald of Haaskinz (5th)
Quentin McGregor (3rd)
Sean McGregor (1st)

Genevieve de Sephora (5th)
Isabelle d'Ambreville (3rd)
Guillaume d'Ambreville (3rd)
Jakar Daron (3rd)
Rolf Von Graustein (3rd)
Malachie du Marais (3rd)
Diane de Moriamis (3rd)
Antonio di Tarento (3rd)

Carnelia de Belcadiz (5th)
Carmina de Belcadiz (2nd)
Yolanda de Belcadiz (1st)
Victoria de Belcadiz (2nd)
Gilles Grenier (2nd)
Szasza Markovitch (3rd)
Isabella de Montebello (3rd)

Jherek Virayana (5th)
Lan-Syn Virayana (4th)
Rejladan Virayana (1st)
Ralindi Virayana (2nd)
Urmahid Krinagar (4th)

Jaggar Von Drachenfels (5th)
Galladin (1st)
Aliana Nyraviel* (2nd)
Ezechiel Naramis* (2nd)
Eachainn McDougall (3rd)
Helgar Von Drachenfels (2nd)

Carlotina Erewan (5th)
Eleesa Erewan (4th)
Norelia Erewan (4th)
Bethys Erewan (4th)
Franz Lowenroth (3rd)

Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany (5th)
Brannart McGregor (4th)
Piotr-Gregory Timenko (2nd)
Angus McGregor (3rd)
Youri Ivanov (3rd)
Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany (3rd)
Laszlo Wutyla* (2nd)

* Connotes someone dead or presumed dead. I note that the Air Elementalists, in particular, seem to have quite a few vacancies currently.

? Connotes someone of questionable status. In the case of the di Malapietras, I note that Giovanni and Lucrecia both are noted to have stayed at or near the Great School of Magic, and are thus likely not to have been in Caurenze when the meteor struck. I believe both Wilhelmine Vlaardoen and Rowena Krollnar are dead in GKoM.

x A bit of an error? Hildegarde Von D. is noted to be both a 5th circle Earth Elementalist as well as a F15!! I presume Bruce meant for her to be M15 and 4th circle, though. :)

Again, note that this info is derived from GAZ3- I didn't bother to check GKoM for changes, as that product is primarily a reprint of Bruce's original Gazetteer, and what bits aren't are pretty darn well worth ignoring, IMO.