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Mugumba in Glantri

by Robin

Ok nice Mugumbas. This made me think...
But how do they come here Glantri...far, far away from their original habitat.

Some options,.
1 young adventurous ones travelled the world and found Glantri...Not very logical; Not only is there a very vast desert, the highest mountain chain on the continent, and an ocean in the way. These areas are all opposed the the ecological adaptations of the creature and thus will very severely hinder or even totally prevent functioning, let alone passing through the area (without any goal in mind). The only solution could be high level Mugumba's on an Immortal guided quest, along the coast, through Atruaghin, then either west around Lake amsorak or east through the Malpheggi Swamp, Darokin, to finally go through the silver Sierras into Darokin. an epic quest indeed. staying behind in the Malpheggi would be more logical. secondly this must have happened just a few years prior or even during the Great War, making it even a greater difficulty. Either way, ....if succesful...several HIgh level Mugumba must be available on their destination, and one maybe even on its Immortality Quest.

2 Another more logical and more reasonable solution is that several Mugumba's were captured either locally and sold as slaves to.., or were captured by Hulean agents. Some could have survived their capture, imprisonment, ordeal and even the travel to Darokin during the beginning Great War. As most of the Known World was someway affected or drawn already into the war it is logical to assume the Mugambas were intended to be used as digger/fortification sappers and or spies. As thus they could have been captured, or freed from the Huleans. As impossible due local circumstances to return them, they could have been sold to some eager mage, interested in a new species to examine. One of these mages could have seen the semblance to normal beavers and could have collected several specimen and brought them to Redstone(amongst others), in an environment made by beavers, (thus more or less equal to their own). Eitherway if you use the Meteor as Canon, or Micky's option as Thar War, the region they were placed survived (though damaged and altered severely due the impact quake(s)), and hence could give a new race to Glantri. Btw Glantri city, as being a morass, would seem different but warm and wet enough to resemble "home".

3 An immortal (or human able to transport/teleport) could have purposedly or accidently send them here. I don't like this option, as it removes the charm of the creatures and possible greatness.

Havard made this Basic D&D addition
Jamie Baty made this D&D later edition alteration