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Glantri Post #3

by Andrew Theisen

On the topic of Dominion bouncing, here is what my take on things was:

Harald becomes Prince of Sablestone and Baron of Kern in 1004 AC.
John Beaumarys-Moorkroft becomes Archduke of Westheath.
Mariana Terlagand (Narda Shelyn) becomes Duchess of Hightower*
Rowena Krollnar becomes Countess of Glenargyll
Alasdair McAllister becomes Marquis of Berrym
A PC in one of my games took over McAllister's Barony.

* The rationale here was that certain nobles, notably Jaggar Von Drachenfels, determined it would be better to have Eachainn McDougall maintain his position as Count of Skullhorn Pass. They still don't trust Urmahid Krinagar with the other end, even now. :)

The rest are all based on my estimates of the nobles involved, their influence and inclinations (for instance, no nobles of Boldavia would bother to compete for higher titles).