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Glorin Ironhand

by Jesper Andersen

Glorin Ironhand - Master Inquisitor of Darokin

Male dwarven cleric of Ixion (14), alignment Lawful Neutral

Glorin Ironhand is the Master Inquisitor of the Church of Ixion in Darokin, meaning that he is ultimately in charge of a large division of witch-hunters, inquisitors, demon slayers and others in charge of religious persecution of so-called evil beings.

The purpose of the Inquisition is a noble one: to seek out and destroy evil wherever it may be - especially witches, demonologists and others who traffic with fiends and evil planar beings. However, under the leadership of Glorin Ironhand (who has held the position since 991 AC) the "Flaming Fist of Ixion" has become a bit extreme.

Glorin is determined to "root out" evil in the Heartlands of Darokin and establish a paradise on earth for all free and good dwarves and men (he couldn't care less about halflings and elves he nurtures a great dislike of). His policies are to force evil away by constantly confronting it. However, his long struggle has rendered him a bit paranoid, making him search for enemies to destroy even amongst the most innocent and helpless peasants. More than one wise old woman has been burned as a witch due to the overzealousness of Glorin and his men.

Glorin spends most of his time in Darokin City, where he oversees the religious court of the Church of Ixion that persecutes offenders for witchcraft and demonology. Sometimes he meets with adventurers and sends them off on religious missions for the church to confront an evil that his own men are not suitably equipped to deal with. He dislikes having to deal with wizards and rogues but recognises their value and justifies using them by saying that it will help them get closer to salvation - which also means he cares nothing if some of them should get killed "for the cause".

Glorin's own history is a dark one, kept secret from most. When he was a young dwarf, his father and uncles told him of the persecutions they had suffered from during the gold rush and plague in Glantri in 802-828 AC. Glorin grew up believing that all other than divine magic was inherently evil and should be met with force in kind. When he adventured in the Known World he therefore quickly established a reputation as a strong and devout warrior and an enemy of all mages - especially Glantrians.

At one point, he was captured by a group of Glantrian wizards - students from the Great School of Magic - who wanted revenge for some friends of theirs that Glorin had killed. They took him to a dungeon and experimented horribly upon him for almost three years before he managed to slay one of them and escape. Since then, Glorin has had a burning hatred of Glantrians and only his devotion to the Law keeps him from openly attacking wizards of that nation in the streets of Darokin City.

Glorin Ironhand has two important projects right now (besides ridding the Heartlands of all evil): He wants to confront the evil on Itheldown Island, which he believes correctly to be some kind of demonic force, and he seeks an alliance with the church of Tubak (Ixion) in Ethengar to form a united front against Glantri. Since Darokin and Glantri formally are allies against the Broken Lands, Glorin cannot stage a crusade against the northern magocracy, but he intends to pledge the assistance of his Inquisition as well as his many dwarven allies in Rockhome to the Ethengarian cause, should they go to war.

Glorin Ironhand - Master Inquisitor