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Goblin’s Lair Adventure Pack Characters

by Håvard

The Mayor of Kleine
Could this be the same person as Councilman Baur? (See above)

Cook (Dwarf)
The dwarf in charge of the Royal Kitchen in Hearth-Home is simply known as “Cook”.

Lord Ragni of Hearth-Home (9th level Dwarf, Lawful)
Lord Ragni is a dwarven noble from Hearth-Home. How is he related to Otaras Stoneson, the ruler of Hearth-Home?

Lord Hargun (Dwarf, Dead)
A previous ruler of Hearth-Home, now dead.

Lord Durgan (Dwarf, Dead)
A previous ruler of Hearth-Home, now dead.

Lord Gargin the Mad (Dwarf, Dead)
A previous ruler of Hearth-Home, now dead. He was reputedly mad. Lord Gargin was said to have dabbled in evil magic and alchemy “and who knows what else?”.

Lord Burgrim (Dwarf, Dead)
A previous ruler of Hearth-Home. He was surrounded by scandals.

Bryn the Pious (2nd level Human Cleric, Lawful)
Hagrim Flintfist (1st level Dwarf, Neutral)
Ariel Dreamweave (2nd level Human magic-user, Neutral)
Hikaru the Quick (1st level Human Thief, Neutral)
Corinna Ravenshield (2nd level Human Fighter, neutral)
Hugo Brandywine (2nd level Halfling, Neutral)
Rissiel Stillglade (2nd level Elf, Neutral)

The above were pre-gen characters for the module.

Red-Hand Tribe King (4HD Goblin)
This king rules the Red-Hand Tribe of Goblins. His stronghold is the Palace of Dread in the Burning Hills. He also has Hobgoblins and Bugbears among his minions. They have enslaved most of Thunder Rift’s small Gnome population.